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Published: Tuesday, July 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let Miles go!!

Is this even a question? He is NOT worth the $4 or so million that we would have to match to keep him here a year. We have other players that are more important and who will need that money. Let him go, he doesn't even like it here, he'll let you know on myspace or facebook. Not Utah Jazz material

Let my C.J. go

Let C.J. go. Jazz need more money for cap space so we can sign Milly (makes less than a million a year) and Brewer. Let Morris Almond step up into the spot. He is more athletic than C.J. and at least he shows up to the revue. The Sonics need all the help they can get and maybe C.J. can get more of a consistent role on that young team.

Too bad....

with the Jazz loaded on the SG position its hard to get CJ Miles the minutes and to understand really how talented CJ Miles is. CJ Miles is a superstar in the making, he's got the skills and talent...it's too bad the Jazz won't be able to keep CJ on the team. OKC wouldn't have offer CJ if he wasn't any good! c'mon do the math, they offered you the money and playing time....well CJ is gone for sure. Once he's playing for the other team and averaging in double figures, Jazz will surely miss and regret letting him go!!!

LOLZ.....If there's any consolation at least he's not going to the Lakers!!


Don't you see what you watch? C. J. will be an allstar within 4 years. If we let him go it will go down the biggest blunder in Jazz history.Not only is he our best 2 but he can play the 3.( better than old man Harpring and we pay him at least that much.)If the know what they are doing they will keep C.J. Mo Almond is basically another one dimensional Korver so don't get your hopes too high on him folks.


Let C.J. go. There are more important players who will need the money down the line. I wish C.J. well but he is not worth the money. That's whats wrong with the NBA. Overpaid but as long as the fans keep going it will just keep going up. I think it's time for the fans to boycott games.

I agree

Miles needs to hit the road. He hasn't shown anything yet. I keep hearing people say he has so much potential and it would be foolish to let him go, but the truth is he just hasn't done much of anything and he won't get many minutes to continue his development. Let him go to a team where he might be able to play. Utah can use that money on more pressing needs.


If the Jazz can't dump some salary, laying out more for C.J. is gonna put a cramp in things. But we'll live to rue the day if they don't match.


C.J. Miles is a huge, expensive problem. He should be dropped like a hot rock. He cannot motivate himself and he cannot be consistent.

take a second look

I'm a huge Morris Almond fan and also a basketball coach of many years. Watching almond warm up and his shooting performance against only average players in the review. I'm not sure if he is really as great a shooter as some beleive. He doesn't really rebound it, get steals or assists. Super duper person. Good but not great player.


I just don't want to hear anyone say that Sloan didn't give him a chance. He had a chance everyday in practice. When he played well in practice two years ago, he was rewarded as the starting 2 guard at the beginning of the season. Last year Brewer played better, and he won the starting job. You just don't get handed minutes, you need to earn them.


unlike Kyle Korver and Mo Almond, has the talent to be a complete player in this league.

Harpring was very good, but health issues have him standing very near the end of his career.

Sign CJ, trade Boozer and make the other necessary adjustments.

Henry Drummond

It was surprising to see ticket scalpers outside the revue games. My guess is that they got burned pretty good since the stands were only about 70% full for the Jazz game.


CJ is a lot more athletic than Almond and has more talent and potential, but I don't know about an allstar in 4 years. The west is stacked with guards right now, and it still will be in 4 years. D-Will, Paul, Roy, Durrant, Bayless(if he continues his summer league play in the NBA), Mayo, Rudy Gay, Parker, Monta Ellis, and those are just the young guards. Then there's Kobe, T-Mac, and Nash, and all three of them will be allstars as long as they are in the league, so do you really think that CJ will be an allstar with that group of gaurds in the West? If D-Will can't even make it on the team this year, there's no way CJ will beat out those guys for an spot on the allstar team.

Dallas Guy

I figure a Dallas guy like Miles would rather go closer to home in OKC. It seems like letting him go would be a win-win because Almond is more of a Sloan guy and a better pure shooter--or as Sloan would say "a maker."


The team only has so much money and its really hard to justify locking in CJ for four years when I can't see where he will get playing time. OKC has cap space and minute to give and the Jazz have neither. Its a no brainer to let Almond step in CJ's spot duty role and save money for the many Jazz free agents next year.

best solution

Heres what the Jazz need to do;

They need to retain the rights of CJ. And since New Jersey has been dangling Sean Williams and Marcus Williams for veteran players, trade Matt Harpring and Jason Hart. I hate to see Harpring go because he is so tough, but he makes $6.5 mil a year and has that banged up knee. Give Korver his minutes, I know he is not as tough and may not be as good of a defender, but he can stay infront of his opponent pretty well, and he's a better shooter. Over all, this move would be more of a positive simply because he can shoot from anywhere on the court.

Give CJ the minutes Korver used to have to see what he can do. If he is as good as most of us bloggers think he is, well then he's worth the money. Besides with Korvers opt out clause next year, its wise to keep CJ for insurance. If CJ doesnt prosper as well as we all think he can, he will still only be 22 years old, and plenty of other teams would love to have his abilities on their team, trade him.

No Way

If the Jazz are able to get rid of AK and his contract (wishes-n-dreams) the Jazz will wish they had CJ to slide into that 3 hole

Try this

Why don't we keep CJ and then work like crazy to get rid of Korver? Korver can opt out next year and even if he decides to stay he would make a great piece in a trade because he would only have one year left on his deal. CJ is well worth the risk at that price and if he gets more consistent minutes then he would be worth the new contract. Also $4 million per year is not like a huge contract for someone who is either a starter or a 15-20 minute per night guy.


I dont know what Almond has to do for people to sour on him. He's no better than any of these guys in the revue trying to make a team but who will obviously end up in Europe. He is a good kid though. CJ is better and has more potential in every way than Almond, plus Harpring is pretty much done. We need CJ to step into his spot. This is hopefully a no brainer for the front office. I guess we'll see if they are seeing what I'm seeing.

best solution part 2

Back to the New Jersey trade.

We get 2 potentially decent players in Marcus Williams, if he pans out he can be a great back up point guard (as much as I like Ronnie Price, we need someone who has point guard skills), and Sean Williams who is a defensive specialist in a power forwards body. I know we all ready have enough power forwards, but he is 6'10 and with a little more body weight and the right system, he can be another Ben Wallace. I know what you are all thinking, Ben Wallace is terrible. Remember how great of a player he was with Detriot, its because he was in the right system for his style of play. He was nothing before that and nothing after that. If Sean Williams doesnt work, its worth still worth the opportunity.

Here's why NJ likes this trade.

The get one of the toughest veterans in the NBA in Matt Harpring, whom is a good defender. Something that team is lacking. Jason Hart is just a throw in. Plus, they are giving up practically nothing.

I have tried to come up with a better solution, if you have one, let me know

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