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Published: Thursday, June 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I defy anyone to show us the NBA rule book, and then hold it up to any game played and you will see that there are no rules. Three steps after picking up the dribble? What's with the 'bunny hop' where you take two steps, jump up, come down on both feet, and then jump up to the basket?

Where is the rule that says you can only push the basketball down when you dribble, you can't push it from the side, and you can't palm it and curl you hand over it as you move down the court.

What's with the pansy half circle under the basket where the offensive player cannot be stopped?
How can a game like the NBA be refereed by only three old guys, watching ten players abuse each other, and calling a foul sometimes, but never at the end of the game "that is the time when the are gonna let them play" Horse pucky! The rules change as the game clock starts to run down????

Besides, calling a foul when the shot is good, is ridiculous. If he was fouled, how did he get the shot to go in?


Calls can go either way, we tend to ignore the ones that go for us. A championship team needs to be good enough to not let the outcome rest with the refs. Boston is a good example. They won by 39 points and there is no debate who is the better team. The Bulls won the two titles because they hit the bigger shots. Losing to the greatest player in the history of the NBA is not a bad consolation prize.

Back in my day...

John, maybe you'd like to bring back the peach baskets and underhand foul shots.

SDrabid jazzfan

Political extrapolation? If you're afraid of a socialist transfer of power you're likely a irrational fascist bastard republican. The present fascist Bush regime has blatantly looted America for it's own personal agenda. Reality is, your grand childrens' children will still be shouldering the debt of this global mis-appropriation. Perhaps socialist control cannot possibly remedy the situation in the next 4 - 8 years however, it's imperative to stop the hemoraging of US dollars directed solely at the gain of an elite few. The world is a crooked unsavory place beyond my comprehension. Not surprisingly the NBA is not immune. Prevailing practice mostly lacks integrity. EVERYWHERE! Who's looking at you when you stare at a mirror?

sloan hater

Jerry please do us all a favor and retire after another
early exit in the playoffs. I am so grateful you have
been our coach during all of these early exits, but
the time has come, please some younger coach who
can relate to the players of todays game take over and also a coach who will defend the 3 point shot.
Please Larry recover quickly and find us a new mentor.

NBA is a Joke!!

Yes, people the NBA is Fixed operation. We have a former official saying he fixed games he worked so he and other gamblers could benefit financially. He has also claimed other officials are involved along with the NBA office!! What else do you need? Remember, alot of officials were involved in cashing in Airlines tickets for money a few years back. In other words, these officials know whats going on. Its not a one man operation. I quess alot of people will just bury their head in the sand and refuse to believe it and the NBA will feed us with all kinds of propaganda saying it isn't true. It has become wrestling in shorts for big money. I left the NBA as a fan after that 98 series with the bulls because I knew something wasn't right with the officiating. As it turns out, I may be right that bavetta had a hand in the outcome. I havent attended a game since and I will not in the future. Good luck NBA, I'll stick with the NFL.


@ John

have you ever actually played basketball?

@ everybody else

I don't think any ref in the NBA then or now is going to call a push-off foul on Jordan at the end of that game, even halfway through the first quarter that is a no-call 95% of the time. That was poor defence by Russel, I don't care what he tells himself or the media, he didn't even get a hand up on that shot.

Fact: NBA Referees have intentionally changed the outcome of games. That is indesputable, one of them was caught in the act and admitted doing it.

However, that does not mean all NBA games are fixed, in fact I would say that most of them aren't.

The thing I find most interesting is that there has been rumors floating around, ever since I can remember and long before Donaghy, about the NBA encouraging officials to call important swing games involving big market teams (like game 3 when they are down 0-2, or game 6 down 2-3) , in favor of said big market teams. The more I watch the NBA the more I think there is some merit to those rumors.

Idaho Jazz

Stockton was not a dirty player he set screens legally within the frame work of the rules and the offense.


