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Published: Friday, Aug. 8 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bud man?

Does Marduis Wilson work for a beer company? Do you own Bud stock? Will you miss the "entertaining" ads?

Otherwise, what is your "strong opposition" to banning beer ads in college football broadcasts?

Must be Halloween

Lot's of strawmen, but, when you have no real arguments to support not banning beer ads in college football broadcasts, that's what you have to resort to.

The college presidents are on the right track. Ban the beer ads. We don't need them.

Burger impaired

Yes, we see lots of people being arrested for driving while burger impaired and beating their kids with a burger. Ban the burger ads too.


As in the changing of liquor laws, the alcohol sellers and distributors are the ones who are crying Freedom of Expression. If you can't figure it out, IT'S THE MONEY.

I don't get it

What's the big deal with not running Beer Ads?

Is it something anyone needs.

Can't you watch a game without the ads?

Is this really an issue???


Ute fans purposely drink at the BYU games because they know BYU fans despise alcohol. When they're not playing BYU, the atmosphere is just as behaved as anywhere else. Eradicating Beer commercials for college football is ludicrous. They're the most entertaining commercials on t.v anyway. It's the spirit of sports. Don't let the bad apples ruin it for the responsible beer drinkers who like to kick back and watch college football with there buddies. It's the american way.

re:re:re:JRspence | 3:39 p.m.

So buy a twelve pack, TIVO on download to your IPOD Beer Commercials, and get your fix, and all are happy.

"Ute fans purposely drink at the BYU games because they know BYU fans despise alcohol."

If that is the reason, it is probably the dumbest reason in the world, to make someone angry. Sounds like the first step to alcoholism to me.

It does explain alot, though.

I've always seen two cultures in Utah. The Molly type Mormons, and those that drink, smoke, tatt up, wear wife beaters on the street and anything else to anger the LDS.

I move here from CA, and we are creating a sub-culture of people who know how to have a "couple" and leave it at that. Then it's live and let live, and not really give a rip about what others do.

The smoke does "bug" in bars and at parties, so I respect those that smoke out side, and I appreciate when people maintain control and not spill their drinks on me...

Antonio Ortega

It's sad we live in a place where there is no seperation of church and state...Mormons need to keep their faith confined to their church!

Re: Antonio Ortega

You cannot possibly be that ignorant! This is not a religious issue. Alcohol is one of the biggest problems that exist in our society that destroys lives. Get over your bigotry and recognize that alcohol is a problem all over the US and not just because Mormons chose not to drink. Your comment reflects poorly on yourself and others that think like you do.


Hey T -
What part of "So far, 60 Division I college presidents, 240 athletic directors and 101 football and basketball coaches have signed letters calling for the NCAA to add beer to a list of products that cannot be advertised during college games. That list includes cigarettes, guns, nightclubs and gambling" don't you understand? How do you read Mormon in this? Even NASCAR has banned tobacco ads. You surely don't understand separation of church and state. Sorry, didn't mean to call you Shirley.

re:Antonio Ortega | 6:21 p.m

"no seperation of church and state"???

Aside of the letter written by Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists supporting a "wall of seperation", I'll give in to you on every arguement you ever post if you can find the Constitutional "Seperation of church and state". The Supreme Court has intrepreted Seperation, but it's not in the Constitution.

That being said, I'm all for not having a church run the country, but if you move into a community that has certain morals and values, you can expect to see people with those values making choices that support those values.

If I move into an Amish community, I just going to have to deal with beards and buggies.

Now, all that being said, I agree with "In CA", Shirley, this has nothing to do with the LDS church.

Rolly Polly Fans

The biggest public health issue here is not beer. It's grown men spending hours and hours polishing the leather couch with their behinds, watching football, when they should be getting some exercise.

Lots of you have beer bellies, even if you don't drink beer. Heart disease, diabetes and other weight related diseases are probably more of a hazard than a couple beers(as long as you don't drink and drive).

