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Report on Crandall disaster will be released Thursday

Published: Tuesday, July 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It is pretty sad that it took 9 lives to get MSHA and other mining regulators to make mining safer and to relook at things that r usually overlooken


It is all about profits. Safety does not make money. MSHA currently works for safety of profits not workers.

We are governed by represenatives whose election depends on the financial support of multinational corporation executives. What do we expect from a nation and a state where Labor Unions are vilified?

Workers are just commodities.

Frank T Wydo

Bob Murray belies the truth at Crandall Canyon just like he did at the Maple Creek Mine in southwestern Pennsylvania were two men were killed. Murray cried not about the lives lost but about what he lost, $ 1,500,000 per death is what he claimed. Murray is one horrific thing.

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