It should not matter what time of the game it is, who the player is, what the score is, or anything else. A foul is a foul. People make mistakes but come on, the jazz were robbed because they didn't have the nba marketing machine (MJ at that time) on there team. Now that he is gone they need the lakers to play the celtics to keep the new marketing machine going. its a crock!!! Jordan is not as good as his stats and records show.

Malone is a deadbeat dad.
Jordan is a deadbeat dad, husband and a gambler.
Stockton was a classy player and family man.
Kobe is a deadbeat husband/ thug

NBA is a deadbeat organization and people should boycott it.

Obama is a deadbeat all around and there is no way his socialist-heavy government waste is going to help this country at all.


Lakers ditto

down with obama


I used to complain about the Jordan push-off and this game has, admittedly, haunted me. However, I have realized in the last while that if it is a call that is so debated, it probably wasn't that bad and I don't think I saw it until the replays. By the way, kudos to Joel for his comments--they were quality! Anyway, most things were questionable, except the Howard Eisley 3-point shot being negated. That was one call I just couldn't understand, but regardless, it was a great game and too bad the Jazz couldn't be ahead by a few more points near the end so it wouldn't be as controversial. Also, Bryon Russell is to be commended for his class act comments about the no-call.


Stupid Dick Bavetta.

ID Jazz

NBA is tainted by the refs. How often do you here about the refs and or umps in other leagues talked about for there horrendous calls.(hardly ever) Yet NBA officials are talked about daily for there calls. Its the only league where the stars get the no calls and rookies get every call against them. I honestly would like to see just one game where all calls were justified. Its unbelievable at times to watch some of the calls. Refs making calls from the other side of the floor when there is a ref right there. A call made at one end and then at the other end a similar play happens and a no call.

We need some consistency from these refs. It should not matter what your name is either. Who doesn't remember "the Jordan Rules". That is a mockery of NBA officiating cause they usually gave Jordan an advantage. We all knew it and so did the players. Not Jordan's fault but Stern's fault. He could have dealt with this a long time ago and shaped these guys up but never has which makes you wonder if he wants the superstars in the finals.


That series was rigged. Bavetta was paid by some big time gamblers to make those calls. The other refs probably were paid off as well. The Eisley shot was the most obvious, followed closely by the other two missed calls. Why didn't the other refs say that Eisleys shot went in??? Was nobody watching??? That wasn't even a question.

Boo David Stern for letting this happen. I loved how he was booed by Boston even after they had just won the championship. The NBA needs to fire all the refs in question and really address this problem to make the fans trust the league again.

Thanks Tim Daughnahy for being honest.

It Haunts Me

I try to move on from that horrible game six. I don't worry about the Jordan push because it never should have come to that. The Eisley three ball was a horrible call, and as I recall there was a three from Chicago that was released well after the shot clock that was counted wrongly. There's a six point swing there so it would have negated Jordan's "Heroics." I realize we can't have it back but when I see similar things going on today with officiating it haunts me. The only way you can win legitimately in the NBA is to blow every team out and not even give the Refs/League a chance to interfere. If you give them an inch they'll take it and more. David Stern gives off the appearance of virtue but truth be told he wreaks of corruption and has since he took over. It is no coincidence that since he became commissioner officiating contoversies always seem to arise. I have no confidence in the NBA- it stinks. As they bombard us with "NBA Cares" ads during the season it really tells me they care alright- about making money by giving the big markets the title.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Didn't I read these Sloan quotes in a D-News story last week?


I agree with you totally! Is college basketball officiating any different? Too much of the game at either level is controlled by "judgement" calls and there is no consistency in what is an offensive foul. I guess it all depends on what "is" is.

Lakers lose again!!!!!

Lakers and Lakers ditto,

Seriously, you two need to get out of bed with George W. and get lives. Travel to almost any country in the world. They hate Bush and have a more negative view of the U.S. than during the Clinton era. If the Jazz can learn to win on the road next year, which they could not very well this year, they will be in the 2009 NBA Finals! Assuming they can go 37-4 or better at home again. Mark my words!

Nick C

I can't believe this article had to explain who John and Karl are!

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