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Published: Sunday, June 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It is sad to see the hate and prejudice expressed by so many of those posting comments. Their opinion show that they know so little about so much.

oil man

I often wonder,,,,,if Obama gets the white house? do you think he will paint it pink!
Mitt R has more savy about running things than Obama will ever achieve in his life time, and it is definitley going to take someone with his expertise to turn this country back around! GO McCain but please choose Romney!

Ernest T. Bass

McCain should pick Huckabee, that would be an unbeatable ticket.

Rutland vs. Medfield

Romney will not get the VP nod from John McCain. McCain holds both the man and the church the man belongs to with deep-rooted disdain. Luckily for Mitt, he will be passed over in the selection process.

Should--by some ill-advised belief Romney would shore up enough votes for a winning ticket--the invitation to be VP come Romneys way, Mitt would be better served to decline.

Heres why: John McCain will not make a good president and Romney will only suffer by being a part of that ticket.

While McCain would make a horrible president, he will never get the chance to prove this assertion wrong. Obama will win in November.

As for McCain, he should pick the Huckster as Veep. That way they can both go down in a fiery ball of political futility--losing so badly that neither will ever be a serious contender for the post again.

McCain and Abel 08 --Get that bumper sticker while you can. Itll be a classic.


"I prefer Romney over Hillary not because he's a fellow Mormon but because we share the same VALUES. "

So you're big on hiring illegals, exporting US jobs and mistreating animals?

Mitt helps McCain???

How??? He couldnt even help himself let alone anyone else. We all got sick and tired of the fact that he kept blaming the media for attacks against him and his Church membership and that was the reason that he failed. (According to him.) Funny how much the news is on Obama and HIS Church but you wont hear him (Obama)use that as an excuse. Mitt, get back to skiing or buying art for your mansion or whatever it is that you rich folk do!!!!


so funny 405 people polled out of how many potential voters??? LOL I love Hilldog, wish she would have won the nod, The DNC gave the nod to Obama because they can push him around adn they wouldnt have been able to with Hillary. Hopefully if a democrat wins the white house and we keep control of the senate we can get some stuff one.


The best thing about Romney being picked, is that he would make "the little dwarf" seem even littler and older...!


What are you talking about??? (Mitt helps McCain???)

I never heard Mitt Romney whine about any such thing!!! And I even worked for him during the Primary process!!! He was quiet for nearly a month after Super Tuesday and when he did resurface, he came out punching FOR McCain to show the unity that we should all have...

You are blowing smoke... again!

james stowe

McCain for President without Romney, otherwise
Obama has my vote. The U.S. already declared it does not want an LDS in the Government.


Just another angle to check and make sure Romney still has deity status in Utah. If the ticket were Obama/Romney or Romney/Clinton or Romney/Mr. Ed the talking horse it would win Utah.

patrick c

I'd like to see a poll about Obama picking Harry Reid as his VP. Any chance of that?


don't get on the ticket mit. let huckabie rid the titanic down to the bottom. follow the example of ronald reagan support the heck out of mc titanic keep your positive message and win in '12

quit with the values thing

Im so sick of the advocates of Mitt Romney putting everything under the "he share our values umbrella?" No he doesnt. Hes not that conservative people. He was when he was trying to get the republican nod because he was flip-flopping his butt off trying to get the conservative base. Check it out. So.....if hes not that conservative, what would make Utahn's want to vote for him??????mmmm....Let me think....Is he LDS? Yeah, he is....He is LDS and politically pretty moderate. Are you really endorsing him because he "shares your values?"


To quit with the values thing:

You too do not know what you are talking about. He is not moderate, he is conservative and you are misrepresenting again!!!!

you need to read and get our more...

quit the values

You mean Mitt was conservative when he was running for president right? Hes flipped a few times on abortion, gay marriage and once assured a gallery of people that he wasnt quite as quaint as people in a state he used to live in. Hes either not a conservative or he takes the stance necessary to get elected. Does he still hold the values of conservative Utahns flip flopping on everything in sight? McCain is faking being a conservative too. America. Irregardless of the outcome of the election, well be much better off than we are now.


to quit the values: yawn.

Yes, Mitt was conservative when running for President and for years before that. I don't know what part of growing up and changing your mind and growth for a positive reason you don't get, but you may want to try it. It is a great thing to grow and progress and change. Mitt did that. You can too.

Bitterness and lies are counterproductive. Misrepresentations are dangerous.

Mitt is a great servant. His ability to be supportive in times of crisis is astounding. He know finances, business and America. He has financially supported students and others with great goals. He has shoveled snow for elderly, helped others bury their children and grandchildren and dug out tree stumps for someone badly needing help. I think we need someone of Mitt's caliber. I hope the lies and misrepresentations can stop sometime soon so America can have a blessing that I am not sure they deserve as a whole.

Part of me would like to see Mitt out of politics so that he won't have to be at the mercy of people like you who say alot but not anything good or worth hearing. We need him though.


no such word as irregardless. it is regardless.

some serve, some yammer

Tall-eagle | 3:18 a.m. June 23, 2008
The best thing about Romney being picked, is that he would make "the little dwarf" seem even littler and older...!..."

That 'little dwarf' that you mock has endured more suffering for this nation in one week than you can even imagine. He isn't perfect, but he has the heart of a lion.

Mitt Brings Much to the Table!

Maybe Willard Romney could teach McCain how to be a life-long hunter! Or how to march in civil rights marches! Or how to support/oppose gay rights and abortion! Or how to help the economy by head-hunting companies! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Mitt has so much to offer! His sons could be an example to other young people concerning war-time service to the nation! Yes, Mitt brings quite a lot to the ticket! What's wrong with McCain, can't he see this? Sheesh!

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