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Published: Thursday, July 10 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Thank you!

Thanks for creating a lasting symbol for me and my children.


I'm one of the few LDS without a CTR ring, but much respect to this man. Rest in peace.


I love that ring!


"By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass." What a wonderfully simple way to remember to always make good choices.

P.A.T. (Piliin Ang Tama / CTR)

I never knew the man till now, but thanks, his has been an inspiration even to the island where I came from.

From the Islands of the Philippines "Hanggang sa muli natin pagkikita" (Till we meet again).


You know, you never know the person behind the song or the ring or many other things. I just know that this ring was in it's own way a sacred reminder to youth and adults of "choosing the right". Bless this man for the gift he has given to many and I hope his posterity will never forget.


great works thank you ,dee

from the isles of the sea

CTR, what an eternal symbol of faith and love.

Thank-you & RIP!

Brother David

Brother Miles certainly left a Great Legacy.

May we all be inspired to leave behind us
something Good that Blesses others.


For most my life CTR has meant the same to me as most of you...Choose The Right. Now I am older, the symbol has double meaning to me CHOOSE THE RED. I was happy to see that Bro Miles attend both UTAH and BYU. Maybe fans from both schools can appreciate all he has done too help us all remember who we are and how we should behave.
THANKS and rest in peace.

Should I know this?

I don't see any mention in this piece what a "CTR ring" is? Did I miss something?


Re: Should I know this?

A CTR ring is "kinda" like a cross for mormons. It's an acronymn the LDS church members use. We wear it to remember to choose the right and remember we are children of god and should act accordingly. I personally have not only a ring, but I have a necklace as well. I love both very much. They are my most prized posessions. :) Praise to the man!

Should I know this?

re: katie

Thanks for the thoughtful response. I appreciate it.

PS - Who's "the man"?

Re: Should I know this?

Re: Should I know this?

katie's praising the gentleman that died. Praise to the man is also a phrase we use to honor Joseph Smith. It is also a hymn(song) title of one of our most treasured hymns.

Praise to the Man

"Praise to the Man" is the name of a hymn in the
LDS Hymnbook that Praises Joseph Smith Jr., the one
who, as a 14 year old, had the First Vision where he testifies that he saw God and Jesus and had dialogue with them. That was the beginning event in a series of events that led to the
establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints.

Whether Katie was referring to Joseph Smith or
Brother Miles, who created the idea of the CTR
Ring, only Katie knows.

The whole idea of the "CTR" ring comes from another hymn that is in the LDS Hymnbook entitled "Choose
The Right" .... 'when a choice placed before you'... choose the right, there's safety for the soul....' meaning in seesnce choosing what Jesus would want us to choose. But it IS our Choice. It's a hymn about making choices of priority and choosing the best (Right) Choice. If one wears the ring, it's like a reminder. This is generally given first to children in their growing years.

Hope this helps to answer questions...

God Bless...


Does anyone know who owns the CTR rights? Someone is making a mint off this little marketing gimick to the mormons.

question again

Do Mormons wear crosses around their necks? I honestly don't know. But I am sure someone will tell me.


Wow! That is awesome!! I am grateful to him for all he brought to the church! He will be missed!


I'm a bit confused; does this article refer to the man who commercialized the ring or the person who created the original ring for the LDS church?

I know originally, Naomi W. Randall (author for the words to "I am a Child of God" and 1st counselor in the LDS General Primary Presidency to Sister Parmley) led a committee that was asked by LDS leaders to create a symbol to be used by the Primary children. The committee came up with the idea of the CTR ring.

Did this man create the ring at the request of the committee (the green and silver ring that is used in the LDS primaries), or did he commercialize the original ring and make it into rings that are purchased at jewelry stores? I'd appreciate Deseret News clarifying this so we get accurate history rather than "half-fashioned" history.


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