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State's women also No. 1 in many other fertility-linked areas

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Corporations have magnified the power of human greed to widen the wealth gap. They have encouraged conspicuous consumption. Religions are still goading their adherents to breed faster than any other sect. At the same time the power of the earth to sustain is waning through the end of oil (upon which the green revolution is based), the erosion of soil, pesticide and chemical contamination of soil and water, urban sprawl into the prime farm land, and global warming which is destabilising climate and rain.
Too many things have to go right for us to get out of this one without massive pain. It is just not going to happen. Most of the world are like pigs in a trough trampling the environment not thinking about anything other than their immediate gratification.


Two country doctors out in the hills of West Virginia were discussing the population explosion in the world.One physician says, "Why, Bubba, thiseyer crazy birth thang isa gettin' so bad that perty soon, they ain't gonna be room for ever'body! There'sa gonna be standin' room only on this here planet!"The other doctor replied, "Heck, that sure oughta slow 'em down a bit!"


Progressives limit family size:
Good. If all liberals limit family size or just don't have children due to alternative lifestyles, then conservatives values will be passed on to more children as conservative parents continue to have larger families.

Happy Families?:
I'm sorry your experience in a large family was not good, but I disagree that "more families are dysfunctional than they are healthy." While no family is perfect I think most are more healthy than dysfunctional. Also abuse can happen in small families just as often, if not more than large families. I do feel it is important to know your limits, emotionally, physically and financially.

just you wait ...

So, when I'm an old dude, I can say, "China used to be the most populous country." Yes, India, within 50 years is expected to overtake China as the most populous country. And you think outsourcing is bad now...


Most people don't spend a lot of time worrying about population growth or biodiversity in the ecosystem. They fret over the crime level on local streets, worry about the education of their children, and guard against environmental declines in their local streams, air, and parks. National and global issues are thought of only in abstraction; it takes a local, personal impact to motivate most people to action.

Our exploding population does have a direct effect on people's daily lives, and overpopulation is a local issue, but the connection is not always obvious to people. I've seen firsthand the glazed look that crosses a face when the issue of overpopulation is raised. But start talking about the rippling effects of overpopulationsprawl, traffic congestion, loss of green space, crowded schoolsand the same faces become engaged and energized.

Re: Mc 2:55 PM

No apology necessary. I learned a lot of what not to do, which may have been a hard lesson, but it was very effective.
I was not clear in my posting: I know that any size family can be happy regardless of if they are large or small. I agree with you that it is important to "know your limits, emotionally, physically, and financially". Most people havent grasped that concept. I greatly admire the people that have and I am grateful when I can use them as personal examples and resources. It may be a pessimistic view to believe that more families are dysfunctional than healthy, but I do feel it's true. I agree that no family is perfect, but I know that so much more can be done on the part of the parents to make life better for their offspring. Dysfunction can have many different faces, some more severe than others. I am optimistic that most can improve significantly with more care, attention, and accountability for one's actions and that few people are beyond hope. LOL, on the other hand, I would be delighted to be wrong about my pessimistic view. I have been wrong before... :D

a pleasant thought

If you figure in the universal principle of karma:
what goes around - comes around,
then those people who think nothing of having umpteen children are destined to return to this existence as beggers in Calcutta.

You reap what you sow.

we must think of the future

We Must Preserve The Earth's Dwindling Resources For My 12 Children.

Though it seems like a far-off nightmare, this terrible vision of limited resources is all too possible. Would you want to live in a world where my 12 children had to endure such horrible deprivations? I know I wouldn't.

My children are the future. And at the end of the day, isn't it familymy familythat truly matters?

Must act now!

We must take steps immediately to devise safe, alternative energy sources that my future offspring can safely consume. If we don't develop new fuels now, there will be none left for those who issue from my loins to burn and continue to burn for all time. I don't want my 625-odd great-grandchildren to have to wait 20 or 30 precious seconds for their toilets to flush. I don't want their 3,125 children to live in a hellish society where they cannot own their own snowmobiles. And I shudder to think that my 15,625 great-great-great-grandchildren may not be able to have TVs in every room that they can leave on all day and all night. Is it our right to deny my progeny of their gargantuan RVs and motorboats, as well? Of course not.


LAGOS, NIGERIA Emergency-management personnel are calling the population explosion that ripped through this already densely populated coastal city last week "an unparalleled natural disaster" and fear the mounting life toll will only grow as tiny bodies are discovered among the human wreckage.

