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Published: Sunday, June 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ya Think So?

Wow! A poll taken to find out what everyone on both sides of the political spectrum already knows. Now that's fine information gathering and journalism... telling us what we already know.

Everyone knows the dominant religious camp will vote hand's down for a McCain and Romney ticket... that doesn't take a drop of brain sugar to figure out.

As for a poll see if Hillary helps or hinders Obama... now there's another one the pollsters believe they need to tell us something about everyone already knows... yes, most of the polled voters, which by the way is according to another poll defined to be around 80% Republican, is going to say anything and everything they can negative about Hillary. The reasons don't really matter, only that we didn't need a poll to waste time to find out something every thinking person in the State of Utah knows these voters would say anyway.

Yes, most likely Obama won't choose Clinton for his VP running mate, and that might be something Republicans should really be concerned about, especially if he selects Jim Webb or Mark Warner, thereby capturing the Independent white male vote that'll determine the presidency this time around.


Mitt may help McCain but the prospect of Cindy McCain operating a beer distribution company out of the White House sure doesn't!


outsiders view? Utah will vote McCain no matter what. Only Utah residents think otherwise. the rest of the country KNOWS you will vote McCain ticket even thought he dissed your man Romney in the early stages of the primaries. you can't vote any other way. The only ones that don't know this is you. Thank you for letting a out of state person make a simple (but true) statement.

Tai H.

John McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, and Mitt Romney raised the capital gains tax.

John McCain did not support a constitutional ban on gay marriages, and Mitt Romney legalized gay civil unions in Massachusetts.

John McCain has long favored regulatory restraints on gun usage, and Mitt Romney signed into legislation the largest measure of gun control in the history of Massachusetts.

So, what's the difference between Romney, McCain, Clinton, and Obama? NOTHING! NOT A DARN THING!

John McCain is liberal and so is Mitt Romney. They would be a great team! Mitt Romney's father WALKED OUT on Barry Goldwater's convention speech, in an effort to support global communism. Well, like father - like son.

The GOP has finally sold out. John McCain's nomination is the nail in the coffin for the Party of Goldwater. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

When the Republican Party is JUST AS LIBERAL as the Democrats - it's time to look elsewhere.

Bob Barr? Ron Paul? Pat Buchanan?


A poll statewide? In Utah? You guys really needed it to know what it would say? Seriously? Gee.....that was a tough call. Romney good for McCain...Shocker!!! Hillary bad for Obama (IN UTAH!!!!!!) Also shocker!


I wonder if Utah would vote McCain if Huckabee were on the ticket.

Dave O

I could have told you Romney, who is popular in Utah, would add to McCain's popularity and that Clinton, who is loathed in Utah, would lower the number of Obama supporters. This poll and article is one of the MOST WORTHLESS pieces of information Desnews has ever published. Why not an article about political party realignment in Utah or a grass roots organization of idependents to seek positive change? Either presidential candidate is unacceptable so hopefully Utah will break with GOP and it can start something that could be effective in the long term.


As Utah goes, so goes the nation....


In my book Obama was already out after the playground battles he and Hilary Clinton had. Obama would be a fool to even think of her. The lady is power hungry. And Obama flat out is inexperienced. That's my opinion about it all. So with or w/o Romney McCain has my vote.


Yes! Mitt helps McCain, except among die hard fundamentalist. Who do not believe that Mormons are Christian. That is a small noisy segment of the population but among 330 Million Americans that still a large number of people. I want to see Mitt on the Ticket because it would be the Best For The Potential Aborted Children Of America. Also the Best Chance of Getting The Right Judges On The High Court to Over Turn Roe v Wade and Gay Marriage. Also best for family values and to perhaps Take Back Sunday. One of the problems is Mitt is Not Mormon Enough for some Mormons and Mormon Period makes him objectionable to others. I live in Hawaii so it does not really matter, sadly we do not vote directly for President, (President Not Elected By Popular Vote) Hawaii belongs to Obama, so it does not matter who I vote for. 3 Electoral Vote At the very end of the Day. The only people less counted is Guam. Thankfully there is lots to do at the Polls on Election Day besides Vote for President. I would like to see McCain and who ever he can win with.

New Poll

How about polling OTHER states & see what voters think about Romney? Hint- It's not great- otherwise he wouldn't have gotten drubbed in the primaries.

Heck NO!

Lizzie | 1:21 a.m. June 22, 2008
I wonder if Utah would vote McCain if Huckabee were on the ticket.

Heck no! Huckabee is one of them evil Baptists! They only believe in what the Bible says, not our prophets or scriptures!


The point of the article was that the VP choice is unusually important this year, in part because there are large numbers of disappointed voters in both parties. It was a good article. Romney is the clear choice for a strong VP.


Boo Birds. It doesn't matter what the paper prints, you will boo.
Boo to you too.


This poll was kind of a joke. In fact, I laughed when I read the headline. Is this really news? Puleeze


I have to agree with those who wonder why this poll was taken. To sell newspapers?

If it was a nationwide poll, that would be different. When Obama says he will run a 50-state campaign, he whispers to himself, "Except Utah where they are sheep." Can't blame the guy for thinking that either.


Who care about UTAH anyway?

liberal larry

There is so little function difference between the parties that you guys failed to ask the obvious question. What about an Obama, Romney, ticket. If Mitt morphed back into "Massachusetts Mitt" he would easily be liberal enough for the Democaratic ticket, and his financial expertise would be very attractive to conservative independents.


With Mitt on the ticket, does that cancel out McCain's adulterous affair with Cindy while he was still married to the wife that stood by him during his years as a POW?


They need to change the title to limit the scope of the poll. It is misleading people to think this is a national poll when it only includes Utah.

Great point about running a beer distribution company from the White House. I guess those commercials would have a White House Stamp of approval on them. LOL!

McCain was out after he lost his touch in changing his disguise and supporting the worse president in US history.
It is time for CHANGE!

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