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Published: Tuesday, June 24 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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there was a time in us history where LDS people were treated poorly and ran out from the land because of their moral standards and beliefs...why is such hypocritical behaviour promoted by the church? If gay people are seeking to get married in their temples that's one thing.. but being married under the rule of law of a person's nation is another, and is NO business of some church's. This disgusts me to no end, and I have lost total respect for the church. Believing what you believe and living your life is respectable, using your pulpit to promote an agenda is just wrong, and this church should be unregistered and taxed if it wishes to involve itself so much in politics. If the day comes where people in this nation get tired of Mormons and burn their temples to the ground... don't expect an ounce of sympathy from me. Disgraceful....


Perhaps it's just a case of vindictive sour grapes? If we can't be married the way we would prefer then neither can you.


Not surprising. As an active member of the Church I will not be supporting this ammendment.

trapped in time?

Today's front page looks oddly similar to yesterday's.


Whether you call it secular vs religious marriege, it still comes down to the definition of marriage.

With the errosion of marriage, which is changing people's views of marriage, more and more heterosexuals are living together and having children outside of wedlock.
Then even after the birth of a child they still do not marry, nor is the average after the 2nd child more than 50%.

With the errosion of marriage and the redifinition comes more and more people not considering it important. This errosion shall be quicker with the change in definition to include homosexuals.

The breakdownm of the traditional family (et. married family) is the center of most of our society's problems today.


I don't understand why this is an issue. Gas is over $4 per gallon, the economy's in the tank, the environment's a mess, people are starving, and our efforts against global terrorism are faltering. There are much, much more important things we should be concerned with. Giving equal rights to gays should of course be obvious to any enlightened person, but even for those against it, it should be the last concern on the list.


Do you condemn any church that speaks out on moral issues? The Catholic Church on birth control? The Rev. Jeremiah Wright? The State of Texas for having "dry" counties? Where does free speech end?


I'll support the LDS efforts in California, eventhough I am not LDS. The judicial branch of government does not make law. I back an amendment to say that marriage is only lawful between a man and a woman. The homosexual agenda is running scared now. They know their sinful acts won't be tolerated much longer.


It's easy to see what this world is coming to. To make the standards fit to make one comfortable, and leaving God out of the picture.

I can't believe you three are condoning this type of behavior.

The Church can state and defend what God created. If you want to change God's laws to fit your own, then you should take it up with Him.

Quit blaming the Church for doing what is morally right.

Each person has the right to choose his or her lifestyle...and you tell the Church to stay out of your lives...Well you need to stay out of it, if it doesn't suit your fancy either.

Quit throwing the blame at everyone else and at the Church to make something that is not right seem right.

This is terrible.


Forcing ones life style on others with no respect for what marriage really is requires involvement of the Churches and others. A less agressive stance and one that would have covered all the legal basis could have happened. However Judges promoting their agenda rather than rule of law caused this situation.

support LDS leaders

The comments of those above and others I've heard seems to me doctrine misunderstood. If one really understands the "Proclaimation of the Family", one may disagree with it but cannot refute the basis for the Church's stand on this issue. Anyone in this free country may support any issue whatever it may be. Whether it has a moral stand or not. People can listen to advise of any leaders supporting any issue; this is America!

Carole Knowles

Getting harder to be LDS and of the world, isn't it? Sifting time, brothers and sisters.
As foretold, in these last days, we will not be able to stand with one foot in the church and one foot in the world.
Nothing new for those who choose to put God first, before ideologies, before friendships. It's always been this way. Choosing whom we will serve.
However, I find it interesting that those who choose to not follow God do it so loudly, proudly and openly, while those who choose to follow Him, do so quietly.

re: Boisegay

You complain about the Church's agenda, but are promoting your own. Follow your agenda, as you have the right to do; but give an organization the same right to speak about their agenda.

Not surprising

that a guy named "yo-yo" won't be supporting the amendment.

you can count out boo-boo, pookie and num-num as well.

hey! Affirmation

I think you got a letter


The Church has every right to promote religious morality in this nation and around the world, in fact it is the Church's duty. It is not a matter of discrimination, it is a matter of principle that compels the Church to make a stand. Just as those who support same sex marriage have the right to promote it, so do churches that believe the practice is wrong.

Michigan reader

Boiseguy - The LDS church does not push a political agenda, even while all the other churches do. I have never heard over the pulpit or in any other way how my political beliefs should be directed. The church does however preach moral values. Is'nt that why we go to church to learn and strive to live moral values? I don't ever remember the leadership of the church saying Marriage any other way than between a man and a woman is OK. Apparently 61% of the people in California feel the sameway.

RI Reader

Ah - a fresh sheet to make more comments .... the comments from yesterday were all entertaining and passionate. I wonder what today will bring.

As for me: I fear that precisely worded constitutional amendments are two edged swords that we members ought to prepare for. For example: today it is "... marriage is between a man and a woman ..." Tomorrow it may well be "... only in a public place; or, only by an ordained Christian minister; etc...", which attacks marriage in the temple.

In a war with sin and evil, Satan does not rest and seeks ever more insiduous ways to mock the holy ordinances of the Lord.

I will honor the words of the prophet and defend the sacred institution of marriage, but I am also girding-up for the next battle!

Show me

Show me anywhere in the scriptures where it discusses marriage between same gender persons. That is when I will support same gender marriage.


The War in Heaven continues....

The LDS Church is using its authority and influence to try to shape society and the choices that are offered to citizens.

This was Satan's plan... remember??

Joseph Smith said to teach correct principles and let the members govern themselves.

Active LDS, by your own doctrinal definitions, you are now supporting the wrong side of this. A gay lifestyle may be wrong, in your teachings. But limiting the free agency of people is ALSO wrong in your teachings. You are now encouraged to give time, money, and 'do all you can' to limit choices of others.

Who's side are you on??

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