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State's women also No. 1 in many other fertility-linked areas

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Families and kids are great, however, people need to realize the impact of and being willing to pay to educate all of these children.


Go Family!!! I can already smell the Haters getting there comments ready!!!


The last organization on earth I want advise from is the American Psychiatric Association. Bunch of left wing nut jobs over there. Have you done any research on that organization? Look it up before you spout off about things you no nothing about.

More startling news ...

... Gravity still exists on Earth, perplexing scientists everywhere.

To functional v dysfunctional

Well, that's good news for the thousands of children who need adoption. I'll go ahead and warn my parents that adopting a seventh child will make them even MORE dysfunctional than they obviously already are. :D

Proud Utahn

People bash us Utahns for having children, yet look at the rest of the world. They actually pay people in other countries to have children. People can choose as to whether or not they want children and I respect that, but don't rip on people that have a lot of children. Just remember, everyone of you is alive because your parents had you:) Just a thought. I only have one child right now, and it is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing in the world.

Great news

Commendable when these women wait until AFTER they're married to have kids. The nuclear family is alive and well in Utah.

Joys of Motherhood

I think this is an awesome statement about amazing mothers in Utah (and anywhere else for that matter). I don't know of anything else that is more rewarding, demanding, and emotionally satisfying as being a mother. I have 5 children (that I paid for and continue to pay for) and can't imagine my life any differently. I don't live in Utah, but I was young (19) when I had my first and I am happily married to all of my children's father. It takes a lot of strength and selflessness to be a mother. Anyone who says differently obviously has never been a good parent.


Since when did anyone by the name of Evens become President of the Church???? Get the facts right!
TO Bankruptcies and family size: BUY SMALLER and LIVE CHEEPER!


What a wonderfull lifestyle the future kids will have.
Breathing black air.
Rats in a cage.
More crime.
Less space for natinal parks, mountains, less water, more polution of that water.
Oceans dying.
Where are the jobs comming from? What will they pay?

Oh yes, there is lots of open space near Elko.
Lets hurry and kill the earth, so we can move on.
To heck with future generations.

family is the BEST

More women who are married, educated, financially stable and choosing to have children are doing so in our state vs national stats! I can't imagine more positive news.

less is more

Utah's birthrate highest in U.S.?

How utterly tragic!

Go Utah!

I love big families! :)

Oh Please

Great. I love kids. Now let's provide them a world-class education. We can do that, but it will take some sacrifice.


I know it's not anything new to hear that there are a lot of children in Utah, but 15 babies a day at ONE hospital?! It that rates stays consistent throughout the year, that's more than 5,000 new babies just from that one hospital! Come on, people, that's insane. No wonder the Wasatch Front is filling up with homes and strip malls so quickly. I can't imagine the capacity of this valley being able to match that rate of growth for too much longer. The Earth has already been "replenished" with people; it's time to start being sensible and stop having more than two children per couple.


I can't imagine a world where adults outnumber children. It would be a very dull and boring place.

Re: Anonymous

A couple people already replied but the article clearly said: "[Utah has] the lowest percentage of births to mothers who receive cash public assistance." In other words, fewer mothers have babies on welfare in Utah than in any other state.

Predujicial statement

What in the world would possess an educated University employee to say this?

"It's clear that Mormon culture is what drives it for the most part," said University of Utah research economist Pam Perlich, who adds the fertility rate in Utah is higher than even in Mexico.

Wow, higher than EVEN in Mexico. That's a demeaning statement no matter how you look at it. On on hand it's a terrible statement about Mexico, implying that they're a third world country and prone to high birthrates (at least somehow subpar to the US) while on the other hand it's implying that Utah is behind the times and lagging behind the rest of the US. No, I'm not Mexican, but to demean an entire country is completely inexcusable, as it is to imply issues with our wonderful state.

Shame on Ms. Perlich for suggesting such issues and shame on the Deseret News for printing it. We deserve more insight and compassion on such issues both from our educated community and from our news outlets.

Robert Oh

Now if parents could just learn how to control them in public.

Not everyone thinks that crying babies in theaters or tantrums in restaurants and grocery stores is adorable.

Raymond Takashi Swenson

This reminds me of the recent study by the Pew Trust that surveyed the characteristics of the religious groups in the US. It showed that Catholic family size was close to the national average, while Mormons had the largest families. This suggests that Catholic teaching on birth control and marriage is not followed all that well by many Catholics, and that the more flexible Mormon approach actually produces more children. Finally, it should be noted that birth rates are falling all over the world, including in many developing nations, to the point that population is already shrinking in Europe and Japan, and would be shrinking in the US but for immigration--and Mormons.

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