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Published: Monday, June 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Skyler Jackson, I remember the 2004 interview. The campaign worker who was doing that was taken before the FEC, had their hand slapped lightly then was fired by Cannon. Losing his job was pretty big punishment.

Getting rid of Cannon and you end the illegal immigration problem, do you really believe that? Chaffetz is proposing an amnesty ten times larger than anything Cannon even thought of, and under terms that would make Ted Kennedy blush.

You honestly think electing Jason "Amnesty for 20 million people" Chaffetz is going to solve the problem??

I am guessing you aren't serious about the problem, you are just likely a founding member of the Anybody But Cannon (ABC) club. Attila the Hun could be running and you would vote for him.

That club lost credibility a LLLOOONNNGGG time ago! Sorry.

As for the Throckmorton thing, I don't know if that is the right approach either. Of course sitting down with anyone is always a good idea but what they did included state leaders, drafting attorneys, and other big wigs. Maybe you could duplicate it but it would be hard.

I've never had a hard time talking to Cannon. Try not yelling for starters.

Really, Skyler?

Boy, if that would work, I'd be all for it. Unfortunately, there's an awful lot of border and Cannon's state isn't on any of it! One vote anywhere won't change this mess.


I am not the only one that picked this paragraph:

"Cornelius said rather than focusing on border security, a better approach to curb illegal immigration would be to legalize the undocumented, reform the nation's guest-worker visa program and get tough on workplace enforcement."

We do not need to legalize the undocumented, we need to document the undocumented. If they came here without permission, they can leave here with permission. If the came here with permission, the can get permission to stay using a temperatry worker visa. That includes people that came here legally, and the system failed them.

We need to fix legal immigration first.
We need to secure the boarder.
We need to require English for anyone that wants to stay. If you can't speak english in 2 years, by.

Those from all around the world that have come here can learn English. It is only those that Speak Spanish that think they are above this. If it wasn't for George Washington the USA would have been a German speaking country when it was founded. If it wasn't for our vets, we would have been speaking German after WWII. I, for one love people from all over the world.

Just a question

Sombody answer me, seriously.
What is wrong with the idea of absolutlely NO benefit granted to an individual who cannot prove citizenship OR legal entry/current legal status. NO Benefits like employment, education(ANY LEVEL), medical(Beyond EMS), food, and housing? I still believe that if there are no benefits, NONE!! there is very little if any illegal immigration. Does ANY Candidate or serving representative come close to this idea?

Robert H

To answer the question, I agree that no benefits should be paid to those who are not here legally. If I understand correctly this was part of the bill that Senator Hickman ran that Jason Chaffetz did nothing to help in any way. So while he talks about being tough, it is all talk.

I support visa reform though we must also have serious enforcement that includes E-verify, no welfare benefits, and those types of things. We also need to make a system that tracks those here in the US on valid visas. From what I understand the largest percentage of people here illegally came here on a visa, then simply didn't go home.


Actually you don't need a fence. At Area 51 north of Las Vegas there are no fences. But there are sound sensors and every so often on a hilltop there are white trucks and below them signs that say "Deadly Force is Authorized" do not enter.I would love to see the Mexicans try there B.S. up there.


Actually fences do work if built and maintained properly. The Fence Act requires a double layered fence with a road between them. Vehicle barriers were also included. What is actually being built is not what was required and is certainly not going to be very effective. Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol will soon be releasing a documentary exposing the entire fence deception.
The barrier in San Diego resulted in a 48% decrease in crime. The fence is not a stand alone all in one solution, although many would like many would like to portray it as such. It is only a small part of an overall enforcement strategy. The other components include more agents on the ground, heavy interior and job site enforcement. Those 3 elements would produce a net reduction of illegal crossings and a process of attrition. Many illegals not most would repatriate themselves when they could no longer find employment.

Other possible options include arresting and jailing any illegal alien caught. Jailed illegal aliens would be unable to send money back home. Jailing would be a very strong deterrent. Ending automatic birthright citizenship and social services for illegal aliens would finish off the illegal problem.

David Edward Garber

I'm so very upset with Dubya for working to erase our borders, prosecuting our border patrol agents for doing their jobs, failing to nab bin Laden, and ticking off the entire population of the Middle East at us even more than it already was through foreign policies that would appall our nation's founders. I certainly don't feel much safer knowing that any number of would-be mass-murderers from abroad can saunter across our nation's borders almost anytime they please.

