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State's women also No. 1 in many other fertility-linked areas

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good for you, Utah! The world needs more children with stable families who are raised to have respect and love for their fellow men, and for all of God's creations. Maybe there is some hope for the future after all.


Good for Utah! Too many sophisticats think that there are too many births!

Low birthrate = the decline of society.

The US currently leads the free world with a fertility rate of only 2.11 (thanks in large part to Mormons and Hispanic Catholics). A rate of 2.1 live births per mother is required to sustain a population. Anything less = decline. The rest of the free world is below 1.5, but many Muslim nations (NATIONS, not women) average 7 live births per mother.

This is serious business. The trend in government worldwide is toward entitlements that require a robust working population. As birthrates fall no one will be around to work and pay taxes - governments and cultures will collapse or disappear.

Youth are the next generation leaders. USA only has 21% of its population under 15 years of age. UK 18%, Germany 14%, Saudi Arabia 39%, Pakistan 40%, Yemen 47%.

Worldwide demographics are on the move. Whose ideals and teachings will dominate 50 years from today?


It's only my opinion, but the Plan of Salvation as taught in the LDS Church is the best "pro-life" argument I've ever heard.


And the Salt Lake valley continues to get a little more crowded, and a little more crowded, and a little more ...


To those so overly concerned with the environment, overpopulation, etc.. what makes you so special? If more people being here is bad, why are you still here? What makes you worth having on the planet, but the next person not?

I can always count on comments here bringing a laugh. You haven't failed me yet.


Some view children as a liability. They only measure them by the dollars they consume. For me, father of five children, all grown, I see them as a source of joy, love, inspiration, and hope. I worked harder, as most fathers do, because I wanted to feed my family. I had a purpose that kept me going through the tough times. I saw siblings help each other. As my children grew they would help their parents. Now, college educated, they are contributing back to society to help raise the next generation.

For over forty years I've been unimpressed by the argument that there is not enough. In that time all the predictions of doom and gloom never came to pass. There really is "enough and to spare."

I have enjoyed reading all your comments.


The counsel from the Church was to avoid ARTIFICIAL methods of birth control right after the pill came out. There were enough hormones in those to sterilize a horse. I knew women who did use the pill and iud's and suffered permanent damage and couldn't have children afterwards. NO where have I ever heard church leaders say to have more kids than you can handle. Some families max out at 2-3 and some at 8-10. Just know your limits and don't have more than you can afford to feed, clothe, teach and SUPERVISE.

Family Values

If God's work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of us (his children) what does that tell us about what our pursuit of happiness ought to be? My greatest joy has been my children! Not my furniture, not my car, my job or my house! I feel sorry for people CHOOSE not to have children..highest form of selfishness!


To the person who said that it's was demeaning to state that Mexico has a high birth rate-

Your criticism is misplaced. She wasn't saying anything demeaning about Utah women or Mexican women. It is a demographic fact that developed countries (like the US) have significantly lower birth rates than developing countries (like Mexico). She was just pointing out that Utah is an aboration from this norm.

She is guilty of implying that the US a developed country and Mexico is a developing country. This is a fact of economics and makes no statement about the race or quality of the individuals who live there.

There IS a choice...

Just me, but nowadays I'm so grateful for the gift of infertility that gave me one biological child and one adopted. Having children was the most expensive and most exhaustive thing I have ever done. If others were honest, I think they'd also admit that.

Being raised LDS, I believed that having children was absolutely essential in order to be fulfilled and happy. Now being older and wiser, I realize that I could have been an absolutely AMAZING aunt. Many of my nieces and nephews could have benefited from some extra love and attention, but I was just too tired to care.

Of course I love my two kids, and I'm happy to have them, but knowing what I know now, there are a lot of things I would have done differently. Just wish I had known that their IS A CHOICE. Not EVERYONE needs to be a parent--some of us could be just as happy being childfree.

Birth control is okay

Reading these posts from those who have umpteen children, and from those who most likely came from the same overcrowded family situation comes this thought:

misery doesn't love company - it demands it.


In response to:

Susan | 3:37 a.m. Aug. 19, 2008
That is so cool! That means also that in the coming years they will always be a rich state.

