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Published: Tuesday, July 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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George's son

As an outsider, let me just say that this is one weird state. There is not another venue, city, or state where such a public forum would take place.

Literally ONLY in Utah.

And Tory, the only real grumps I have met here are non-LDS and former LDS who seem to resent anything (be it news or sports or education or George Osmond's obituary, etc.) Mormon and make every issue into a religious debate.

Grow up people. You are amazingly funny. Only in Utah indeed would someone grumble about a public prayer. You really might like it better in Tehran where you would have something real to grinch about.

Good for a laugh

These comments are always good for a laugh. There are the nice uplifting, positive comments and then there are the negative, depressing comments. Why do the losers that try to tear down those that believe in the LDS faith always come to these comment boards? It's like they are searching for a way to bash the LDS. Just go play by yourselves! We have heard all your ridiculous reasons why you hate what the LDS are about. Your reasons are so lame!


I am just amazed that people actually take the time to complain about something thathas not ever hurt anyone, is not a big deal, and has been done in the world since Adam and Eve. Actually probably before that. Praying, Wow,! I cannot believe that there were any comments let alone twenty something. Wow a Mormon praying in public, especially in Utah!, that is shocking don't you think. A big deal should be made after something like that, don't you think, a prayer to God. Uhm I am just amazed

Thinkabout this

Hello everyone! I happen to have lived in Utah, Southern New York, and Arizona, and guess what! All of those places have public religious expression. the reason the LDS prayers are ended in the name of Christ is becuase that is who they worship, and that is who answers the prayer. I don't think it would be appropriate to close it some other way, huh?! I think we ought to call attention to the fact that yes, he was invited. With how busy he is, I doubt he offered. It's ok for people to have different religious beliefs. Just try to find the common ground and work with that. In general, we all believe in allowing people to choose what they want to believe, and we all believe in being good and decent to other people. That's a good place to start...build some understanding, and you can still hold on to your beliefs without being unfriendly.


To finish...since there were too many words to fit in that last comment box...
I suppose someone could find something wrong with my comments, in their minds, but that's ok, I understand things can be misunderstood.
President Monson is a wonderful person. He just wants to bless and help others lives as he is able to. I think that is the best intention you can have in what you do, even if others have trouble with it.
I will say that God will support the righteous causes that happen in the world, no matter who it comes from, so the LDS memnbers and anyone else who is doung something good, he will support. Personally , I would prefer to always be in his side. I hope everyone can appreciate another person trying to do good, regardless of who it is from or to.

Thinkabout this

Sorry about the typing errors! I hope you can look past that to the message.

to Thinkabout this

Thanks for the insights. It invariably takes an outsider to help Utahns (of all persuasions) to see how small-minded and cliquesh and provincial we really are.

As George's son noted earlier-only in Utah could something as petty as a public prayer become part of a debate fueled by the hatred of a relative minority (albeit loud) of those opposed to the dominant religion.

Really hard to understand the mentality of those tortured souls who seem to dispise anything and everything to do with Mormons. It would be a most interesting psychological study.

I can see it now on the next edition of "60 Minutes" entitled "EXPOSED-inside the brain of a Utahn!"

Tolerance anyone?

This seems to be the "tolerance" question again.

If you agree with my views, then you are tolerant.
If you don't, then you are not tolerant and I don't have to be!!!

UVU Student

I was at the dedication of the library. A leader of another(not LDS) faith offered an opening prayer. We had religious and state leaders there of different faiths. The bottom line for me is that so many people who have busy lives themselves took time out of their day to come down to Orem, Utah to recognize this moment in history. That day was amazing for me and many others in attendance. So, the ultimate bottom line for me is not who offered the dedicatory prayer or even that a prayer was offered, it is that we are now a university and people of all faiths and denominations can come here and receive a high quality education with a beautiful state of the art building that stands as a symbol of what is to come for Utah Valley university. As a student attending this institution I cannot see any harm in asking a higher being for a little extra help in keeping me and those I attend school with safe. It didn't bring harm to anyone in attendance that day to have him give the prayer; for me, it enhanced the importance of the building and of the day.

K Michaels

To those so easily offended and so quick to complain. Get a life. Your complaint is that somebody in America (yes Utah is part of America) has done something by invitation that has been happening since the beginning of America. And somehow with your small minds and lack of tolerance we should agree with your bitter behavior. No thanks. There are better things in life than political correctness (which is rarely correct) as your guide.

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