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State's women also No. 1 in many other fertility-linked areas

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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That is so cool! That means also that in the coming years they will always be a rich state.


The interesting thing is that, according to the stats presented, it must absolutely be the choice/decision of most of these mothers. Stacy (photo) doesn't exactly look like she was coerced by her husband. Things are changing in the Church, however. Joseph & Jesse Evans gave a BYU devotional in the late `60s just after the pill was introduced before he was church president. He told us we "would be damned if we didn't have all the children we could". I truly cannot imagine too many talks being given on this subject today, by general authorities or in Sacrament Meetings. Only the Relief Society General Presidency has the courage to endure the harassment issued by the media and many women in the Church today. Members have largely chosen to forget that part of "building the Kingdom on earth". In those days, it was not uncommon to see many families with 8-10 children. Instead, today we see many more member families living in spacious homes, owning 3+ cars, wearing costly apparel, very much into consumption debt, having only 2-3 children. It will be "fun" to read many of the following comments. Thanks for the informative and assuring article.


Utah has always had a larger than the national average family size - so it can't be attributed to just one or two factors; like the higher Hispanic population. I recently completed a college course, Psychology 1100, and found all their "facts" interesting. If I had many children and had them young, then I had a lower IQ. As a mother of 7, and with an IQ of 126 and straight A's in all my college level courses I must be an aberration. Or could some of this negativity about mothers who have children, young and many, be wrong?

Jack B

Wow. What a surprise.

Viirginia Brown

"Perlich adds that . . . Utah 'permanently will have more children per capita than other states.' That coupled with the aging baby boom generation entering retirement years also means that workers in the state 'will be carrying more dependents' than most states and make it a challenge to fund such things as schools."

Of course, that ALSO means that as the parents of those children reach retirement, there WILL be workers to help fund social security, etc., which will be a problem in other areas with lower birthrates.

Families Rock!

Way to go Utah! Children are the greatest!

Too many variables

Higher birth rates have existed in Utah for decades. One cannot leap to the assumption that the schools system will suffer based on that one fact alone. The rising rates for leaving the state for employment has an impact. The economy of the state has an impact. Our society is family-based. Values and resources reflect that.

To Virginia Brown

Social Security is a national program so unless Utah plans to secede, more kids in Utah turning into more workers in Utah is only a drop int he bucket for social security of Utahns.


Is anyone else shocked by this? The only thing shocking about it to me is the fact that they needed to do a study to find this out.


Yeah but what percentage of Utah babies are born on Medicaid?? Since the local culture encourages early breeding, most these young couples (LDS and Hispanic) are not established enough to truly participate in the "can't feed 'em don't breed 'em" philosphy.

Coug in Mass

Utah has some of the lowest rates of welfare expenditures in the nation. Thanks for asking.

to anonymous

what a mental midget. Breeding? You are a jerk! Breeding is for animals!


Wonderful family news...!

functional v dysfunctional

One caregiver per child = one functional family.

source: The American Psychiatric Association

bankruptcies and family size

The key factor in the high bankruptcy rate may be the large family size that is typical in Utah. More children means more financial stress. This could be a cultural and not purely religious factor, since both Mormon and non-Mormon families in Utah tend to have large families- it's a family oriented state. In any case, having 50% more children per adult than the national average clearly leads to financial stress and higher bankruptcies.


Must be a slooooow news day. What's next? An arctic expedition to look for ice??

Cautionary note...

Yes, I remember the talks about "reaping the east wing" if you used the pill or any other form of birth control. You don't hear those talks any more, at all. Now, we are told to use good judgement, take into account your wife's health (mental and physical), financial positon, etc. This is the right advice (finally). Family size has dropped, and that is not all bad. Having kids is wonderful and to be desired. Supporting what we bring into the world is important also and I see poor choices made by many people in this area. Good jobs and good pay are scarce in Utah and I believe it is wise to "plan" your family size accordingly.

Lots of kids in Utah!

In other news- The Sky Is Blue! This just in: Water is Wet! And the shocking just breaking revolutionary newsflash: The Earth Is Round!


Children wanted, paid for by parents, stay at home mothers... Can't think of a more perfect picture. Go Utah!


to Utah. This is old news....

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