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Published: Saturday, July 12 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hero of Canton

This was, BY FAR, the best show Journey has put on in Salt Lake City in years and years! The energy was amazing, Arnel hit the notes perfect but added an energy and zest that has been missing from the band since '81. The whole band was flowing and the set was tight, from top to bottom. It was gratifying to hear the classics done well and it was a pleasure hearing the new songs from 'Revelation.' Journey is Arena Rock at its finest and from the band that defined the genre we as fans got the ultimate feast tonight. Neal was amazing as always, Ross was the ham while sewing together the melodies, Jonathan interjected class and straight up talent and Dean proved, once again, why he is the hardest working drummer in music today.

Thank you to Journey for 30+ wonderful years of music and thank you to Cheap Trick and Heart for adding some different flavors to the musical feast tonight.

Journey on!

Maxx Candy

I loved the show and what a bargain only 25 bucks. 3 great bands. Journey sounded great. I couldn't even tell that it was not Steve Perry. I bet most people there had no clue it was a different singer.
Heart was flawless. Sorry I missed Cheap Trick, Just caught Surrender at the end of their set while in line but the 3 hours I was there were very entertaining.


Agreed. Journey was amazing tonight, and between the Revelation and tonight's concert, I'm a true believer in the power of Arnel Pineda. He was great and they really put on a show that gave me chills. And yes, Neal Schon was AMAZING as always. For my dollar, he is the best guitarist alive.

AZ Jazz Fan

I second the comments of Hero...the new singer was spectacular, if you closed your eyes you couldn't tell the difference between he and Steve Perry. Much better than their previous lead singer of the past few years. Kudos to Journey for not mailing it in on an old timers tour, and bringing some serious game to the park last night! And Heart as well! The Wilson sisters are the Queens of Rock!

No Steve Perry

Without Perry, still don't care for Journey. Should have left after Cheap Trick, they were the best.


Arnel looks suspiciously like Jackie Chang... could it be?


Wish I had been there. Rock on Journey.

poor you

You are absoultely right, "No Steve Perry"! YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST LEFT! NO BUSINESS BEEN THERE, ANYWAYS.

Bigger Fan Now of Journey

I LOVED this concert! I had read about the new lead and hoped he would match Steve Perry. He was awesome-not Perry, but fabulous. Loved his energy and loved the whole band's energy and smiles. Loved the graphics on the screen. Only bad note, I originally sat on the grass and could not hear a thing thanks to the stupid people who talk through the concert and try to pick fights(drunk obviously). Why do they even go? Luckily I got a better seat and the night was heaven. Loved Heart--they continue to rock after all these years!


I went to see Arnel and he was spectacular and the chemistry was there. Get on with your journey Arnel.We love you.


At 60 years old you really think Steve would get up there and sing like he did 25 years ago? Steve is too smart to make a fool of himself! We love you Steve but Arnel is qualified to do the job!

One Fan of All Three

Wow! What a concert! I enjoyed Cheap Trick. Heart was exceptional. Journey was everything I could have hoped for because I prepared myself with their latest CD/DVD. My heart is still pounding and my foot is still tapping. Where is their next concert within my reach?


Leave Steve Perry alone... if your are a fan of Steve Perry (only) and not Journey, then go listen to your old CDs and don't go to the new Journey concerts. The comparisons have to stop because Steve Perry is a great part of Journey's past ... but no longer part of the present nor its future...


Augeri could hit the high notes from the concerts I could be at! Biut what do you expect Pineda is the youngest singer they have had since the 80s. I could hear the notes just fine too. Fabulous show!


Journey should have stuck with Jeff Scott Soto, the best singer they've ever had in the band.

>At 60 years old you really think Steve would get up there and sing like he did 25 years ago?

Tom Jones does.

New - Journey rocks! ! !

Absolutely fabulous concert. See u guys next year.

arnel pineda

pineda is the best

Randy Simon

I was waiting for my ride, he didn't show up. I was pissed and ready to rumble. Out of my frustration, I walked around in the area, then, there was this amphitheater. With my $25.00 bucks, I went in easily and watch this concert. It was Journey. My fave. They sound great. I can't recognize the singer. He looks like Jackie Chan, He may be Chinese or Vietnamese singing Perry, but I don't hear any accent. Whooha, he sounds great. Wow, nowadays, anything is possible, Band can upgrade to anyone. Hmmm... Maybe Eagles might start to look for some Iranian lead singer. What do you think?


No one could ever take the place of Steve Perry.Journey is not the same without him.


No one is trying to TAKE Perry's place.HE left Jouyrney on his own accord.Its the TENOR voice that is the Journey sound and legacy.The voice that they need happens to be in Pineda's voicebox.Keep loving Perry but a true Journey fan accepts Journey's decision--Clearly they made the RIGHT one. I think re-recording the old songs is a business decision so they can license them without hassle from Mr Perry. LOVE REVELATION!

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