And, then, of course, there's the rest of Bush's legacy of huge budget deficits leading to price inflation and a falling dollar, putting us back into UNESCO, doubling our darn Department of Education, adding prescription-drug benefits, advancing North American "integration", trying to get amnesty for illegals, calling for more central economic planning in energy and health care, backing the U.N.'s Law of the Sea treaty, et cetera, and generally trampling on your conservative base (myself included) on issue after issue after issue for seven long years.

We could desperately use some better Republicans in D.C. these days--especially ones who won't eagerly collaborate with RINOs like Dubya who are leading our party toward self-destruction.


I just got an email from a friend who is a GOP delegate.

The Chaffetz team apparently had some sort of brain storming session where they are going to talk his visa up. They are going to fill in the holes and make it sound like it is not amnesty after all.

They are going to stick to the idea that since at the end of his visa they have to go home, that is the new definition. That has already been tried on this list but it doesn't hold water.

Some M-A-J-O-R spin and damage control is about to get thrown in the fan.

Jason threw something out to cover for the fact his aggressive 'blank' tents came across as Japanese-American internment camps. And in so doing it went so far the other way that his proposed visa will be the biggest magnet for more illegal immigration ever proposed.

If Jason is our Congressman and even files this bill you will see a major surge at the border. His bill doesn't even do background checks, health screenings or pay a fine. Think about that. With a visa like this, why even have a border!

Bad, bad attempt at pandering.


I don't think so, James. I'm a GOP delegate (supporting Chaffetz, yes) and got no such email. There's no grand conspiracy.
Sorry your guy (Leavitt) didn't win. He was pretty darn soft on immigration too, wasn't he? Those sour grapes must really have your teeth on edge right about now.
I guess we'll see on the 24th, won't we? I think Jason's message resonates VERY well with LOTS of people. Even then, voter turn-out is expected to be in the 5% range. . . Will Chris get the voters out or will Jason? Based on yard signs and talk on the street, it will be Jason.

Emily E

If anyone here thinks that we're just going to round up all the illegals and send them home, you've got another thing coming. Illegal immigration is an extremely complex issue which starts with legal immigration. If it wasn't so hard to get in here legally, and if there weren't so many incentives for being here illegally, we wouldn't need a fence. That's where we need to start. Giving temporary visas is not amnesty, it is registration, and then sending them to the back of the line.


San Diego----------- 66 miles--- 110,164----------1669
El Centro------------ 71 miles---- 29,130-----------410
Yuma--------------- 118 miles----- 6,877------------ 58
Tucson------------- 262 miles--- 235,883----------- 900
El Paso------------- 268 miles----- 23,653------------ 88
Marfa--------------- 510 miles----- 3,912--------------8
Del Rio-------------- 210 miles-----14,804------------ 70
Laredo-------------- 171 miles---- 31,353------------183
Rio Grande Valley-- 316 miles-----52,860----------- 167

A Reader

A guy who wroye "Vote Cannon!" must be in Cannon's pocket (or out of his mind).

For otherwise how anyone at his right mind would even suggest voting on a politician so nototious for his support of pro-illegal mass migration from Mexico and one of the stanuchest backer of Bush's "don't you dare calling it amnesty" amnesty program?

Hit the road, Mr. Cannon. We are fed up with your quasi treasonous stance on illegal "immigration". We need to elect someone who will openly and truly side with us and not with the Mexican invaders.


How do you stop the flood by legalizing it? You don't! The flood of Mexicans will keep flooding in, legal or not legal.Don't you get it? The life boat of the U.S.A. is sinking. By 2050 there will be 450 million people here not including ILLEGAL ALIENS. The elites like Bush do not give a rats ass ,they want that border open.There is a freight train coming down the track and our children will be paying the price. Both the Republican and Democrats
will be more hated than child molestors,rapist and murderers.And they deserve all the hate they get.


This is the beginning of Mexican Revolution II. You have a corrupt government that can't rely on it's police and military, both being bought off by drug cartels. A memo was released from Calderon's administration that banned reporting kidnappings and killings of tourists after 4 Americans were found shot to death near Rosarita Beach. Tourism in Mexican border towns is down 90%. Wealthy Mexicans who own homes and busiesses are selling them and moving to the US LEGALLY thru E-1 and E-2 visa programs. It allows foreigners to immigrate to the US indefinitely by investing or opening businesses that hire US citizens and legal immigrants. It's like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Once tourists stop coming to Mexico, millions of illegal aliens are deported from the US, and Pemex oil resources run dry, you will see Mexico explode in revolution. This time, form a government that is run for "We the people..." like the US used to be.


It's IRRATIONAL and SHAMEFUL that OUR government cares MORE about borders HALF a WORLD away instead of it's OWN home turf!

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