Fully Invested

To anonymous, imagine how stupid the average person is and remember that 50% of the people in the world are dumber than that guy. Too bad you can't recognize that conservatives aren't the ones trying to control our lives through the government. Remember its the liberal who are trying to socialize everything, and if you want proof you don't have to look any farther than Obama's plan to take profits from oil companies to fund $1,000.00 rebate checks to over 112,000,000 Americans.

Also ask yourself what kind of college students drink beer. Anywhere from incredibly intelligent to incredibly stupid. Maybe their commercials are more influential than you think. I would never pretend to be an expert though because I have DVR. Just remember, it's not democrats or republicans trying to regulate through congress what kind of commercials are on your tv. It's University Presidents, coaches, and Athletic Directors trying to clean up what kind of commercials are on tv during their athletic events. Which makes it entirely different than any kind of government regulation.

Oh and don't forget it's Nancy Pelosi who is trying to regulate what can or can't be said on talk radio. Very liberal Democrat.

Ernest T. Bass

It's my glands, but thank you Rolly Polly.

SJ Bobkins

How about a tinny dose of reality. Alcohol is a drug, drunken drivers kill people, Drunks 50 or 15 are not cool. But to say that people decide to drink because they see a Bud commercial is a stretch. The ads primarily are aimed at people who already drink beer. The idea is to interest a person in trying their brand or to keep their customers buying that brand. I don't know anyone who saw a car commercial them suddenly decided to get a drivers license. The car ads are to stimulate the driver who already has a car to get a new model or to switch from the model they already drive. Having a discussion on beer ads in Utah is much like a group of Arizonians discussing which type of arctic parka to buy.


In an interview several years ago with the great UNC Tarheel coach Dean Smith,he was asked what he thinks was wrong with college sports. His response was games on sunday and alcohol advertisements in arenas and on tv. He said if he had his ways all alcohol ads would be banned from college sports.

Dhurch and State

Which state, which church?

It's all over the country, bro.

Just because Dr. Hill doesn't see the need, I stand by what the NCAA is trying to accomplish.

It's the first step to putting in the regulations the NFL put in for their stadiums.

What we need now... an NFL team.

Reply SJ Bobkins

"But to say that people decide to drink because they see a Bud commercial is a stretch."

We are raising our daughters not to drink. Not for any religous reasons, but because I used to "party", my very best friend I used to party with was killed about 16 years ago because he was driving on the wrong side of the road and hit a truck head on, My youngest brother just got out of State Rehab (read prison) because he could alway drink, drive and maintain until he got a DUI, his lawyer got it squashed easy, but he picked up two more quickly and lost his family, home, etc.

My problem is Alcohol does not enter my home, except on TV. I do not want them to think they are missing anything, but when we are watching TV, the ads do come on.

Once again, drinking is something I do not want them to do, we discuss it, and they are fine not drinking, and I am sure they will need to decide someday, but if I could "choose", I would rather the commercials not come in my home.

I'm not in a bubble.

I do appreciate theNCAA.

re:SJBobkins cont.

I don't need someone smarter than me responding "raise your kids right, unplug your TV, move", and the rest of the stupid replies that always work themselves into these boards.

If the ads showed the reality of alcohol abuse, the deaths, the health issues when you get older, the promiscous sex that leads to unplanned parenthood and STD's, etc, I think a balanced approach would be fine, but they don't.

They show Big Horses, partying with the beautiful people, funny times by funny people.

Some people just have addictive personalities, a genetic predisposition to alcohoism, a physical inability to drink unresponsibly and that can't be fixed by saying "Just say no".

If you already drink responsibly, I sure you have your favorite adult beverages (I'm in my forties, and mine were Molson, Grey goose, and Don Julio) and I don't see an advertisement changing what you choose to drink. The ads DO glamorize consumption.

If I'm watching a game with my family, and someone decides not to put the ads on, I'm fine with that.

Why do so many cling to those precious ads so feircely, knowing the costs placed upon society, spouses, children and innocent in our society?

repley :Ernest T

Ernest T Bass's glands.

That's a mental image I didn't need.

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