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State's women also No. 1 in many other fertility-linked areas

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I don't want to hear one word from these over producers of children about how expensive it is to raise them, feed them clothe them, educate them. And don't expect the state to help you out. You made them, you pay for them. In fact, because these people use more resources and social services, they should pay more in taxes instead of less.


More people means more people there are to pay taxes! The more people who have children out of wedlock the more taxes will have to go to them, not the other way around.


So many babies no wonder we went from 300 million to 305 million in a few years yikes so many diapers to change smelly!!

Ed Clinch

Our ninety plus year old former prophet said it, " At an older age nothing will give you more pleasure than your posterity."

Jesus told us to be like Him, and for us who believe in modern revelation, and of course continued revelation since our first father Adam, rearing children is one of our most important endeavors.

We are about to have our fourth, and we can think of nothing more important, joyous, rewarding and worth it.

I am not a Utah resident but I lived their five years, my wife 2 months.

And we see a great reason for having children: to glorify God and be happy.


i I like a lollipop once in a while but I take it out to breath.

Re: Annonymous

Groucho Marks got his TV show cancelled for making that remark! You should be ashamed of yourself! lol

to observer

We will pay for our kids, but did you forget that our kids are going to be paying for your social security and nursing home stay??


Good report Des News. CWP, former editor would be proud.


Terrible, well educated people that consider children a gift from God are having children. Oh the horror for these children to grow up in loving families in which he/she is expected to be productive, honorable, and many other positive attributes. Oh terrible terrible terrible.


The older I become the more convinced I am that Utahns are the most ignorant people on the planet.

They've sold their souls to the organization.

When they've got your soul - they've got you entirely.

So, utterly sad!

Hey Anon

How do you conclude that "utahns are the most ignorant people on the planet" when having babies is wonderful for the tax base and wonderful in general. If you don't like children, don't have them and leave that up to Utahs that do. As for "souls to the organization", you might be interested to know that Utah is fast becoming less LDS.

re: 8:01

Whether Hey Anon wants to accept this reality or not - we are already deeply into the age of overbreed.

All social and economic problems stem from way too many people and limited resources, jobs, etc.

To turn a blind eye to this reality (for bizarre religious reasons) is most certainly ignorant and causing immense problems for those who are limiting the size of their families.


Those of you against having children are such hypocrits! You enjoy all the benefits of society without realizing that someone has to do all those jobs that sustain our standard of living. Without someone bearing children and raising them in a responsible way our society will truly decline and no one will be around to take care of you in your old age. Be glad that some people are still willing to make the sacrifices necessary to raise children. The day will come when you will wish that you were one of them.

Ask Rwanda

Rwanda's high birthrate was THE leading cause of the 1994 genocide. Read a few books and studies on it and give the country a visit. It wasn't quite the Hutu-Tutsi hate war the media has simplified it to.

With only a VERY few exceptions, countries with the smallest populations are among the weathiest with the highest standard of living. A good example, Norway. Another example in Africa, Botwana has one of the lowest population densities and is one of the most stable, developed countries.

Utah's climate is very ill-suited to heavy population growth. Without massive federal welfare (i.e., dam projects) Utah couldn't have achieved it's current population size. Utah is a prime example of unsustainable welfare state.


Ask Rwanda:

"Utah is a prime example of unsustainable welfare state. "

Wrong. Utah is below the national average for welfare.

re: Mc 7:57

No, Mc.
Save your arrogant scolding.
Nobody is "against having children."
It's those who for bizarre sanctimonious reasons, (or keeping up with the Olsen's in the ward), are having them again, and again, and again and ...
This EXCESS puts a burden on everyone else in the community who limits the size of their family for the good of everyone else.


Sorry re: Mc 7:57
Save your arrogant scolding!
Some people ARE against having children.
You think you know why some people have large families, but you are wrong. It has nothing to do with keeping up with anyone else. That may be why some of you have large homes, ATVs, several cars, and other toys, but it's not why we had kids. The so called excess burden that we put on the community is, in reality, an investment for the future of the community. Our children are contributing members of society doing jobs that you depend on for your standard of living. To maintain social security for the future it will take the contributions of more than one wage earner for each recipient. Are you contributing enough future wage earners to do your part? Don't talk about my children being a burden to society. What about the burden you will be in the future if you don't have children to help when you are elderly?


So is arguing like a bunch of children a good idea. Having kids has good points and bad both for the parents and the society. I mean heck what are you going to do when you have teenagers yikes. Its all good.


Nonsense Mc.
Teachers can't even begin to do the jobs they were paid to do because of the overcrowding in our system.
Overbreeding is pure, unadulterated selfisness and you know it.

Age of overbreed

Less is more.
Including less children in these unsettled economic times.
I thought EVERYBODY could figure that one out by now.

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