"It's hard to put into words what we're seeing here," said Dr. Marceline Klurfeld, a World Health Organization pediatrician who was assisting in relief efforts but found herself "utterly helpless" to stop the senseless beginning of human life she saw unfold around her. "You can't comprehend the effect that a wave of impregnation of this magnitude can have on a country like Nigeria. The long-term consequences are yet to be seen, but I fear it won't recover from this disaster for decades, if ever."

The world thanks you

Thanks to the efforts of so called well meaning individuals to discourage large families, they have put some parts of the world in danger now.

To maintain long-term population stability, a societys women must bear an average of about 2.1 children per lifetime.
Europes total fertility rate (or TFRbirths per woman per lifetime) is about 1.4. While the United States is 2.1

The difference between a TFR of 2.0 and one of 1.5 or 1.4, other things being equal, is the difference between virtual long-term population stability and a population that shrinks by almost a third with each passing generation.

Countries in critical population decline include Germany 1.41, Hungary 1.25, Italy and Spain 1.30, Japan 1.22, Ukraine 1.25, Poland 1,27 If something is not done soon to bring these numbers up, they will have reached a point of no return . They will be replaced by immigrating populations who have higher TFRs


I've read most of these alarming posts with some amusment. Where do all of you live who say that the neighborhood takes care of the excess children of some families? In my cul-de-sac all the children are outside playing with each other all day with parents watching them closely.

Where do all of you zero population people come up with your fantasies that we are running out of "stuff"? What's your source of information?

Liberals and all of their abortions will take care of the overpopulation that the US might encounter according to your theories....

There isn't one thing that one of us can do to stop the will of the Supreme Being who organized each one of us; nothing. When it's time for this world to end, it will end regardless if you drive a hybrid or a Hummer.

He who ways and thoughts are higher than our said, "the earth is full; there is enough and to spare"...

I think I'll listen to Him and not you "the sky is falling people"....

I've never seen such venom aimed at a group of people as what manifests itself on these boards each day.

Anonymous, etal, You must be miserable...

To Charles

Your attitude (along with millions of other Mormons and Evangelicals)who are helplessly waiting for God to step in and save or destroy the world are one of the biggest problems facing our nation. People with your attitude vote to "do nothing" when we really need to "do something." Ever hear the saying, "God helps those who help themselves?" Also how many, many, many years have people been waiting for Christ to return? Still hasn't happened, has it? What if He decides not to come?


Bravo, Charles.


It would be great to see this information used to solve demographic needs in the world, particularly in those countries currently experiencing demographic crises, such as Eastern Europe. With the international skills that many Mormon and Utahn young people have obtained through missionary and other experiences, perhaps some collective incentives could be arranged with needy countries for their skills and positive impact on population growth?

what we can do

We should:

continue to strive to reduce suffering by combating disease and poverty around the world;
continue to improve resource efficiency and pollution control so that standards of living can rise without negative impact; and
keep human population to numbers that are sustainable.
On the population front, that means:

making sure people around the world have access to family planning services;
empowering women in developing countries economically, socially, and legally in a manner that results in them having an equal say (with their husbands) in reproductive decisions;
modifying school curricula to include information on population levels and implications for the future;
reforming tax laws in a way that encourages couples to have no more than two children. (They would still be able to have as many kids as they want, but the tax code would no longer subsidize more than two.)
People are a good thing, but population growth without limit is not.
Come on Utahns. Start doing your part.

Possible reasons

I have 3 kids and I feel a big reason why Utah has such a high birthrate is because people aren't so caught up with their own agenda here as much i.e. going out to bars every other night and partying, women here tend to focus less on career status and more on family status, etc.
I think it's awesome.
I get a little concerned when I see two parents working jobs to support their 8 children, that's going a little out of control
There are 7 kids in my family, but my dad was a successful physician and allowed my mom to stay at home and take care of all of us, and that's the way it should be!
Kids are great! Way to go Utah!!!

human nature

You are never going to read any post from a person who is from a huge family or has a huge family of their own (or both) that suggests it's not a bad idea to limit the size of the family.

Nevertheless all it takes is 5 minutes out in traffic or seeing that huge graduating class of last year grow even larger the following year to realize we have a potential problem.

big government and big families

Limit the tax deduction to only two children.

People can STILL have a gazillion kids if they want but will no longer depend on big government giving them a handout or giveaway in the form of subsidizing them all.


The earth is not going to be overpopulated. People can have kids if they wants kids. If you don't want a bunch of kids.... then don't. It's really not that difficult. Live and let live.

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