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Published: Saturday, Aug. 9 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I cant believe you Booze

I guess Boozer is in it for the money. He said it himself. "If my wife was down with it and the MONEY was right". So I guess we can not count on Boozer be there next season. Best thing is to trade him for some value before we get nothing out of it.


Ahhhh the light comes on. Now if all the Jazz fans would take off their rose colored glasses and except the truth. Boozer making 12 million a season is not enough to stay with the Jazz. Don't expect playing with Williams to have any effect on his decision to stay, but look for him to go to the highest bidder period.

Greg Miller make a good business decision and see what we can get for him NOW.

Moneygrip Bozo

Booze shows where his heart is...I hope we trade him to a team like memphis or indiana

re:I cant believe you Booze

Everyone, not just Booze, is in it for the money. Yes, even all the Jazz fans' darling, D-Will. What else does a max contract mean? If we would have offered D-Will anything less than the full amount (an average of 16 mil a year instead of 18 mil for example), he would have played out his contract and left next year. Booze gets bashed too much here as it is for his defense. Don't bash just him for this money first approach.


After Miller's comments yesterday saying "he absolutely wouldn't get over the luxury tax threshold," it's a given he won't be able to keep the team together as we know it now. What do you expect Boozer to say??.... aw heck, I'll just work for the vet's minimum.

At least...

he is being honest about it. With millions and millions of dollars, a person's gotta be crazy to say, it's not about the money...

Hmmm, and thats a surprise?

He would have played for Iran had the money been right.

Europe would be perfect for the Booooooz. He wouldn't be able to understand people upset by his lack of heart, greed, his efforts errrrrrr, lack of efforts at defense, and lack of loyalty.

Boooooooz-ERRRRR, enjoy watching the Olympics basketball team from the pine. Maybe you may learn something. I guess Clevelands name of "Benedict Boozer" does fit you. I for one do not believe you are worth 68 Mil in Monopoly money.

Carlos Loozer

Folks, just prepare now. Boozer is gone next year. But just think, maybe he will try to play some sort of defense this year to make himself more marketable.

No problem with Booze's comment

sorry to burst your bubble but these guys play basketball for a living even though sometimes as fans we like to think the players are uniting with the fans of their team in a battle for good and evil.

Give me a break!

Give me a break, buddy. This is negotiation 101! Find your alternatives and let the opposing party know you have them. Boozer is running a business!


Boozer has good sense. Go where the money is. I doubt that the Money is in Europe, but is it is, so be it.

Hos many of you would go to Europe to do the same job you do here if you could make a couple of million more per year?

You wouldn't? Then you are stupid.

King Black

Well if everyone is in it for the money why are some players in the NBA excepting less money so there teams can try to use the extra money else where to better there roster.
I hate to say cause I always backed UTah players but trade this piece of shiza Boozer I cant believe he said that. At least show some respect to some of your teammates who said they want you back, by at least not saying that stuff to the media.


He said he'd CONSIDER it, and that as a matter of business, he'd consider any good offer. Doesn't mean he'll take it, just that he'd think it over.

Maybe he will leave the Jazz when his contract expires. If so, he has a right to do that. It's a business. If you could get a job you liked in a location you liked, and for more money, you'd be gone in a heartbeat. Don't try to tell me you wouldn't.

Heck, if I was in Boozer's place, I might leave just to get away from idiot "fans" who don't recognize that they've got one of the top 5 power forwards in the game.

It's all about the money

This is just another example of Boozer caring more about money than winning. Never mind that the Jazz have been paying him over $10 million a year, never mind that the Jazz reached the Western Conf. finals last year, never mind that the Jazz organization is second to none in this league, never mind that Deron Williams is a premier point guard in this league and the Jazz possibly have more overall talent than any other NBA team right now. Despite all this, Boozer says, "It's a business decision." What a loser. I hope he's gone after next year. He can take his utter lack of defense, ego, and horrible attitude and go overseas for all I care. His goal should be to win a championship, not to make the best business decision. Good riddance.


I can't believe the comment I made a half hour ago didn't get posted but "King Black" made it in.

Calling Boozer what you did? Low-class. Go cheer for somebody else.

He's only being honest. I don't want to see him go, but if he wants to leave the Jazz when his contract is up, he has the right to. He didn't say he *would* leave, anyway--just that he'd CONSIDER any good offer if his wife liked it.

Hope this one makes it in.

get a grip

You clueless nerds need to wake up. Lebron, Wade, Kobe, just to name a few, have all dropped the Euro bomb b-4 Boozer. Wade is on record as saying "Childress is making the same money he is now and if the Euro's are going to throw around figures like they've suggested for LeBron, he'd have to consider it. If you can't see it all as a negotiating ploy, you need glasses. And for you cubicle keyboard ticklers that think players should leave a little on the table for support players I've got a question. While you're swinging on Deron's jock, ask him why he didn't leave any!!

Re: No prob with Booze's Comment

You've been at your place of employment for 4 years. For the most part, you're very happy and content on staying. Then one day you receive a phone call from someone saying that they'll pay you conisderable more money to work for them. It requires you move, possibly even out of the country. 3 options as I see it:
1) Take the money and new opportunit
2) Don't take the money, but leverage the offer to gain more money where you are
3) You're too loyal to your company to get into a bidding war (and before you scoff that notion, FYI, there are people that feel that way) and you decline to stay where you are without fanfare.

Which is the best option? Of those ripping on Booze, I'm sure there are some that fit in each of these 3 categories. I agree with "No problem with Booze's Comment" when he writes, "sorry to burst your bubble but these guys play basketball for a living even though sometimes as fans we like to think the players are uniting with the fans of their team in a battle for good and evil. "

Arrivaderci Carlos

Please back your bags and leave tonight. Your soft style of play is much better suited to the European game.

One Who Reads

To Arrivaderci Carlos:

Didn't you mean "pack your bags" rather than "back your bags"?

Trade HIM!!

Come on Jazz Brass, trade him while you can and while you can get some value in a trade...

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