Actually Susan, increased population is a leading indicator of poverty and social declince. Utah is a desert state with the second lowest totals of average annual rainfalls, yet the state has the highest per capita use of water. In addition to poverty issues, Utahns are going to have to settle for much browner lawns, among other things.

Re Drug Reps Dream

Actually 2 great papers have already explained Utah's high use of anti-depressants:

1) Latter-day Saints don't "self-medicate" underlying mental healthcare conditions with alcohol

2) Utah is a standard deviation ahead of the the national average in education level per household. Latter-day Saints seek out competent healthcare and are treated at a rate far ahead of the national average- a sign of education.

Enough and to Spare

A few years ago a man named Norman Borlaug began experimenting with using fertilizers to increase food production in the face of increasing world population and what seemed certain mass starvation. His invention was to use anhydrous ammonia, a source of nitrogen plant food that is now credited with increasing world food supply sufficient to allow over 1 billion people to eat. It was called the "green revolution". The next "green revolution" is already here abeit in its infancy. It is called genetic engineering of plants! This new technology will feed billions more of our Father in Heaven's children and some believe a "gift" to His children. Those who decry not enough food and space,perhaps should consider that He who "feeds the sparrows" will not forget you or your children!

Former Utah Teacher

I'm all for Utah's high birthrate and large families,even though not EVERYONE in UTAH is blessed with such blessings. As a former Utah Teacher, let me help ya'll out with something:

80-90% of Utah families HAVE NEVER been able to afford to fund THEIR OWN CHILD'S full education. EVER!! SO--think about that the next time you say that you "paid for your child". Utah mothers are great, BUT UTAH TEACHERS WHO HAVE TO DEAL WITH "STACK EM' DEEP, AND TEACH EM' CHEAP" economics, with the constant threat of public funding for private educations (ha ha--you mean a small tiny amount toward those very expensive private educations) and charter schools that are "supposedly" better-even though statistics have repetitively shown THIS IS NOT TRUE,(and don't even get me started on making up for poor home-schooling) are the ones who should be THANKED for being the SLAVES for the large families and many children in UTAH. In almost EVERY OTHER STATE IN THE NATION, teachers are neither paid nor treated as horribly for working their BUTTS off for SO MANY UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE!
So-think about thanking your local public education teacher, who educates so many, for so little!!

What causes poverty?

Some have said that "over population" results in poverty. This is not true! Studies done in most every state have shown that the largest group of people living in poverty in America are single mothers! The FBI did a study that found that some 70% of crimes committed in America are committed by young men who have no father in their home. It would locigally follow that the solution to poverty and crime is to live the law of chasity and family values! Population clearly has nothing to do with poverty! God has already given us the cure for poverty is and always has been the law of chasity! As He has always done, He gives us the law..our agency and the consequences of disobedience! The consequences of disobedience to the law of chastity are poverty and crime!

Susan T.

I home schooled my children because of what they WERE leaning at school and it wasn't because the schools were overcrowded or not funded enough! "Heather has two mommies" is not a good education! As you can guess, I don't live in Utah, but I wish I did!

mother of 8

Fifty years ago scientists claimed the earth was heading into an ice-age now its global warming all caused by humans. We've been hearing about over population for eons. Obviously the scientists are not in control but a much higer power is.....more people more inovation,invention and happiness. many today think their problems come from what others do they are into the blame game. Do you think that because other people have several children it is inhibiting you in some way? Grow up and take responsibility and do what you are supposed to be doing and stop wining about what others are doing. Bless those in our state who know the wonders of large families....I know plenty of families of 1 or 2 children and they have just as many problems and challeges of those w/more children....THAT'S CALLED LIFE

Some Points

Yes there are LDS couples who get married in the temple with no intentions of having children - their choice no medical reason for them not to try. I know one such couple and their reason for not receiving these wonderful blessing in their home? Because they want to focus just on each other and their needs and wants.

B) the reason why there are few low-income families receiving financial assistance is because if the dad is in the home the family doesn't qualify for the help. Also the state makes it very hard for single mom's to get help from them. If the mom knows who the father is she will get little to no assistance as they will go after the punitive father for child support.

And yes the very first commandment given to Adam and Eve was "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" it is still in full effect. A

To what causes poverty..

I think what causes poverty is not being smart enough to figure out how to make enough money to live--either getting an education, having some special talent or skill, or finding someone else who is willing to support you.

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