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Published: Tuesday, July 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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As an iranian i salute the Utah Jazz for being such gracious hosts. I was not expecting such a wonderful gesture at halftime. The commentators were also very good and respectful as well. As a nugget fan it will be very hard to root against the jazz this coming season after this display:D


I was at the game last night and found the support of Iran's team to be very amazing. Except for the Kazoo (which happened to be about 3 rows back from me...my ears are still ringing), I wish the Jazz fans would cheer on their team in the same way. If I lived in another country and the USA basketball team came to that country to play and I were in attendance, I'd wave my flag too. I thought it was very patriotic and a fresh look at basketball. I compliment the Iran team fans and Iran's team. It was interesting to see the stark contrast between the Jazz players, who are playing for large contracts and money, with the players from Iran who were playing for the pride of their small country. If only the Jazz players played with the same heart we'd win the championship every year.

It seems doubtful to me that Iran will go far in the Olympics if they are having a hard time keeping up with summer league teams. Nevertheless, I wish them well.


i'm an iranian and i was born here and i cheered for my country to the fullest.i waved flags because thats where my parents are from and i'm so proud to be an iranian teenager living in another country. living in u.s doesn't matter the only thing that matters is where you are from and cheering for my country is a pride.i had the best time and i was so happy that i could see people from my country that bring pride for us iranians in foreign countries. this will probebly never happen again but i'm greatful that it did and i'm a jazz fan but when it comes to choose btw. my country and jazz i choose my country iran.
thanks to the jazz


You're waiting for the next Byron Russell? Don't get me wrong, he served a good role for the Jazz but he never had the athleticisim to give the Jazz another dimension to the offense like Ronnie Brewer does.

re: wayne, Devan

The information you wished to see was in there, it was about the same information as all the other games' information. The main story was the human interest story.
How arrogant and culturally biased are you if you believe that they should not waive the Iranian flag. I guess you think that in the Olympics, nobody should wave the American flag, because they need to respect the Chinese. Or, if you live in New York, for example, you should not wear any Utah Jazz apparel at a Jazz/Knicks game.
The halftime ceremony was very emotional. I am an American, and the gesture that the Jazz did almost brought me to tears. This was a great story about basketball overcoming supposed differences. I hope that this event will help open the hearts of the citizens and leaders of both countries so that we can respect each other. We can then focus on the positive relationships.

Great class

I love different cultures. I am about as American as you can get, but I have lived in many different places, and people are great in most places in the world. When I was in Europe, I became close friends with Iranians. Friendship means a lot more to them than it does to Americans. I hope Iran does well in the olympics even though it isn't likely. Jazz, that was impressive to show them that kind of respect.

RE: iranian girl

If you were born here, isn't your country the U.S.

If Iran was so great Why did your family leave it in the first place.

People allegiances are incredibly missed place these days.

My family ancestors came from great britain, germany, demark, norway. etc, but I don't support their teams or wave their flags.

Hoew many sporting events do see spectators and particpants waving foriegn flags of countries they weren't born in or have ever lived.

It's fine to recognize and appreciate your ancestory,

but you are no more Iranian or Mexican, etc, anymore than I am british, german, danish, norwegian, french, etc.


i enjoyed watching the game on tv except for when the iranian flag filled up half my screen and that wazoo was sooooooooooooo annoying

One World

Great story and wounderfull actions taken by both sides to show that after all we are all human beings sharing the same plant and sharing the same problems and feelings. This shows that it is only politics and politicians who try to make us hate other people from other countries. and we have to be educated enough not to fall for that hate ingnited by politicians all over the world.

To RE: iranian girl

Hey give her a break. Of course she is a US Citizen if she was born here in the United States, but of course she has the right too to cheer for the Iranian Basketball Team if she wants to.

I look at it this way, I will be cheering for the USA during the upcoming Olympics but I will also cheer for Sweden because it's where I served my mission.

So lighten up and have fun.


To Tree hugger: Devan will never get it. If someone wave American flag in the Chinese Olympia, Devan will not think this is disrespect, since it is "American" flag.


Suggest bringing e3 national teams into the review nezxt year.


I am glad the team from Iran was well treated. It also made national news. We have a number of people that came here in the 70's from Iran. All the people I know from Iran are very nice. They are here, in many cases because of who is in power over there now. Many have become US citizens, but still have friends and family there.

bita an iranian girl

we've been iranians we are and we'll always be no matter where we are
thanx to Jazz for its kind gesture


ok so i suppose that no one will be waving US flag in china. ofcourse i ll cheer for the country where my parents are from and my parents came here to go to college and they never planned on living here forever and iran is a great country. you don't have to judge everything by the goverment. if iran will comeback next year for other games, i will go cheer for them and wave my flag and actually i will get a bigger flag and lots of my american friends came to the jazz game with me and cheered for iran because of me and all iranians that live in utah are the jazz fan too. i am a big fan of jazz myself.


It doesn't matter where you go, there is always people that are racist, selfish, clueless, etc... Iranian people, just like all types of people, deserve respect. We are all human beings!!! It's a free country, so cheer for the team you like. This is a nation of immigrants. If my family was from Iran, I would support that country to.

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