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Published: Monday, July 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Bill

Hmmm... yet another attempt to link Obama as much as possible with anything Muslim?

We saw the same occur with issues raised about Kennedy's Catholic membership and, something closer to home, Romney's LDS status.

Roland Kayser

What is the point of this letter?


let the childish behavior begin


Not too interesting.

Oh brother

Wow, then Barack is most certainly a terrorist! Be afraid - be very, very afraid!

Ernest T. Bass

This is the exact reason that I'm voting for him.


oops, that right the childish behavior started with the letter writer. It is a little frightening to think that this person is a part of the voting public.


Let me see, Obama (what ever first and middle name you want to use) plans to raise taxes across the board, basically ruining any chance for an economic recovery. He has promised, by some accounts, almost $1 trillion in new spending programs. He has promised to remove all troops from Iraq within 16 months, now he is hedging that one. He has promised to socialize medicine like they have in the UK and Cuba.

I fear that far, FAR more than I do his middle name. Or that he shares the same name as a horse.


Ms/Mr Aslam --- you must have received that right wing nut email that has been sent around about Obama's tax plan???? Well, I hate to burst your bubble -- it ain't true!!!! According to Obama's economic plan, my taxes would decrease $1,000 from the present rate and if you are on social security and have an income under $50,000, you'd pay no federal income tax at all. By the way, I hope you didn't fall for that former Nigerian dictator's email -- you know, the one where he has a fortune waiting for you


Any experts out there know what Obama "really believes"? Or is this name thing part of his "real history"? Never let the man explain himself, right?


The letter is really stupid and pointless. However, it is true that Obama plans to raise taxes which is the worst thing anyone can do when heading into an economic downturn. Also, raising capital gains taxes is the surest way to make sure that no capital gets formed to start new enterprises and create jobs. That capital will flee overseas instead.

I actually think that Obama is a nice guy, but the man is a genuine, certifiable LIGHTWEIGHT. He has no experience and no accomplishments, not to mention being left-wing off the chart. I hope that people wake up to these facts before election day.

To Mustang:

I'm going to print and save your letter about Obama's tax plan. We'll see if your taxes really go down, and if those under $50,000 really end up paying no taxes. If this, or anything remotely resembling this happens you have my appologies. Otherwise I will put on my liberal suit and come and sell you some ocean front property in Nevada. The democrat dna requires a promise of a tax increase to the evil rich (someone else) and a gift from the government to you. Phase 2 says that if you are able to support yourself and your family (number of jobs required to do this does not matter) you are one of the evil rich and will be taxed more. The resulting economic train wreck is not their fault because their motives were pure.


You want to talk about economic train wrecks lets talk about trickle down economics and how they have failed miserably three times in the past hundred years. Leading to the great depression, the second largest down turn during the 1980s and now. Please I could use the same silly logic with the republicans, take money away from hard working Americans that actually produce the goods our economy needs and give it to the rich so that they can sock it away rather then reinvest in industry. Trickle down economics has always failed and always will.


The reason trickle down economics fails is not really that hard to understand. When the wealth becomes centralized the people that control the wealth can only consume a finite amount of goods. They then have a choice, hold onto the rest or invest back into their businesses if they own them. The problem is that by this point the economy is sliding because most people lack the money to consume the goods that are being manufactured and imported already so the people with the money become tentative to reinvest in industry for fear of losing their investment. Trickle down economics is not evil it is just like every other economic plan (yes, including socialism) that they look great on paper but get lost in translation. We must continue to work to find a hybrid balance between many economic theories and will unlikely ever find that perfect solution.


To quote a republican hero there you go again playing loose and fast with the word fact again cats do you care to supply evidence for your claim, this one should actually be a little easier to prove.


To Anonymous: The Great Depression was caused by the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act and a failure of the Federal Reserve to recognize the emergency that existed and cut loose with some increased money supply. And, in fact, the resulting trade war eventually lead to World War II. That's just a matter of History. Trickle-down economics had nothing to do with it.


Let's jsut get the republicrats out of the White House. McCain is a bit smarter than Bush but he is way old school. THis country needs a change and McCain is not it.


Mr. Suminson, you listen to too much Limbaugh and Hannity. Next time write a real letter.

hold on...

Obama isn't going to raise taxes across the board. The simple people that believe this need to go and inform themselves about what is really going on. It's all right there on Obama's web site. But why do the work yourself when a talk radio hack can do all your thinking for you?

As for the name thing, I won't vote for John McCain because he has the same name as John Wayne Gacy, who murdered more than 30 people. Because he has that name, John McCain is also a serial murderer. This makes absolute sense.


To: Cats: The Great Depression was caused by the fat cats who know how to manipulate the entire economic situation to their advantage.

Just like they're are doing today.

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