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Published: Wednesday, July 23 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fueds over?

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

back and forth???

Since 2000, Utah is 7-1 against Wyoming. Thats "back and forth"? Kyle's being polite. The 1990s were back and forth but not lately.


"Kyle's being polite"? After kicking an onside kick after being up 50 points he'll never be mistaken for "polite" he's not real bright, setting his team up for an ambush in Laramie to an inferior team. No matter what he say's the Wyoming fans, players and coaches won't forget it.

No more, no less

Any lingering animosity Utah players may have for UNLV will likely be the same Wyoming players feel toward the Utes.


Kyle always seems to have the car red-lining. That either gets you an extra burst of torque... or it blows the engine out. That leads to another inevitable rollercoaster season for the Utes.

Re: grumolman

Get over it...geez. Have you forgotten Mr. Glen flipped off Whittingham? Last time I checked there is nothing in the rule book that says you can't score as much as you want.....BYU knows this, they always ran up the score with Lavelle. Wyoming deserved everything they got that afternoon. Just go to one of their games as an opposing fan. See what happens to you in Laramie.

Silly Kyle

Silly Kyle,

Don't you know anything? The fans are the ones that control feuds. We are the ones who say when things are over. Both sides took things way to far, and now you will just have to pay the price. No silly apology between coaches will work for us. The fans will decide when either side has been forgiven... and as of now, it is not over!

Burying Hatchet

Yeah, I'm sure Wyoming fans and players will be more than willing to bury the hatchet...

in the backs of the Utes when they visit Laramie.

Kyle is new to being a head coach and he may live to regret his brainless decision to kick an onside kick with the game already decided. It would be a shame to see a promising season marred by one, stupid, unsportsmanlike act, of the coach no less, from the previous season.


I agree that Kyle isn't very bright, not impressed with his coaching style either. As far as the fans are concerned, the hatchet is NOT buried. The Wyoming game will be fun to watch this year. Go POKES!


Coach Whitt and the other coaches are just putting on their 'sunday best' attitude for the press. Like the article says "(it) will likely be used as a little bit of motivation when the two teams meet Sept. 6 at Rice-Eccles Stadium."

It's their responsibility as coaches to put the positive spin on it for the press. But we all know those games will have added motivation for the side that got burned.

I'd still pick the Utes to come out the victor in both rematches. Clearly in the UNLV game and I think the week with the Cowboys will be a grudge match (literally for both sides)but the Utes look solid to win it in Laramie.


We all know that the Rebels are still laughing at the Yewt defense. 27-0.

Its All Talk

The coaches are just putting their best foot forward for the press. Come game time, you can bet those fueds will be revived! I think it is great for the MWC to have this type of excitment within the league. Whenever fueds exist, the fans are more passionate, TV viewership increases (which potentially increases ad revenues for the broadcast) and the players are more motivated for the games. I can't wait to watch the Cowboys, Utes,Rebels, Aggies, and Cougars square off against each other after all the bad blood last year between these 5 teams. It will be GREAT football!


whittingham is a first class loser. we need him fired if we ever want to be successful again.

Re: Silly Posts

Gotta love all these Ute lovers who think that one OOC road win a season (I hope you're not counting Utah State among your OOC road win successes) and beating an unmotivated, disappointed, middle-of-the-conference team in a bowl game makes for a successful season.

Urban is long gone, and Kyle still hasn't won a conference championship nor has he finished in the top 25.

Good luck in the Big House. Let's see if the U can get a real victory this time, instead of a moral victory, like they did last time they visited Michigan.

Hero of Canton

First off, the Utes go undefeated this year.

Second off, when you have the football the point is to score. If the other team is so inept as to not be able to stop you that is their problem, not yours. There is no such nonsense as running up the score. If the other team is going to be a bunch of crying babies about it, here is a novel idea: STOP THEM FROM SCORING.

Thirdly, how about the team down south stop running their mouth about how they are superior and start backing up all their talk of being a good team. We have busted the BCS and we are going to do it again this year, what have you done? Go sip some caffeine free Mnt Dew like big boys and let me know.

James Halls

Hey Hero of Canton,

16-0 in conference the last two years is why we can run our mouthes about how good our football team has been. The future looks bright and until the Utes knock us off our high pedestal we will continue to show you on the field how we are the superior team in the state and conference. 2004 is history! What has your team done lately? We wanted Coach Whit but I believe that we actually got the better man for the job in Coach M. Thank you Utah for saving us from ourselves and stealing Coach Whit away!!! Go Cougs!!!


RE: Hero of Canton...I don't think anyone is worried about the final score of the Wyo game, it was the onsides kick that riled most people up. Outside of Ute fans, (and some of them were not happy with it) there are very few people who would agree with coach Whittinghams decision. You can score as much as you want. IF your the better team, go ahead, just don't rub salt into the wound when it doesn't have to be that way.

Pot calls porcelain throne white

Hey, Re: grumolman -- thanks for the best laugh of the morning. Nothing funnier than a Ute fan calling out a Wyoming fan for classlessness. The only perceivable difference between attending a game in Laramie or Salt Lake City that I can see is that in Laramie they cover the other team's leading receiver on the last play of the game with 9 men in pass coverage.

And last time I checked, there is nothing in the rulebook about flipping off an opposing coach either. Some things are just obvious -- they don't need to be in the rulebook.


Ute fan here and the only fued I have is with the sock and sandal wearing BYU fans who try to trash talk on Utah based articles. If you're going to bring it here, at least bring some good smack..not weak sauce stuff like "Good luck in the Big House. Let's see if the U can get a real victory this time, instead of a moral victory, like they did last time they visited Michigan."

Fact of the matter is we ARE playing in the Big House while the weak and scared teams are playing the Junior Varsity Nothern Iowa team on opening day. Bronco has got to grow a pair and start playing real teams. Maybe the reason he doesn't is because he is 1-5 against BCS teams in the regular season in his tenure (Wins - 2007 Arizona, Losses - 2007 UCLA, Arizona 2006, Boston College 2006, Boston College 2005, and Notre Dame 2005).

I guess the Qwest For Perfection is a little easier when you're scheduling the Northern Iowa's of the world though.....


Re: Hero of Canton

I'm a Ute fan too, Hero, but you've got to relax and be a bit more logical in your arguments. Propping up a BCS victory four years ago, and directing it as a form of trash talk towards the Coug fans is nonsensical at this point. Our Utes have lost to the Cougs the last two seasons and have finished in the middle of the conference pack while BYU has finished first, comfortably. No BCS bowl makes up for the Utes' performance the past two seasons in conference. Isn't bringing up past BCS hysteria playing the history card we all accuse BYU fans of playing all of the time?

I am hoping along with my fellow Ute fans this year will be different. And I expect to not be disappointed. But there is a line between being myopic or a realist as a fan and you just crossed it.

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