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Utes make room for Irish by suspending USU series until '12

Published: Tuesday, July 29 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Great Game!

What great news!

As a Hoosier transplant to Utah, I couldn't be happier. This game will help to continue the University of Utah's advance towards a big time program.

Win or lose, I for one will enjoy this one. But even though I've been an Irish fan all my life, I think I'll cheer for the Utes on that day (maybe)...


I'd trade Utah State for Notre Dame anyway. Hopefully the Irish will actually be good that year and make it a close game.


Didn't Nortre Dame used to have a football team or something like that?

Master of the Obvious

Mr. Hill forgets that Utah plays a top program every year, not every four years. The team in Provo has been ranked in the top 25 81% of the time in meetings between the Cougs and Utes since 1977. It's great that the Utes will play ND in 2010 and Michigan this year. It can only help the program and the conference. However, it is inaccurate for Mr. Hill to claim the Utes only play a top program every 4 years. That belittles the teams they play regularly (PAC10, MWC), many of whom are top tier programs and have had more recent success than ND. I promise the BYU game will be more important for the Utes in 2010 than the ND game will, and BYU will probably be higher ranked than ND too.

Ute in Philadelphia

Please don't replace Utah State's game with a 1-AA opponent.

Ute in Philadelphia

Actually, what I meant to say was please don't replace the hole in our OOC schedule with a 1-AA team.


Once every four years? But utah plays a big time BYU every year!

Go Cougs!


"Chris Hill says he likes to include a big game on the Utes' football schedule about every four years..." Shouldn't the Mountain West schools be trying to schedule "big games" every year so as to get some national respect?

It's no wonder no one takes the Mountain West serious when it comes to the BCS.

true blue

Talk about scheduling down. j/k Go utes

Good for MWC

I'm not a Utah fan, but these kind of games are always potentially good for the MWC. The game will be on NBC nationally...not like being on the mtn or Versus and calling it "national television"...this is on a real national channel...NBC. And if Utah wins it can really help the conference's national profile. Nice job in scheduling.

Dixie Dan

This will be great for the Mountain West. Maybe other schools in the conference should try to play more teams in the east for additional national exposure.



Why won't ND play at RES? A payout of $95,000 is probably the reason....


LOL, learn to spell buddy, its Notre Dame. You must have gone to Ohio State.

Go Utes

The Utes have played well in these big games in the past; hopefully they can come away with a W.

As always, there will be lots of posts from BYU fans on this article about the Utes, trying to convince everyone that their team is really really neat. Don't waste your time posting here...go back to reading your 1984 media guide.

Ute Fan

Master of the Obvious - that's quite a stat. First of all, do you have a life other than manipulating and inventing stats to prove the greatness of BYU? Second, I find your claim hard to believe. It wasn't that long ago that BYU was just hoping to have a winning season. Also, as I recall, LaVell's last year or two weren't exactly top 25 seasons. For you to be correct, BYU would have to have been ranked in November in 24 out of the last 30 seasons. Better ask your mom to help you crunch those numbers again.

Patsy Hunt

Notre Dame was looking for a patsy . . . and they found one!!

Cougar Fan

As a cougar fan I'm actually excited to see Utah upgrade it's schedule. For that matter, I hope Utah regularly schedules and wins games against top-tier opponents. That would add to the prestige of the Utah program and make it all the sweeter each year when BYU beats Utah. I'd much rather thump a 10-1 Utah team that's good than a 3-8 team that's irrelevant. Go get-em Utah. We'll be waiting for you. GO COUGS!!!


I agree with Ute in Philadelphia - Utah should not fill the hole in its schedule with a FCS (I-AA) team.

I'm glad the Utes will get the opportunity to see this game. We fans sold out Utah's allotment to the Michigan game. Let's do it again in 2010!

Hey Master of the Obvious

I'm pretty sure that when they say that they want to bring in a "top program," they mean a program BETTER or BIGGER in some way than the U's program. BYU doesn't qualify in any sense. Sorry. Not only was 1984 a really long time ago but it is considered by many experts to be the most controversial title ever awarded. We want to play a GOOD team every once in a while so we can see where we stand. I know you think your team is super-nifty. It's not.


"Look at me...Look at me!!! I'm important too" says the attention starving fans from down south. Too bad the Utes are grabbing all the headlines these days by scheduling REAL opponents rather than the Northern Iowa's of the world. BYU is NOT a national power or a top tier program...no matter how you slice it. They could have been ranked in the top 25 every year of the last 25 years but they still don't compare to Notre Dame or Michigan. However, keep dreaming because everyone should have a dream. Too bad yours is no more than a pipe dream!

I love what Utah is doing with the scheduling. I am very excited for the upcoming Michigan game (I haven't talked to one BYU fan who is excited for their Northern Iowa game) and I will be just as excited for the Notre Dame game. This just contrasts two different philosophies on scheduling...BYU: schedule down for a possible undefeated season and BCS game; Utah: schedule up to show the nation you deserve the BCS game.

Good luck Hawaii (uhhh, I mean BYU) this year with your Qwest. Meanwhile, GO UTES....beat Michigan!!!

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