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Published: Wednesday, July 9 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Assistant Scoutmaster

Reading this article and these comments just make me all the more enthusiastic about Scouting. I am on of those "young students without children." I take as much time as I possibly can to be involved in Scouting. It still teaches the fundamentals all boys need to learn to be good citizens, good workers, and good men in general.
While I am LDS, I am a volunteer in a Community troop. It is refreshing to see that the program works outside of the church as well as within.


I have been in Scout for awhile now and the one thing i still dont understand why it goes with Scouting Is Duty To God, its kind of hard to cover that subject when some of your Scouts follow a diferant religion say muslim

Scouting Skeptic

I hated scouting as a youth. Now that I have a son, I have a hard time pushing him to do anything with it when he isn't interested. I have felt for years that the Church would be better off if it went separate ways from the scout program.
I do think that it will not happen while President Monson is the Prophet, since he is so intimately involved in the program.


To Life Time Scout - I serve in a bishopric in a new ward that is struggling to get the scouting program started. I too am a life time scout, but many of our leaders are not familiar with the program. Have you posted this 7 year plan anywhere? It would be a great training asset. Thanks

Why have both?

Why have both DTG and scouting? One big reason has been identified by "Assistant Scoutmaster." Scouting is an excellent means of building bridges between the Church and other religions, communities and service organizations.

The more fundamental reason is that the DTG program is currently only a supplement to scouting, meaning that scouting offers so much more than just the few requirements that it shares with DTG. For example, it offers the patrol method, which is an ideal way to develop leadership in our young men; extensive time in the outdoors learning life skills, appreciating God's creations, and building unity/relationships with other boys and adult leaders; and wearing a uniform, which is a great opportunity to prepare young men for the "missionary uniform" they will be wearing in the future; just to name a few.

The church could incorporate these into the DTG program, but why do so when a perfectly capable program already exists?

Scouting / Calling

Why do we issue callings for scout leaders? Shouldn't the BSA recruit their own volunteers?

Scouting is not the church. Wouldn't you be a little suprised if your Bishop called you to be an FFA advisor, or the President of a homeowners associated?

I think we would get much better dedication from true volunteers rather than "called" volunteers. Also, this would prove whether or not their is enough interest in the program to continue as a viable entity. If not enough people were willing to put in the time then no more scouts.

This may sound radical, but it isn't really. There are tons of good/faith promoting/value promoting organizations out there. They do their own fundraising, they hire their own volunteers.

If scouts can survive without the LDS church then great. But church callings should be for church callings, not scout callings.

Scouting for Profit

The price of the overhead (i.e. keeping the lights on, buildings, etc) should be included in the price of books and uniforms, etc. When I shop at Wal-Mart I don't send them an extra check to cover overhead. Same thing with other scout camps and activities which can (and do) charge hefty fees to participate.

Someone in my family just got called as a scout leader / volunteer and I was dismayed to realize there is a "registration fee" to volunteer. That is ridiculous. Why should a volunteer need to pay to register.

Scouting is a big business that teaches some good values, just like Disney.

Does anyone remember that article about how much the local scouting execs are paid? It was ridiculous.

Star Scout

To: To Star Scout 12:10 pm.

I agree with you that rank advancement is not the way to measure young men, but when parents are all over me about why their son is not advancing the way they want them to, it becomes problematic. It all boils down to the leaders and the young men being willing to work together. Some wards have it all together, others don't. I don't push the boys into scouting because I've seen too many stay away because of it, even though their parents are encouraging. Parents help a lot and a good troop committee goes along ways in assisting. Anyway, thanks for the good discussion. I've got to get back to work and get ready for our Stake Youth Conference!

Life Time Scout

To crmeatball. I created this program for our District/Stake. I have not posted it anywhere. I will sare it with you if there was a way to contact you.

Long way from home

If you are a member of the LDS church then your registration fee should be covered by the ward, which this fee goes to do a background check on each leader, it is the BSA's way of helping to keep our youth safe, yes it may not be a 100%, but they are trying.

