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Published: Wednesday, July 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I would rather not be awake at this time, but since I am I will break the ice. When I saw Maggette opt out I wondered if the Jazz would make play for him. I hope they do, and they certainly have players available to trade at the 2-3 spot. I like Maggette, I think he is tough, a solid enough shooter, and someone who will help the Jazz win now.


Man if the jazz could land Corey, that would be great. I would love to see him in a Jazz uniform. But I doubt he'll come. A lot of stars in the NBA don't really think Utah is a place they could see themselves. Im just hoping they would trade him for ak47. But we'll see.


O'Connor's blowing smoke to impress the fans. No way in H-E-double hockey sticks Maggette ends up wearing a Jazz uni. If he does, Jazz can beat the Lakers.


All we have is the MLE, but good thing thats all that anyone outside of memphis philly and charlotte has.


if they wanted magette then why did they give CJ a qualifying offer?????????///

Get Maggette

How interesting, I would welcome Maggette with open arms, but the ladies won't like not seeing long-socks on the court.


Kevin , do what you must to get this guy. He may be the difference to take us to the next level.
1. D Will
2. C Maggette
3. R Brewer
4. C Boozer / A K
5. Memo

I think a well balanced starting 5, with some youth & experience on the bench , Millsap, Kosta, Korver, Harpring, CJ & a Point guard- the rest in training or trade.

every summer

No huge up grade needed it seems like every summer we talk about Maggette. I'm sorry but I don't see how that is an upgrade especially when our young guys are just as talented and younger too. I hope we get to see what an extra year can do for this team.


The Jazz as currently rostered have two problems. (1)They lack enough team defense, and (2) they lack offensive consistency at small forward and shooting guard when teams like LA and SA focus on Boozer.

Maggette would help on problem 2 but do little for problem 1. However, if Maggette goes to SA that really does not help the Jazz.


The Jazz need to quit worrying about signing/drafting more scorers. Weren't the Jazz one of the highest scoring teams in the league last year? Same old song and dance, but the problem as everybody knows (or should know) lies with defense. Focus on signing a guy who plays defense first. I think Diop would add to the interior D and help a lot. We need centers that stay in the paint to grab boards, block shots, and get easy layups/dunks. Scoring more points is only effective if you are able to make regular stops on the defensive end.

To "hopefull..."

Maggette already signed an offer sheet to come to the Jazz 5 years ago. He doesn't seem to have the same concerns about playing in Utah that you alluded to.

Utah has been in love

with Maggette for a long time. I think it would be a very nice addition to the team, but lets be honest. Utah doesn't have enough money to throw at him with all their current players. Utah would probably have to work out some sort of trade involving AK and I don't know if that's something they are willing to do.

Jimmy's Sneakers

Jimmy thinks that the Jazz are a longshot here unless they can convince LA to do a sign and trade that still leaves them enough room to sign Boom Dizzle and Brand. Absent a 3-team deal nothing seems likely.

If he settles for the MLE he ends up in Miami or Orlando.

Lo Porto

Maggette would be an upgrade over Brewer at 2 and/or AK at 3, but it's doubtful we get him. AK is the only guy I could see us trading that makes over $2.5 a year, and the Clippers won't want to take him. Maggette would be a great fit if he would come to us for the full midlevel exception for 4-5 years, but I doubt he will since he can get more money.

The first priority is TRADE AK to anyone who will take him. He needs to be traded for an expiring contract or to a team with cap space who sends us back a much lesser contract. Trade AK for Wally Szczerbiak and his expiring contract. Or we could get really creative and do the following sign-and-trade deal:

Clippers get Al Harrington
Golden State gets Kirilenko
Utah gets Maggette (after signing long term deal)

That would be a good deal for all 3 teams.


A lot of these trades that people have proposed won't work out financially. The finances have to be about even on both sides of the trade for the next season. The only way we get Maggette for AK is if Maggette signs a max contract with the Clippers, and that's less likely to happen than us being able to trade AK because the clippers just gave a lot of money to Baron Davis and will give a lot of money to Elton Brand. Sure, those trades brought up will benefit the Jazz, but they just don't work under NBA regulations.


Guys if we want an offensive SG who can't defend anyone why don't we just bring Almond up. Because that is what Maggette is, he is a SG who can't defend.

Jenny's Sneakers

Jenny has read everyone hashing over what Magette could bring to the Jazz. But has anyone thought about what the Jazz could bring to Magette?

Jenny can't imagine Magette would choose to live in Utah over a place like Boston or Miami. Whether the stigma about Utah is true or not, there's definitely a perception in some circles in the NBA that you don't want to live in Utah.

The only way the Jazz land Magette is by offering him substantially more money than any of those other teams.

Face it Jazz fans: The only players you're ever going to get at true market value are Eastern Europeans.

ID Jazz

I find it highly comical when O'Connor comes out and says that they are going to be aggressive in the free agency market. He said the same last year when he resigned Collins and picked up Hart and Price.
Price has turned into a great pickup but at that time he was an unknown commodity.
I would dare go out on a limb and say that the dynamics of this team are not going to change this summer. Jazz Brass have never been aggressive when it comes to getting people who could push the team to the next level. Don't believe me then tell me who they signed while Stockton and Malone were here to help push them to the next level and don't say Hornacek because he was a mid-season acquisition.

Are you kidding me?

All of you guys who keep pushing for a Kirilenko trade are crazy. I live in Los Angeles and have seen plenty of Maggette's games in person. He is active on the offensive end, but stops playing if he thinks he's not getting enough touches. Why do you think Dunleavy doesn't like him? Dunleavy would make a Kirilenko for Maggette trade without thinking twice. Let AK play full time at PF and trade Boozer for Biedrins. I think Boozer is a great player, but I'm also realistic and don't think he plans to stay in Utah--and he's definitely not worth a 20 million price tag next year. Brewer improved a ton last year, and I bet Almond will do the same if he is given any playing time. As for Collins and Hart--both great guys who should be playing Europe.

Stevie Dubya

I give the Jazz a 50-50 chance at landing Magette. There are a couple things that make me a little optimistic. 1) He signed with us once before when the team wasn't nearly as good. 2) We are a serious contender now. 3) Who wouldn't want to play alongside D-Will?

I'd like to see the Jazz work out a sign-and-trade deal so we can unload a little cap room and relieve the logjam at the 2 and 3 spots.

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