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Published: Thursday, Aug. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To 7:40

Now, that was quite ignorant. We also have laws nowadays, and this is not 200 years ago. Stop fighting with laws, and pack your bags and leave. Thank you.

Phantom Panther

Although I consider myself "conservative," I think the Sutherland Institute is dead wrong on this issue. They appear to believe "the market" is some sort of god that will solve all our problems. I generally believe in free markets. However, markets and money are not the only things that make a good society. The rule of law, social cohesion, honesty, and morality also are important. There is more to life than "the bottom line"!

To Jim

I think your own country is selling your own people sending all jobs overseas for less money!!!

These illegal peoples are more than 30 MILLIONS!!! this problem have more than 10 or 15 years!!! they are a country inside US, we need to take the good ones and help them to get all papers in order, and bad ones to go back!!!


When my ancestors [pioneers] came to "Utah" it was still Mexico territory. They did not come in legally nor did they learn Spanish. But future settlers did eventually kick out all others who were here first (Indians/Mexicans). Take a history lesson people--we're doing it all over again. How dare other immigrants do what we have historically done time and time again.

Rose Holladay

Speak the language, stop stealing our identities, stop the crime, play by our rules, get inline to enter the country.



Utah needs to take action that our federal government has failed to do. All Illegals should be rounded up and sent back to where they came from. Only full-time enrolled students and "short term (less than 6 months at a time)" workers should be allowed in the US without becoming citizens. Anyone who legally comes here to "stay" must become tax-paying, law abiding citizens.

All public services should be offered in English only. We could learn a lot from India on this matter. A country with over 400 languages and dialects, but all state business is in English only. No services other than life saving medical care should be given to anyone who is not a citizen. Get rid of the free welfare, schooling, health care, subsidized breakfast/lunch programs, etc.

If anyone expects to stay in the USA, become a citizen and set your heart and dedication to the United States. Immigrants who established this country did just that. Many immigrants today, do not. and they should be sent back!

Unless we make these changes, the US will destroy itself from within and we'll all stand here crying wondering how we lost our country.


I live in Southern California, and I can tell you that the illegal people here have more rights than the citizens of the U.S.! We can't do a thing about it. Something is wrong.


If our hollow brained law makers can't come up with a solution to the immigration problem, throwing the enforcement back onto employers does not make any sense at all. Has anyone ever considered what would happen to Utah's economy if we didn't have these people here? Yes, there are a few who ruin it for the rest, but in general we have some very good people here.


Most of the illegal immigrants I know tried to come here legally. They were denied a visa, some of them multiple times. Often it's about who you know if you are able to get a visa to come to the US. So when a poor father looks at his starving family, tries to get a visa because he can't find a job in his own country, and is denied, he makes the decision to come here anyway. I am not in favor of illegal immigration because it causes way too many problems. If we're so afraid of undocumented workers, why don't we make it easier for them to be documente? After all, they just want a job, right? So start a guest worker program, give them a card that allows them to work with their own identity, and make them pay taxes.

How to fix illegal immigration

Listed below are the steps we need to take to stop illegal immigration:

1. Make entering the country legally easier than entering illegally. Give the visitor a picture id card after their identity is verified by their home country's government. On that card will be visa information and permissions of what that person may do in this country and the dates of their stay.
2. Make a national I.D. card which is required to obtain employment, open bank accounts, apply for credit, buy a bus pass, purchase a vehicle, etc. (we already have a social security #. Employers and businesses just check the I.D. card against a national database)
3. Require visitors to this country to check in to the INS every month or so by going online to verify their location and activities.


This is what we are going to hear over and over again at the GOP convention: Democrats are soft on terrorism and illegal immigration.


To Joe:

Not knowing some English may be a good indicator.


When will people STOP confusing the "Immigrant" statement with ILLEGAL. They are two different things.

@ bob in line

The reason this is still a problem is because we don't have any elected officials with b@lls enough to stand up to the problem because they don't want to appear racist. Which makes no sense since teh people of Utah keep voting for Chris Buttars and he's been called a racist over and over again. Show me a politician who cares about this country and/or this state more than their political image, and I'll vote for them every time no matter what party they belong to!


All of you should know that 80 to 85% of crime in US have been commited by a white or black guy. less than 2% for foreign people, this was an study made by the goverment from the 90's til 2004.

Duncan Idaho

Seriously, people. Are these illegals, as youve been calling them (you know, theyre human beings too), really hurting you by working jobs like construction and landscape?

I hope you all realize just because someone is of Mexican descent DOES NOT make them a gang member or illegal (youve all been watching the news too much). There are many Mexicans who are here legally. God bless you, Jo Jo, I think youve hit this one on the nose. I also am reading racism very rampant in these comments. Please, stop feeding me this bull about breaking laws when racism is the issue here.

Anyway, Mexicans were here in Utah long before we whities were. When the first Utah settlers came here, it was Mexican territory, remember? Maybe we should learn their language? (You know, most of the world speaks more than one language. But I guess "English is what makes America so great" right "concerned"?)


p.s. Im definitely getting an idea of all you peoples IQ level who write in all caps.


Anybody ever heard of malum in se and malum prohibitum? Malum in se means that something is morally wrong in and of itself. Malum in prohibitum means that something is wrong just because it's prohibited, not because it's morally wrong. Immigration laws are mostly malum prohibitum. There's nothing morally wrong with crossing an imaginary border; it's only wrong because it's forbidden by law.

"Illegal" immigrants have broken a law yes, but that is much less serious than breaking a law that prohibits immoral acts like stealing property or harming a person. If immigrants, or anybody for that matter, breaks a law that is malum in se, then they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. People who break laws that are malum prohibitum should be prosecuted, but the severity of the infraction is such that there should be flexibility there.

The reality is that there are 12 million "illegal" immigrants in the United States. We can't deport them all. As long as they are otherwise law abiding citizens we should help them assimilate. Make them pay some fine? Sure, but help them assimilate just like you would a new guy moving here from another state.


Americans look back on their treatment of the American Indians and Native Africans and hang their heads in shame. Can't we learn from history or does history have to repeat itself with the Latin Americans? They are human beings with families and feelings just like all of us. Come across legally? There is no such thing. Many of you sound like you are looking for a legal way to an old-fashioned lynching. The problem needs to be solved, but you don't round 'em up, throw 'em in jail or toss them back across the border. We are going to pay for our actions someday and I want no part of the inhumane treatment of my brothers.

John Pack Lambert

Latinos add much value to Utah. The economy in Utah thrives on their work. Many have started small enterprises that make marginal profits.
While not all of these are undocumented immigrants, some of you seem to think they are.
We should be friendly to new immigrants and stop letting the federal government dictate who is here based on narrow minded decisions. The system is broken. They are willing to let in educated people, especially if they have non-religious backgrounds, but hard working Christians who will do jobs that are in demand are not allowed in because of specific nation quotas and preferences for educated people.
Beyond this, while people from represive foriegn countries whose nationals have track records of avoiding leaving are alowed to come here as students, student visas for people from Latin America are routinely denied on the argument that they are "too poor to ever be expected to leave".
The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of citizens in Utah and probably millions in the United States whose current livelihood is conditioned on the continued employment of their parents. We should at least consider these citizens in our deliberations.

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