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Published: Sunday, June 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Today on TV it was announced Romney best by far, Mccain needs Michigan, guess who won the primary there? Of course, Mitt. People get over the Mormon thing! This country allows FREEDOM OF RELIGION!!!!Romney also knows how to raise money. He is very well respected, and very well qualified. He's a man of integrity and a team player. He has spoken most highly of Mccain and mended their primary woes. I even think they actually like one another, remember the belly laughs when traveling together. It was amazing. Men in maturity!!!!Letting go of differences, for the good of the GOP. Even Al Sharpten traveled to Utah to check out the
Mormon religion, He was totally okay with all that he learned. Ann and Mitt Romney are quality people
with wonderful morals, and a very nice family. We would be most fortunate to have a businessman in the White House!! PLease think hard, we are at critical
crossroads in this country.


Marcus posted: "I have to agree with those who wonder why this poll was taken. To sell newspapers?

If it was a nationwide poll, that would be different. When Obama says he will run a 50-state campaign, he whispers to himself, "Except Utah where they are sheep." Can't blame the guy for thinking that either."
Marcus, Senator Obama WON in Utah. He is the candidate of inclusion and sees each and every state as important to our union. Hilliary on the other hand thought ONLY the BIG states with the BIG delegates matters and certainly let us all know about it.


"Donald Dunn, who served as Clinton's campaign representative in Utah, said voters didn't see past the way she was portrayed in the media and by her opponents. "I think people believe they know who she is, but really, that's a cartoon caricature," Dunn said."
Why do so many of Hilliary's supporters fail to acknowledge Hilliary lost because of her own actions and words?? Yes, it is much easier to blame the media and her opponent(s). Hilliary, with Bill's help, lost==they ran a shoddy campaign, used the race card, Hilliary demeaned Sen Obama at every turn, to the extent she said she and McCain were the only ones that qualified for CIC. She & Bill lied consistently!! These are reasons why she lost.


When you speak of experience and Obama's qualifications it's good to know Romney had only 4 years of experience. And in that 4 years he managed to take every conceivable position on every issue.

If McCain were to pick him (tho I doubt he would) we'd hear about all the companies Romney took over and dismantled and all the American jobs he eliminated -- not a good point when the economy's in the toilet and McCain has already confessed that the economy is his weak point. It will also resurrect the magnifying glass on the LDS at the very time the church is meddling in CA politics and spending a huge amount of money on a commercial temple (shopping mall). So far, increased investigation of the church hasn't been good and what the mud fight of a political campaign would do to it couldn't be good.


What do you have against Romney, you bigots?
I am from Texas and I am for ROMNEY, as VP or P. I have friends and relatives in California, Washington State, Florida, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, and we are all for ROMNEY.
We love ROMNEY and we sre catholics and conservatives.


How many in the poll were undecided?

Was Bob Barr, the Libertarian, included in the polling?

I need more information. The polling sample seems a little small to me. No wonder polls are notoriously unreliable.

May I suggest

that the next poll offer three options for President:

Someone else

I think we all know how Utah would vote.

Or how about letting them choose between


THAT should make a few heads explode...

So What?

It doesn't matter who McCain picks. When it comes to Utah, Satan himself would win if he was on the Republcan ticket. Utah doesn't vote for the person or on issues/principles that are important, it votes GOP because the GOP is seen as the same as the Church. You can take that to the bank.

please, chill.

Oh my heck, people these days are so sad.

There really is no need to go attacking any of these politicians. What good does it do? People can have their opinion and tell it for the world to hear, but the only place that it's really going to matter is on that ballot.

And the prejudice against Utah shocks me as well. I can't believe some of these prejudiced comments. Just because some yahoos decided to make monkey dolls some people assume that all Utahns are racist and hate black people. Since they've already got that assumption, why not throw in being sexist as well! Utah women come from Utah, so they must believe that women shouldn't run for president.

I'm so glad I'm not old enough to vote yet. It really is sad how vicious people are being on these boards. Where have kindness and consideration gone? Everyone has their own opinion, can't you respect that? It's like someone says the word 'politics' and everyone gets all bloodthirsty. Would you say these things face to face?

Think about it.


This poll must be the joke of the day and it isn't even that funny. Utah will carry McCain no matter who is on the ticket with him even if it were Huckabee and if Romney were on the ticket it would probably be a 95% win in Utah. No, the way that Utah goes is not the way the nation will go. The nation is tired of Bush and the Republican party and want a change, anything would be better than the last 8 years of a usless war, ripping up the constitution, fear mongering and the worst economy in the developed world. Utah would vote for McCain with Romney on the ticket but the rest of America wants nothing to do with the king of flip - flop. As far as Obama is concerned I doubt seriously that Hillary would be on the ticket with him.
She deserves a position much better than VP in the next presidency.

Re: so what

This how nutty the think of liberals is.

Utah and mormons may be alot of thingd but they are not stupid. They know who represents their values.

Many years ago they most voted democrat, but when the democrats went away from their values they voted republican.

when the republicans move away they will find someelse to vote for.

Perhaps a third party?

Neither of the 2 major partys seem to be representing the comman man.

It may be time for a third party.

Bob barr anypone?

So what?

Obama's never going to win Utah anyway! He's polling at 28%. Hillary would help him in states that would put a Democrat in the White House.




The only person that would help McCain more in Utah than Romney is if Howard Hughes was brought back from the dead and promised every Mormon a job.

If you had Alberto Gonzalas running for POTUS and Mitt as his VP, you would get the same results.

Charles Clark

Not Mitt, not Hillary, Crist and Webb. Winner: Obama Webb!


Good point. If you live a good life and treat people with respect. Do you have to run around and announce you have values. A candidate doesn't determine your values. I'm so sick of the GOP values rhetoric. Fix the economy. Quit using religion like a whore to try and get what you want. Some of us have very deep beliefs and we don't talk about them to spread an aggenda.

Talk about issues don't run around saying you are better than other people. Live you own lives. And most of all make your own decisons. Study the issues and vote the way you believe. Quit spreading hate like the Sean Hannity's of the world. Treat people with respect. To me being malicous and hateful and treating people like garbage isn't a way of showing that you have values.

This country is in trouble. All we will see is hatred and contention the next 5 months. Unfortunately we are stuck with a 2 party system. Busting the 2 party system I believe is the only way to escape the mess our country is in.

Ozark Bubba

Never could understand why Utahns hate Hillary so much. We who know her personally have great respect and admiration for her tenacity and ability to stick with things until they are accomplished. She will have a much better chance of helping the common individual if she remains in the Senate rather than play second fiddle to Obama.

By the way, Romney on the GOP ticket might be the only thing that would get me to look at the Republicans.


AS We all know, "As goes Utah, so goes the rest of the nation." So this is proof that Mitt should be VIP!

Vote Mitt Romney

I prefer Romney over Hillary not because he's a fellow Mormon but because we share the same VALUES. I'm tired of everybody assuming members of the LDS Church are voting for Mitt Romney because he's also of the faith. That argument is so old and ridiculous!!! Why do people always have to persecute and attack us and NO we are not polygamous!!!! That ended a LONG TIME AGO!!!


I'm not from Utah. Seriously, my blood pressure is finally going down because Hillary is not in the race. The thought of Bill wandering around the white house with nothing to do, was really bothering me.

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