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Published: Thursday, Aug. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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While you are beating up on the employers, maybe you should consider their problem.

If a worker shows up with documentation, is he actually able to verify that the documentation is valid? If he says "this looks like it might be counterfeit" then he may well be accused of discrimination, and be subject to a suit.

No employer can legally employ a person without documentation; the problem is that documents are relatively easy to obtain.

If a worker shows up with documentation, does the employer actually have an easy method to determine its validity?

Tired of law breakers

Real justice and fairness equals following the rules. Those who aren't willing to apply to come here and wait their turn, should not be welcomed simply because they broke the law and entered illegally.

Simply being here doesn't give them special privileges, no more than a thief has a right to money in a bank only because he sneaks in when no one sees him and just happens to "be there". It just isn't the thief's money; nor is it the illegal's country or right to be here.


Joe, how right you are.

The Swift raid of a year ago was EXACTLY this problem!

Early on Swift went the extra mile and verifying everyone's documentation. They ended up being both civily sued by some people they refused to hire and the US Dept of Justice fined them for discrimination. The fine was $250,000!

So Swift then stops going the extra mile trying to vefify that people are here legally, and simply do the E-verify program. Obviously that program doesn't work well because we see what happened next. The Feds do a raid and pick up over 1,000 people working illegally.

Danged if they do and danged if they don't.

The system is full blown brocken and thinking that we are going to solve it by having all employers double check ID is risky. Just ask Swift.

I am beginning to think that Utah needs to create its own Migrant Work card. We could control how many come into Utah with this card and if we didn't give them a card we deport'em. We do the job the Feds aren't able to, or won't consistently do.

It could be done. I'm calling my legislator about it.


question: Does ILLEGAL really mean ILLEGAL?!?!?

If ILLEGAL Aliens are given amnesty, when is my turn?

I'd like a "freebie" too!

Another View

Many Americans go to work in other countries where English isn't spoken. They make no effort to learn the language and live a pretty insular life. They find American communities there and don't send their kids to foreign schools.

Believe it or not undocumented workers often do the same here and we're enraged! Many want to come here to work and then return to their homelands. In many, many cases they stay here because getting home and back is incredibly expensive and dangerous. WE NEED A GUEST WORKER PROGRAM!!!!!

Re: Joe (6:50 am)

If employers currently have no method, one should be developed quickly. This problem needs to be addressed now and it needs to be addressed in a way that makes it easier to come in legally than illegally.


If "that" people have come to work hard, speak the language, pay taxes (they do, we take it from their paycheck)no criminal records, I dont see any problem after paying a good fee and making sure is ggod for our economy, but for "those" that have criminal record, dont speak english and dont want to be part of this country...go home!!!
Whos going to judge BUSH for entering or invading a country without authorization to make war?????? illegal war??? YEP



JW Morrison

USA - When my fathers came to this country they signed in and signed paperwork that allowed them to legally enter the country. What we are talking about is illegal entry into the country.

No one that is against illegal immigration is against legal immigration. It is not a racist stance but a viewpoint that if we have laws then they should be obeyed. If you allow disobedience to one law then you have no moral ground to command obedience to other laws.

If you don't understand this then I guess you should allow people to walk into your house and take what you have without calling the police.

We desire that laws be enforced. It doesn't mean we don't treat people with respect, but it does mean that we treat people equally under the law.


my forefathers came into this country by way of ellis island. They did not sneak in, nor did they use all the social programs or welfare available to them. there wasnt any. they came here legally. they worked hard and help build this country. They did not send money back to Denmark. They were americans.
Those that hire illegals are selling this country out. All they care about is thier bottom line.

Jo Jo

These comments just show that racism is doing very well here in Utah. "All immigrants should learn english", and "every immigrant is illegal and a child molester." Isn't it true that the only LEGAL Utahns have been treated the worst of all? Shouldn't we instead all learn Navajo or fly the Ute flag? How dare we say who can or can't be on "our" land that was taken illegally by our ancestors from those who claimed it before us. But I guess it's their fault--for being on our land before we got here right? Those who champion this way of thought used to go by names like the Klan, now they are called the "Minutemen." 60 years ago we sent all the Japanese to Topaz. Now we want to kill our economy by sending all immigrants back to their lands. 60 years ago Berlin built a wall to keep out free thought. Now our country builds a wall to keep out those who want to build a better life. It's the same racism; just now we say that we're doing it to abide by the law.

Its gone too far!

We have let illegal immigration get too far out of hand. There is not way we should grant amnesty to 20 to 30 million people (15% of Mexico's citizens). They will then "reunite" their families and within 10-20 years we will have an additional 100 to 150 million people in the USA. Where will the water and energy come from to sustain that population group? The American Dream will die and America will join the rest of Central and South America as a third world country.

Watch Dog



to USA:
My grand grand grandfather NEVER started a gang and starting killing people, nor did he live off the state. He worked his butt of providing for his family and making this a better place. He didn't just live off the other people doing so.


This country has been made for LEGAL immigrants and by LEGAL immigrants. My family came here in the 1600's LEGALLY. The key word is LEGAL.


If our teenagers where not so busy with their text messages and hanging out at the mall our illegal alien problem would be solved. We don't need illegal labor we have plenty of teens sitting around with nothing to do.

Ken Goddard

I wish Hickman would run for govenor. We would finally have a person of substance rather than just benefactors of the family fortune. He was a terrific legislator.

American Indians

I don't hear any complaints from Native Americans, and WE basically made them extict.

Wake Up

Last week we had one of those "honest hard workng people here seeking a better life" slam into the back of our truck and then take off. The police say it is a regular occurence and that it happens all over the valley on almost a nightly basis.
Illegals without insurance, a drivers license, or any experience behind the wheel are out there turning our roads into a jungle where all of our lives are at stake. We all need to wake up and demand that our immigration laws be enforced and that doesn't mean amnesty in any form.
Call, write, and do whatever you must to demand that elected officials at all levels start sending law breakers home.


USA, my ancestors came to the US and entered this country legally to improve their lives at their own expense. They suffered and sacrificed while crossing the plains to come to Utah.

Illegal aliens enter this country to improve their lives at the expense of others - school costs, unemployment benefits, health costs, etc. The criminal element is also strong with them; go figure since they entered the country illegally to begin with.

Sanctuary cities and states should be ashamed of their supposed charity and kind heartedness. It is those polices that place an enormous burden upon the legal citizens of this country and bankrupting those same governments.

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