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State's women also No. 1 in many other fertility-linked areas

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chance>The LDS do a fine job raising good families. Just remember that there are others that aren't LDS that also do a fine job.

It's natural to raise and care for our kids. I don't need a Church to tell me how, it comes naturally....

Most cultures and traditional institutions provide a frame work that helps parents. But the responsibility still falls on the parents.

Enough and to spare

When a person says "there are too many people on the planet", they are really saying "there are too many people OTHER THAN ME on the planet".

For real world evidence, take a nice cross country drive to see that "there is enough and to spare" in this wonderful country. I just passed through Montana and Washington state on vacation, and can tell you that there is still lots of room out there.

Our problem isn't the quantity of people, it's the quality.

Yale Grad

Everyone (other than me) who is commenting on this "story" had better get a job and a life so they can start dating, marrying, and having children and success.

Your comments, and the fact that you make them at all, are comical.


Condoms are cheaper than children.

Dave in Midvale

I've scanned most of the comments and I did notice lots of "NO DUH!" comments. But didn't notice anyone asking "HOW MUCH DID THE GOVERNMENT ACTUALLY PAY TO FIND THIS OUT???" Moocho money to discover the obvious.

father of 6

I find the typical responses here by the population preachers to be very arrogant, presumptive and idiotic. My wife just gave birth to our 6th child, and we aren't Mormon or Utahn and we are not on any kind of public assistance. Family and esp families with many children are the backbone of a great society. Read about what the Japanese are dealing with now that their population is aging and they have the lowest birth rate. What will become of America if our birth rates continue to drop! Children of large families learn how to share, how to care; they learn the world doesn't evolve around self. Larger families often sacrifice material possesions but abound in love and many kinds of happiness. Children are a blessing from God and it's a geat thing to know that the Lord has seen to bless me in this way. I commend the Utahns and Mormons for not yeilding to the social pressure bought on by the anti-children mentality mentality so prevalent. signed- a Catholic dad


Another example of the short sighted Mormon culture in Utah. People living for the hereafter and having no regard for the environment nor economics of high birth rates. Arent 6 billion miracles enough. Having babies should not be an addiction.

Baby capital of the U.S.

"Yes, we are a peculiar people."

- Gordon B. Hinckley, November 9, 1997

To cautionary note:

Only part of what you wrote is correct; yes, we are to use good judgment and take the health of the moter into acct when planning families. But NO, not financially. We are not told to put it off until more financially secure. If people did this there would be no children, ever. There is NEVER EVER enough money in having/raising children! We are also told not to put off having children in favor of careers, education, jobs. Nothing should take precedence! These are the words of Sis Beck, RS Gen Pres, who spoke at a recent BYU-I graduation I attended. Just because it isn't spoken from the pulpits too much anymore, the Church's position has not changed. To have families is the purpose of marriage and it states clearly in the Family Proclamation the command to Adam and Eve to multipy and replenish the earth is still in force today. Children are an heritage to the Lord, and kudos to the young men and women who have children in faith and obedience. They will be blessed. People who put it off are not living up to their responsibilities and it has been made clear there will be accoutability.

Proven fact

Abortion is cheaper than welfare.

overcrowding solution

You can already see and feel the "solution" to overcrowding in this state. It takes the form of telling everyone not on the prevailing-think bandwagon to MOVE. That will open up housing for future generations including most of Salt Lake. Then to further encourage others not of like mind to evacuate, attack them in their home and permanently damage them. This will clear out a lot of undesirables and open up more housing.

The plan is in motion. Beware.

step outside of yourself

When parents can step outside of themselves and realize they cannot possibly meet the emotional, attention and financial needs of more than enough children-
everyone will be better off.

En Hedu'Anna

To Steve -
Who are Joseph and Jessie Evans? And when was he president of the church? Never heard of him, but I don't know everything about your church. Was someone else the prophet while he was president?

to Chance

Sadly dysfunction is as alive and well in LDS homes as in any other. Doing genealogy opened my eyes to the ongoing generations of dysfunction on both sides of my family. Like attracts like. Sadly the history of marriage in the LDS culture engendered mistreatment of wives and children in some families. Many of these groups intermarried and the faulty traditions were passed on. There is a long trail of heartache and abuse in my family history which we are just bringing out into the light of day. It is a tough challenge for those of us today to deal with, but we are and most of us have hope it will end the secrets and lies and lead to healthier families and individuals. This is a big challenge for us to overcome.

7 kids here

I love the antidepressant argument. The reality is Utah is not the most depressed state. It is the state that most gets treatment for depression. Its the state trying to resolve life's issues with professionals. That's really not a bad thing.

Oh and the population bomb disciples should know it is such a bogus bumper sticker argument with no real basis of fact or history to support it. Resources come from human ingenuity. Human innovation has always been our best resource. If you want more innovation, you need more humans. Most problems are the result of trying to solve other problems. Life is a fix it game, we need more fixers.

So keep them babies coming!!!


"Competing siblings from overly-large families cannot possibly get these healthy needs met and problems always appear later on in life for these people."

Actually, research shows nothing of the sort. In fact, there is evidence that children in large families are better-adjusted emotionally and have fewer behavioral problems than children from smaller families. Of course, maybe people with larger families tend to be religious and it is the religiosity that helps people do better behaviorally and emotionally. Either way, large families are good. The earth has plenty of room for all the kids people want. We just don't always have room for people to be as wasteful as they are. We should focus on managing our resources better and taking better care of the earth rather than worrying about how many children people have.

Old Lady

Didn't marry til I was middle aged & didn't have any children. Still agree with "Whatever" and disagree with "functional vs dysfunctional" & "To Whatever. I regulary deal with mental health professionals.


This is good that the people of Utah are so busy!!


Having children is wonderful. What's wrong with having 2-3 children? If you have a strong need to have more than that, why can't you adopt them? That way it's a win-win, you get your large family, and children who would otherwise grow up in a miserable situation get a loving family. Good for society!

hey non-lds

Utahns are not The Great Drain on the environment. You might want to attack the Chinese atheists or various other areas of the world as far more problematic. Based on recent numbers, Utah might actually be helping the population.

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