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Published: Wednesday, June 25 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Lets GO

Never mind any of these rookies. Trade all of your picks and a couple players (Boozer and AK) for what we really need-- INTERIOR TOUGHNESS. Some perimeter defense wouldn't hurt either. We are very close to a championship with what we have plus a little tweaking.


And if you trade a couple of your key players, (Boozer and AK) you wouldn't be nearly as close.


Trading Booze and AK would only put us in the lottery next year.

Re: Lets GO

You call getting rid of Boozer and AK "a little tweaking"?

Draft PARTY???

Aren't the Jazz having a draft party this year???


To: Lets GO

Trade "lets Go" for booger of michael beasley!

@To: Lets GO

I find that kind of language offensive. I am going to send an email to the good brothers and sisters that govern this publication, as it seems they let a bad one slip through.


There will be no draft party this year.

No Party?

What?!?! I checked everywhere, and and SLTrib said there will be one. So I made plans, got work off and everything. So there better be one!


You do';t need trade AK, just pay him less.

But boozer must go. we all know his scoring is great.

BUt you must have defense from your bigs if want to win a championship.

That is not even debatable.

coming close every year accomplishes nothing but makes a few bucks for the owner.


Why in the crap would you trade one of the best power forwards in basketball, who is entering the prime years of his career? His lack of defense is a concern, but get your defense from other people (try some good team defense). The Jazz need to draft the best available player and make a run for a stud 2 guard like Michael Redd. I agree that AK needs to be paid less, but how is that going to happen?

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