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Published: Sunday, June 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Duh.....Mitt helps. Hillary hurts. WOW what a revelation for Utah.

D'ohseret News

Someone PAID for that poll?

Who cares? There's plenty of Utah voters who just punch the (R) button, mindlessly, year after year.

Get a clue, Utah:
You haven't had any political power since the Democrats took over both the Senate and the House. It's going to get much worse after the 2008 elections.

If that's what you want, that's what you'll continue to get: limp-wristed white men towing the line for one religion.


I think if Huckabee is placed on the ticket, Utahns would run to Obama.


Every state's residents think their state is the center of the universe. But I would think that after he was trounced in the primaries and mostly because he is Mormon, people in Utah would realize that Romney would not be a great asset elsewhere---I hate to break it to you, but most people think all Mormons are still polygamists who don't believe in Jesus. It is sad that people don't know more about Mormonism and all the positive things that happen in Utah, but they don't. The YFZ ranch situation just made it worse--most people don't know FLDS from LDS and think if Romney is LDS, he has 9 secret wives. Others share the Utah hate for Hillary but I don't know of anywhere that shared your love of Romney. I think most evangelicals would view it as one more spit in the eye by McCain so it is not going to happen. Does that mean that the reddest state will support Obama? I highly doubt it, even if McCain picks Huckabee. Utah will go Blue around the time St George becomes a beach town.


the flagrant opportunist's current dream (he never stops dreaming): somehow mccain picks the opportunist as running mate, SOMEHOW mccain wins the presidency, then, mccain is unable to finish his term and the opportunist becomes number 45 ... what a nightmare..

btw, thank you dn for the spell checker ... these posts are not as sloppy as they once were!

to Camille

At 11 years of IL and federal government service, Obama has MORE experience than:

(oops) Ronald Reagan -- 8 yrs as governor of CA
Woodrow Wilson -- 2 yrs as governor of NY
Theodore Roosevelt -- 4 yrs combined as Secty of Navy & VP

Let's see..

McCain is a war hero.

Romney's dad got him a deferment so he never served. Now not one of his fives sons has served in the military, either. While we are 'at war', no less!

Oh yeah, Mitt's great fit for McCain. That is, if no one else in the whole country will accept the spot.

Gaias Child

Well of course Utah thinks Romney's a good choice. Duh .... and most places think Clinton would poison the Obama ticket and administration with the baggage she has said "everybody knows all about." Yep. Everybody do.

to Let's see..

I think that argument might be more compelling in a state that didn't regularly talk up the military and then refrain from sending any of their children into it. People in UT are altogether following the Romney lead to get the irony.


only in Utah. This debate is worthless, Obama and Clinton will win the election. People will laugh McCain/Huckabie/Romney out of the water. Most Utahans will be sad for at least 4 years knowing a Woman is second in command. Some Utahans will feel the same way about a Black guy in charge. Booo whoo. Utah should know, rich old white guys = status quo. Status quo isn't working. The rest of the world knows it. A majority of Utah is in denial.


Who's Mitt Romney?


McCain is the GOP's Bob Dole for 2008.

Way to put the "Best and Brightest" out there for all to see.

See you Republicans in 2016.


Romney leads in nearly every poll across the nation as the best pick for VP... Some of you need to get out more or read more or something positive.

Romney is a really good man. America should only be so lucky and smart enough to get him somewhere where he can be the blessing to America that perhaps God intends.

So much bitterness against someone who is good.

Romney did NOT legalize marriage in Mass. His legislature did that with enough votes to override a veto. He gave a wonderful and very impassioned speech about marriage being between a man and a woman an d nothing else as he was trying to get them to NOT vote it in.

How many of you have been in the military. What part of volunteer military do you not get??? No one is required to go!!!! People do it because they want to. Near as I can see, they are wonderful young men who contribute a great deal to society. You people need to listen more to those speaking, not those telling you what is said..

America is waking up and realizing what an asset Mitt would be for our nation. Try it!

to Let's see...

McCain USED TO BE a war hero. When he voted against veterans' benefits for the military of THIS war he lost his cred as any kind of hero.


What was special about the winter Games in Utah that bought Mitt in and what does this say nationally about Utah values?

Can Obama win if he doesn't carry Utah? Did the man who made Obama electable, George Bush, carry Utah?

This is another dark baby or Obama doll showing the rest of America what Utah is really about.


VOR..... That was a very bigoted and generally thoughtless message you just sent to Utahn's. I'm quite sure that I don't care if a woman is in the captains seat or VP. I'm happy that an african american man is vying for the white house. And I can only guess what you mean about your "rich old white guys" comment.

Funny how you insinuate that Utahn's are racist, then make comments on "white guys".

I'm voting for whomever will care the most about this country and make it a stonger, safer, and more economically stable place to live.

I can't wait for the debates to start.

My bet though is that neither Romney nor Clinton will get the VP invite. I'm very certain it won't be HRC since it would damage Obama's chances even more heavily nation wide.


I would have to agree with Re: VOR | 1:05 p.m. June 22, 2008. People on these blogs call Utahns racist...sexist..and much worse. However, they end up throwing us all in the same pot by putting all of utah in a category...I wonder how Salt Lake feels about that, considering the number of democrats that have been mayor and what not. If I don't agree with your bigotry than I am a bigot....funny isn't it?

Dennis Berry

Seems obvious that the reasons most Utah voters don't care who Obama selects as VP is that they won't vote Democratic anyway. And they'll vote for McCain regardless of whom he picks.

This comes as close to a non-story as anything I've read this season.

In all likelihood, Obama will pick someone he would like to work with and who will make a fine president, someday. Not necessarily someone folks from Utah would prefer.

RE to Lets See 1254

McCain has his reasons for not supporting that version of the GI Bill. Even though I disagree with him on this one at least he has the courage to take sides that can be viewed as unpopular. Unlike Obama who is too worried about his image that "if" he chooses a position it will one that will portray him in a positive way or he will just vote present or hit the wrong button. McCain has sacrificed a lot for this country and well, Obama has sacrificed nothing. McCain is a war hero and nothing will change that.

Biased Trip-Trap

I read all of the posted comments and I am absolutely astounded at the presumption of the posters who state their misguided and mostly erroneous opinions as fact, no doubt about it. I rest secure in the knowledge that most thinking Utahns,and there are thinking Utahns, see their opinions as mostly unfounded, uneducated, biased trip-trap.

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