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State's women also No. 1 in many other fertility-linked areas

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Please think of the environment before palnting too many seeds.

To Whatever

Why is the American Psychiatric Association a bunch of nut jobs? Just because they don't agree with your points of view? Are you a mental health professional?

My Kids' Mom

Note to the experts: The reason more LDS moms stay home is the same reason that we have the kids in the first place. The theology that underlies all our beliefs and values causes us to place a high value on family and a lower value on stuff. There is no amount of stuff in this universe that would make me put my six week old baby in day care. It would have to be starvation or that. Literally.

My children are my treasures.
No, I'm not low-IQ and undereducated. I'm a former National Merit Scholar with a degree.

Actually Clci

A recent study reported that Caucasians are having so few children that our numbers will soon put us in the minority. It seems we are disinterested in keeping our culture alive, well, and into the next millennium. It seems that Utah, is slightly immune to the trend towards the extinction of the Caucasians.


AND..... Utah has the overall youngest mothers in the nation!

Talk about a baby machine, that starts them young and keeps them going well into middle age.

AND..... Utah has the youngest grandparent population in the nation!

Talk about starting them young and keeping them in the children game.

Utah is the capital of children (i.e. the young mothers and grandparents) raising children..... which accounts for why Utah also logs the highest child abuse/neglect problems in the nation.

And don't get me going on the young pre-30's Utah 'boys' attempting to be fathers...

DR Don

"Utah's birthrate highest in U.S."

And in other breaking news, the Sun is discovered to rise in the East every morning!


Most hispanics are Catholic and there is a high fertility rate there.

As for the environment I'd rather have more babies than polar bears. Be fruitfull and multiplied. Why is every other animal allowed to populate but not man in the opinion of environmentalists?

Larry J

While there may be benefits to a growing population, we should look at possible down sides as well. For example, the air quality along the Wasatch Front is getting worse. Hopefully people who encourage large families will also encourage managing resources.

Drug Reps dream

Maybe this explains Utah's highes per capita use of anti-depressants.

Sasha Pachev

Great news! In Russia things are desperate enough to where the government now pays families to have and raise children. Russians are beginning to understand something - when you are outnumbered you are in danger of being overpowered. We need to understand this as well.
Having a large family is like driving an emergency vehicle at a high speed. You can get where you need to go very quickly, but only if you are being extra careful. Sloppiness results in an accident. Same with a large family. You have to be extra careful with your finances. You have to make the sacrifices to take the time to teach good values to your children. It is a lot of work but it does pay in the end.

Doing my part

I am expecting #6!

See the future

I respect the rights of others to have as many children as they want and can support. However, I wonder how soon it will be before this continued trend dramatically reduces the quality of life here. If you have ever visited Asia, with huge and growing populations packed tightly into small spaces, you see where Utah, and the USA are headed. I am not criticizing those having children. I respect their choice. The eventual results are obvious, so let's hope we're aware of the choices we are making, not only for ourselves, but for future generations.

common sense

It is just plain common sense to keep the size of one's family small (especially in these inflationary and unsettling times).
Children need to have their normal attention needs met while growing up.

Competing siblings from overly-large families cannot possibly get these healthy needs met and problems always appear later on in life for these people.


@ predjudicial statement

What's demeaning about haveing a culture that encourages having children. I'm not sure what you are getting at but having lots of kids is nothing to be ashamed of.


Easy there, you're depressing me. Truth is in the US the air is getting cleaner, there is more protected land and ocean than ever before and more being done to prevent further damage.

I think we should be more worried about how we treat each other than how we are treating the earth, but that's just me.

@ Ema

You know they do that in China, and the people hate it. How about you be sensible and I'll be happy with my kids.


I agree that we should be buying smaller and living cheaper but there is one thing that simply must be stated.....

The leading cause of bankrupcy in this country is health care expenses, and may who go bankrupt actually have insurance. Children and the elderly are biggest users of the health care system.

I don't think that this relationship should be ignored when talking about the high rate of bankrupcy in Utah.

From Tooele to Cache Valley

I find it amazing that only one other person wondered when the LDS Church had a president named Joseph Evans. I don't remember reading about him in any of my church history books or hearing about him in church history classes.
As for large families, I've never understood the mentality of people who vocally criticize people for having children - such as the person in Logan a few months ago who was kicked off public transportation busses for hasseling moms with "too many" children.
Utah's major export is our highly educated young people - leavening the whole earth.


More American children means more polluters and exploiters of the earth's resources. Shame on you Utah for your contribution to overpopulation and global warming. Your should be taxed to purchase carbon offsets!


Functional vs. dysfunctional...No offence, but your comments to not apply to the LDS crowd. Gratefully, we in the LDS church do not model our families after the American Psychiactric org. We have our own creed and it works great. 9 times out of 10, Disfunctional families are a product of disfunctional parenting. That is where the LDS excel...join up and you will help to stop the vicious cycles.

Mom (and loving it)

I'm a 30 year old mother of 5, with a 29 year old husband. I've seen a "pre-30" man be a father successfully. It can be done, with sacrifice. The rewards are great.

As for the comments about large families hurting the environment. My husband is one of 13 kids. His family has only ever driven two cars and they have one city garbage can that is collected from there house each week. How many 2-3 children families, or no children families even, can say that? There are two doctors, one nurse, two MBAs, a registered dietician, and an attorney all contributing greatly to society. I agree that we should take care of our world, but I'm so sick and tired of people accusing large families of being a burden. It is certainly not the case from my experience.

the more the holier?

Just one more reason to feel tremendous compassion for our LDS brothers and sisters.

It sounds to me that there are those that feel the larger the family - the closer to God you are.

A very sad scenario.

From Seattle

It's great to hear about a group that is not so cynical about the future that they consider children a necessary inconvenience, to be bred in the lowest possible numbers. You go Utah! Light the way.

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