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Published: Tuesday, July 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Otis Spurlock

I am a little offended. The picture of the woman on the right has a t-shirt that reads "Got Tequilla".

Thanks for keeping your content family appropriate.

Little BYU??

Why do some think it was a "little BYU"? It was a place for mostly nice people to go to school. The only "link"(?)it had with BYU were the few who chose to go there who could not get in to BYU, or who chose not to go to BYU because they didn't want to follow the BYU Honor Code.


I'm a little offended by the girl on the left who has pink letters on a brown shirt. That is really not family appropriate.


If that offends you then don't turn on the TV or any media!


The concert, although poorly executed was mostly family appropriate. However, Joe Nichols' songs were mostly about drinking.

But I don't think this is UVU trying to say "We're not BYU."


It's funny that they actually think they are a school now.


Otis, sorry but you need to develop thicker skin. People make choices, you don't have to like them, you just have to live with it. That's the problem with these posts someone finds something, anything to be offensive and the world has to change to fit them.



re: Funny!

If they are not a school, what would you call them? They have been a school for a long time now and have done a great job providing for the surrounding community all the way from a trade school up to a university now.


Who Cares

Thanks UVSC

I didnt worry at all about the admission and now as an accounting graduate I make a great salary and have been promoted to a management postion. The business school helped me develope wonderful skills and I have seen the benefits.


What's wrong with being a vocational school? Why is a university needed?



Everyone needs to go to a university. Therefore, every educational institution, however useful, must necessarily become a university eventually.

Look at Oxford: it went from being a vocational polytechnic to a full university, and it has done a world of good.



I see your point. My degree is in hotel management, which is why I chose UVU over Oxford (as most people do). I could not have learned to manage a hotel without studying it at a university. I can't imagine how people succeeded at managing hotels before universities offered degrees in the subject.

I would advise all universities everywhere to develop a degree in everything, and urge employers not to hire anybody for anything unless they have a degree from a fully-accredited university.



Right you are. Right you are.

For instance: if I needed some gardeneing done around my house, I would only hire someone who has a degree in gardening from an accredited university.

If I required a Monte Cristo sandwich, I would turn only to those with a degree certifying they have studied Monte Cristo preparation at a university.

Someday I will have my wish. Until then, who will garden for me? Or make me a sandwich?

UVU, I plead with you: expand your list of majors! Full program leading to a degree in every human activity, please!


But what about adding PhD programs?

Surely you're not qualified for anything unless you have a doctorate in it.

I've run my hotel for 14 years, but I'm going back to graduate school, because I need a doctorate to learn my trade.

Current UVU Student

The girl wearing the "Tequila" shirt looks disgusting. Even if she was wearing a "Choose the Right" t-shirt, she would still look very ugly.

There were over 10K people there. Why would a DesNews photographer choose these five horrible looking people?

I long for the day that the Church pulls the funding for the Deseret News.

party on

I think Otis should maybe have a little tequila and lighten up. If he is so offended then he should only look at pictures and read stories about BYU.

I also love how the folks at BYU think that the only reason anyone would go to another school is that they couldn't get accepted at BYU. I got accepted to BYU but went elsewhere because I didn't feel that I had to be forced to live my religion.


Seriously? It's girls dancing at a concert featuring country music. Country music. Think about that for a second. Nothing screams inappropriate like girls wearing high-necked shirt dancing to country songs. Why does everything have to be made into something by DNews readers? You can't just look at a picture and say, oh, how nice, those girls look like they're having a good time dancing at the family friendly country concert. But let's definitely make into more than it is once again.

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