I grew up with a prof scouter, my father is now a scout excitive in another state, but I remember him not being home at nights so that he could run the round table meetings for the leaders, and also he was camp director for many years, so we never had family vacations during the summer because he would be the one up at camp helping to run the programs, so the boys could have a great time.

I think that scouting is a great program, and I want my son to have a great time in it once he is old enough. My husband who is not an egael scout have decided that if the ward we live in doesn't have a good program we will get him in a troop outside of the church so that he can have the true experiance.

Explanation scouting / calling

BSA doesn't hire its own volunteers in order to keep costs down so that more youth can be involved. If BSA hired its own volunteers, they would have to hire an army of recruiters, which would drive up the cost, making what many have complained is an expensive program totally out of reach. Instead, BSA enters into charters with organizations, wherein the organization is allowed to use the scouting program, and in return, the organization provides volunteers.

In the Church, those volunteers are extended callings because scouting is the activity arm of the Aaronic priesthood. While waiting for volunteers to come forward would likely result in more committed leaders, that is not the Lord's way of doing things. Rather, he extends callings to serve and leaves it up to the individual to "see if they will do all things that the Lord has commanded."

Part of raising the bar for missionaries is raising the bar for leaders of the Aaronic Priesthood, which includes scout leaders. Let's improve the scouting program in our wards, which will improve the quality of leaders that we are sending into the mission field and that will serve in the Church.

To Long Way from Home

I appreciate your comments. I do have one warning though. Choosing not to participate in your ward's troop has some drawbacks, namely the lack of identity with a priesthood quorum. Because scouting is the activity arm of the Aaronic priesthood, the scout troop is an extension of the priesthood quorum. Members of the quorum that participate in scouting naturally feel much more a part of the quorum. Not feeling a part of the priesthood quorum has its dangers. Maybe consider volunteering for the scout committee, where you can help to ensure that your son has a quality experience.

Suzy Homemaker

Risking a lack of identity with the Quorum? Oh, geez...quit complaining. At least you had a nationally recognized achievement program that MOST of you could identify with. As a girl, I found the cooking, sewing, crafts and boring lessons of the young womens program a pathetic excuse for developing girls into confident, goal-oriented women. Never could identify with the archaic womens roles in the church. Leaving it all behind 35 years ago was the best thing for my family...as my husband and I were blessed and proud to raise three very happy, very successful and well-educated daughters.

CA Mom

Our ward unit for younger scouts has 5 boys who are not members of the LDS church whose parents like having them part of an organization that has religious ties. The success of any group depends on how committed and trained the leaders are and how they involve the boys in leadership in their troop activities. We have two Eagle sons, both of whom don't have any regrets about having earned that badge, but it does help if they are firmly on track in their younger years. Even after 14, their interests vary and demands on their time compete. But I don't think it would be any different in any other program; it still depends on the leadership.

Just Me

I agree with everything that has been said about this article. The problem with scouting is in its implementation and anyone that thinks that going strictly to the Duty to God program is deluding themselves. Duty to God will just take the place of scouting and the same attitudes will prevail.

Eagle @ 13

You all seem to miss the forest while you're counting trees. I am astonished at the remarks here... The real problem is not the scouting program, nor the Church's support of it, nor the efforts at fundraising or training leaders. The real problem is the boys themselves. How do we--in today's world complete with sexual references on every TV program, profanity at every turn, and repulsive humor infesting our children's minds--take these young men and mold them into moral, principled, and ethical men of character, for that is what our world needs more than any other thing. Anyone can raise a child in our society who loses interest without a quick fix; who's more interested in the latest video games or movies than in serving others. But we need MORAL people for our future, for if you haven't noticed, our world's in the process of destoying itself, and it's not some alien infestation that's responsible. Rather, it's from the inside... Boy Scouts build the kind of men we need. Are we prepared to criticize it with ticky-tack offenses while we watch our youth wither on the vine? Support scouting with all you've got!

Connecting the Dots

I also see the strength of both the Duty to God and Scouting programs. I have never come across anything that clearly identifies the connections between both the programs. Life Time Scout, I too would be interested (as crmeatball) in the 7 year plan that you developed, it sounds like just what I have been looking for.

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