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Published: Friday, Aug. 8 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Timothy Robbins

Wow, like you think these things can't happen.

Utah one of the only places in the United States that allows you to smoke in a bar.

NFL stadiums are cleaning up their image to by banning: Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal. Drunkenness and signs of alcohol impairment that result in irresponsible behavior. Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures. Interference with the progress of the game, including throwing objects onto the field.Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel. Verbal or physical harassment of fans from the opposing team.

It's time to clean up the image of football, and I applaud their decision.


Most college football is watched by people well out of college. To pretend that only college students watch college football is not only disingenuous but stupid. To think that not advertising beer during college games will effect the drinking done by students is just moronic. Frat boys will still drink.
It is telling that some on this message board want to ban alcohol all together. Or they want to blame drink driving on advertising. Guess what, car accidents are bad weather or not they are caused by drunk drivers. Cell phone users are likely to cause accidents, shall we ban cell phone companies from advertising during NCAA games? We cant even get our legislators to ban texting while driving.

Not a moral issue

Liberal/non-religious Bay Area cities started banning smoking in public places LONG before conservative/religious Utah got into the act.

It's time for the anti-conservative/anti-religious crowd in Utah to broaden their view a little and realize that public smoking and alcohol abuse are public health and public safety issues.

Promoting beer sales to college students and teens, a huge chunk of the college football audience, is irresponsible. It's nice to see colleges starting to recognize their ethical responsibility.

Texas Cougar

"Roscoe"- Man cannot live by beer alone.

Relax...we'll still have the Pontiac game changing performance.


"To think that not advertising beer during college games will effect the drinking done by students is just moronic."

One of the stupidest arguments people make, that adverstising doesn't affect sales.

Do you really think that the Bud beancounters would spend millions of dollars every year advertising their products if advertising didn't affect sales?

Of course the Bud ads affect sales, and anyone with half-a-brain who watches the ads can see that many of the ads are focused directly on college-age consumers.

You're free to drink if you want. Nobody is stopping you.

But to argue that adverstising WON'T entice some college age and younger football fans to start drinking is disingenuous and stupid.

btw, your cell phone complaint is valid, but nothing but a red herring in the context of this discussion.


You are the one who is rationalizing.
Advertising may get you to choose to drink another brand, but it doesnt "entice some college age and younger football fans to start drinking". I will concede that I may be giving people more intellectual credit than they deserve but in my experience the best advertising cannot get me to buy something I dont already want. Perhaps my susceptibility (sp) to advertising is much lower than most.
My cell phone comment is a red herring, but it was in response to another red herring already posted (you can tell which one).

re:Anonymous | 8:39 a.m

Free Speech give The mtn network the right to put anything they want on their channels, as long as it does not go further than FCC regulations.

It's their speech, if you want to wrap yourself in the First Ammendment, do so in a way that shows understanding about what the First ammendment is.


Maybe we need to ban McDonalds and Burger King commercials since they are leading to the obesity problems in American to while we are at it. It's rediculous to assume that the beer companies are targeting college students. Most of the students are at the game so they are not even seeing the commercials. I am all for not selling it in the stadium but to ban it from TV is just ludicrous.


"Advertising may get you to choose to drink another brand, but it doesnt "entice some college age and younger football fans to start drinking"."

This is the same argument that the tobacco companies used to defend their ads aimed directly at kids. Does any thinking person really believe that Joe Camel was created to get 50-year-olds to switch from Marlboro?

Where do you think new drinkers come from? How many beer drinkers started drinking in high school and even junior high school? How many of them started drinking because of entertaining beer ads that showed it was cool to drink beer? If you think that the ads are only meant to get established beer drinkers to switch brands, you are extremely naive.

lost in DC

five percent is not a big deal, and can easily be replaced.

It is not the government saying what advertisements can and cannot be run, it's the universities, their presidents, coaches, and athletic directors despite the accusations of someone who hates conservatives. Though I must admit that I have no problem with the FCC banning cigarette commercials for the past 30 - 40 years. I still remember cigarette jingles from the TV ads in the 60s.

as has been said already, commercial speech on public airways is a bit different than individuals' speech.

I totally agree with the comment about Myles Brand; that guy would advertise sausages made from old ladies if he thought he could make a buck, just so long as the old ladies weren't American Indians. Please forgive the absuridity of the analogy, no offense is intended towards any group of people, but to point out Mr. Brand's hypocrisy.

re: anonymous | 12:13 p.m.

I have noticed that beer and other alcohol ads do not advertise to the college aged kids, with all of the hotties, and club scenes.

Nope, good call on that one.

Also, this is not a "ban" on advertising, this is the NCAA choosing not to advertise something, just like when NASCAR stopped advertising smokeless tobacco on their cars.

Like NASCAR, the NFL has a right to choose who advertises.

The Burger King / McDonalds analogy is a bit of a stretch. How many college age kids die from "Big Mac" or "Whopper" poisoning?

Typical knee jerk reaction from yooterville.

re:anonymous | 12:13

Sorry, mistype error...

Not NFL, NNCAA has the right to advertise who they want.

The NFL is the organization cleaning up stadium behaveior.


Drinking is a social problem, therefore society needs to do something about it.



"Most of the students are at the game"

Have you ever been to a Utah game at RES?

Utah either has a much smaller studentbody than most people assume, or a lot of students are coming disguised as red stadium chairs.

Marduis Wilson opposes this

measure strongly.

About time

It is a public health issue as is tobacco advertising, not free speach. Binge drinking, DWI and many other alcohol related problems need someone responsible to stand up. Nice work coaches and those in the trenches.

Hypocrites in Utah, nevvver!

My brother told me about the time he went to a Utah vs BYU game two years ago in Salt Lake City. He sat in the student section but said the Utah students where drinking and getting drunk during the game. I was just wondering if the Utah stadium serves alcohol or if the fans brought it in them selfs.

Zero Chance

Money and football go together. There is ZERO chance of pulling the plug on beer dollars from football television broadcasts.

Rest assured ... drink up!

Kids in the streets

Let's not allow advertising of anything that shows kids playing in the streets either.

You know - backyard barbeques with XYZ BBQ sauce, and little Johnny runs out in the street in the background without checking both ways.

Tarheel Ute

I have not seen the tragedy of drunken driving that is as an emergency responder might. I am sure it's pretty bad. No less so for an accident caused by a person talking on his cell phone, or distractedly eating a burger or otherwise. I suppose we should ban alcohol and at the same time cell phones and burgers. Impaired driving, bad behavior, spousal abuse, broken marriages are all made worse by abuse of alcohol, but banning alcohol change the behavior, just limit the access to the majority who display judgment in the first place.

Otherwise, I am not adverse to any organization attempting to protect their brand by associating it with university with sponsorship they consider inappropriate. However taking the argument to a logical or illogical extreme is a problem in itself. Outlawing any one item, simply because if abused it causes tragedy does not make for good policy or law and has never been proven to be practical. Individual rights and freedom of choice unfortunately leads to tragic consequences far and beyond the individual who made the bad choice. No law or ban will prevent that.

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