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Published: Friday, July 25 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Further proof that Rocky Anderson is clueless, like it was really needed.


he goes again. I think he is deeply in love with President Bush......LOL!!


Hey rocky and bullwinkel,just in case someone hasn't told you the impeachment procedings would take at least a year to finalize even at full speed ahead.His term in up in approx.6 mo's,do the math.

Concerned Citizen

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, I think he, and his cohorts, like to hear the sound of their own voices, and see their names in the papers, but for all the WRONG reasons.


Rocky is the dumbest person i have ever seen. i dont know why he continues to make headlines. Really he's a has been...better yet, a never was.

Date with Jane Fonda

Gee, Rocky, if you're doing all this just to get a date with Hanoi Jane Fonda, why don't you get her number from Ted and give her a call? I think by now she's heard that you've paid your "Hate America First" dues and she's probably still "available" now that Ted has sent her packing.

Phillip Siri

Bush should also be tried for War Crimes, too!

Impeach Obama.... early. haha

When will Rocky Anderson realize he was a mayor.... of a rather small city when it comes to other much larger cities. He's not on the same scale as Guiliani, or any one else for that matter. He's just a moron who likes to hear his own voice. Even if it makes him look like a moron.


No, it won't accomplish much, But they are to be commended for bringing against him that which he should be held responsible. His doings were far worse than Bill Clinton's. It may not amount to much, but it's not an empty act.

go away

As a one time city employee, I can attest to the fact that Rocky personifies virtually everything he claims to despise. Working at Salt Lake under Anderson was miserable (as confirmed by his turn over rate). It was all about getting his picture in the paper. I dont know why his apologists cant understand how much damage he has done to their cause. Simply spewing hate is not leadership, it is merely nasty.

Be gone

Rocky...please tell people you are from someplace else besides SLC, Utah. You are a sameful sham.

go away II

Here Here...the preponderance of items here testifies to Rocky's legacy....yet another democrat who can't stand not being in the news. Further, how can he liken this president's supposed list of mistakes to those made by Nixon 30-odd years previous, or even the that guy who 'was' impeached in the early 90's for purgery and would have been forced out of office if not for the lack of a spineless party not willing to stand up for what is right? Thank the lucky stars enough people voted for Obama...


who is Rocky Anderson?


Rocky and all you Bush Haters are certifiable nuts! You give no facts, just inuendoes and distortions. You have no ground or basis for your so call impeachment demands. You are unamerican and should move with Kucinich to a communist country where you deserve to live. If the country were run according to your demands we would all be starving, struggling with socialistic health care working for government owned corporations making pennies and have none of the freedoms that God granted to us or intended for us to have. The United States is the most charitable country in the world and yet you hate it! Certifiable!

So Yesterday

The KOOK just can't let it go!! Give it up - but then again, the KOOK is so yesterday that he is locked into the past and always will be with his solo drumbeat and one key concert!

To the wicked Nephites

I'm glad that there are those who are calling for George W. Bush to be impeached. To wait almost 6 months for this guy to leave the White House could result in catastrophic damage to this country. He and those who voted for him have done enough harm to this country.

The modern day wicked Nephites who voted for George W. Bush will get their just punishment and God will not look on them kindly for their votes against his gospel and scriptures. You are fulfilling prophecy and doing exactly what the Book of Mormon said you would do and Mormon described you perfectly.

Mormon saw our day, knew what we would face and he included the mistakes of his people in the Book of Mormon to warn us not to make the same mistake yet that is what we are doing. We are fulfilling the prophecies of the Book of Mormon. Impeaching Bush would demonstrate our righteous desires and our renouncement of wickedness and immoral wars. We will be on the Lord's side but many have chosen to align with the President and by extension with the evil one who seeks to destroy life and the gospel.


Rocky Anderson is a quack.

He's at it again


By the time the impeachment process is finished, Bush will no longer be president anyway. Move on to your next hopeless cause, Rocky!

Flummoxed in Zion

What a pitiful article! Slanted, opinionated and misleading. What ever happened to responsible journalism? This was not merely a "chorus of Democrats calling for the removal of President Bush." Included in the witnesses was Bruce Fein, Deputy Attorney General in the Reagan administration, as well as a number of current and former Republican members of Congress along with the mentioned Democrats.

Those unable to control their Pavlovian responses to the mention of Rocky Anderson, fail to grasp the importance of the issues which were at the heart of this Judicial Committee hearing.

Congress was also blamed by several witnesses as being self-neutered, failing to execute it's role of oversight of the Executive Office to curtail these abuses. These abuses of the power by the Bush administration are stark, glaring and frightening: secrecy, secret signing statements, politicization of the Justice Department, initiating an unnecessary war using fabricated justification, shredding of the Constitution and individual rights, exposure of covert CIA agents, deliberate institution of an organized torture program relating to detainees, violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

One stated goal was to prevent enabling future presidents to operate with such unchecked power in the future. Our future is at stake.


I like here...'s comments at the top!! Rocky must be gay and is having trouble making it known. He has feelings for Bush!! I bet he'll try to lure Bush to either California or Massachusetts. It all makes sense now!

Rocky, just be honest!

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