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Published: Thursday, July 10 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Great West Conference is a great way to burn up fossil fuels, transporting players and coaches long distances simply to play conference games.

And is the school in Jersey in the great western half of the Garden State? If not, I think the Great West Conference ought to invite some teams from Europe and Japan to join the league.

Congratulations UVU

Congratulations to UVU on taking another step up toward the big boys. Their slow rise to prominence is fun to watch.

I look forward to UVU perhaps becoming serious competition for Utah State, the red team, and others. If they do really well, maybe they'll even compete with BYU someday.

RE: Congratulations UVU

Becoming serious competition with USU, Utah and BYU. To other schools, fans, and the NCAA its not even a real Athletic Dept. and will not be considered as such untill they get a football program!!!

Great West?

Sounds like the Great West Conference is just a fancy word for "Smaller Schools All Over The Nation Who Are In Desperate Need Of Any Conference That Will Take Them Conference."

Slow rise to prominence? This school is going to have budget issues really quick if people continue to think this school is going to be a super power overnight. Schools cost money, and that is something our state does not have a lot of luxury for.


Hey Rich, It's a great way to BURN UP fossil fuels just like Al Gore and his Private Jet and his Private Home in Tennessee which burns enough energy for 20 homes a month and he's not even there! This is great News, fly all over the place poking holes in the Ozone, I love it, all this competition, I hope they get a football program going soon they can have Weber State as an Arch Rival to start, work up to the Aggies, then Utah and eventually cross town BYU, NOT! But I wish them the best anyway... Go Wolverines......


This is a big step for UVU athletics! Congrats to them!

and "great west?" Do you think that the people at UVU think that the sports program will turn big overnight? You have no clue!


I have said it before and find myself saying it again. UVU should still be UVSC or possibly UVCC. There is not 1 state University that is over crowded so why in the world would me make another one. Universities take millions more to run that colleges do. Valentine did the state a huge disfavor by pushing for UVU. We currently have some partially full very good Universities. We could have used the millions to have some great, full, Universities.


Cougarkeith-I'm no Al Gore sympathizer, but if you believe that chain email about Gore's mansion, then I've got a friend who is a part of Nigerian royalty that is in need of some help...

Geography Bee

The Great WEST Conference include the NEW JERSEY Institute of Technology?

I'm not an expert at geography, but I'm pretty sure New Jersey is on the Atlantic coast.

Re: Realist

Utah as a state might not have full universities but Provo/Orem does. Tons of students try to get into byu and do not. The consolation prize is UVU. If the community can support higher education they should. Other colleges will grow if there is a need. Provo/Orem needs another university.


Consolation prize UVU??? Wow.. I wmake just as much if not more money than those graduating from BYU with the same degree that I can get from UVU.

I cant believe the nonsense on these boards!

not good

you took a great step forward in becoming a university, now you take a great step backward with this affiliation....you will kill your budgets in all sports, and students will suffer with yearly fee increases to pay....find a regional conference or start one up and invite others to join....go get suu, grand canyon, dixie state, norther colorado etc. new jersey and houston, local kids will think twice and three times when considering this schedule of castaways....good luck!


c'mon, the nonsense of these boards is what makes it fun...what do you expect with the annanomity that you get from the interenet.



TO: Realist

You are just mad because UVU will take money from Utah because their student enrollment is larger.


Let's see. Seattle, North Dakota, Bakersfield, New Jersey, Houston, Pan American (wasn't that an airline?) Any way to get either Puerto Rico or Hawaii Hilo in this league? Any bigger and it could be the Conference of the Western World.

Woo Hoo

Go Utah Valley High School... er.. I mean Utah Valley University!


So will UVU ever have a football program and have a COMPLETE sports program?

The Wolverine Engine that Could

Did everyone forget that UVU took 2 out of 3 from BYU in baseball in 2008. And if the other sports at BYU (ie: Men's BBall) would schedule us we would take it to them too. It's just a matter of time my friends ... We will dominate the Great West for awhile and then get invited to be in the WAC!


You don't know this, but its the 1st all green league. All the schools in this league travel by buses that are battery powered. So not one drop of oil is used in getting to their games. Now jump on board....


Former BYU Fan

UVU already beats BYU and Utah in baseball. Soon it will dominate them in other sports. UVU was already playing the team in its new confernce, so the budget will not increase dramatically if at all. UVU graduates make more money on average than graduates of any other state school of higher education. Go Wolverines!!!!

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