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Published: Thursday, June 12 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Its about time

Finally people are seeing the flds for what they are. Or at least finally commenting on it. It seems that these blogs have been filled with comments from pro fdls.

I have a question for all of those that keep squawking about the former fdls women (the smart ones) telling lies and also rant on about there being no evidence against the fdls. Where is the evidence that the women who escaped are lying?????

Where is the evidence that they are NOT commiting welfare fraud????

I think there is more evidence against them than there is for them.

CPS had a job to do and unfortunely they weren't able to see it through.

If the government had sent them to Guantonamo bay, MAYBE your squawking would be justified. Just because you say the words "violation of civil rights" doesn't make it true.

Go to the middle east & see what real violations of civil rights are. Or better yet be a young fdls girl & you would know what a true violation is.

From the Creek

"Where is the evidence that they are NOT commiting welfare fraud????

I think there is more evidence against them than there is for them."

Guilty until proven innocent, then? Where's the evidence YOU'RE not committing welfare fraud????
Try this for comparison:

My mother's friend's son's cousin told me that his uncle said he heard from a "reliable" source that you were abusing your children. Now, prove to me it wasn't true. I won't believe otherwise until you offer me solid proof. We'll need to X-ray all your children, give them psychological examinations, and take them to an unknown location for "questioning."

We can't assume guilt just because someone is a member of an unpopular religion. The unpopular and minorities have the same protections and rights as any other U.S. citizen. Saying that they're all law breakers doesn't make it true.

John MacArthur

The rumor that the FLDS in Texas are on welfare is absolutely wrong, 100%.

These are completely self-sufficient people. It seems ignorant people are willing to believe all the lies the government claimed about these people, including hoax phone calls, broken bone abuse, 50 year olds raping 16 year olds, abused boys, a sex bed in their temple, "bleeding the beast or living of welfare," killing off any deformed children, and 31 underage pregnancies - every one of them has proven to be false now - 100% lies!

Here are the recent findings of the Texas special Senate Finance Committee by head of Social Services himself, Albert Hawkins; Child Protective Services falls under Social Services, so it's in his best interest to try to claim the FLDS have received public assistance, even if minimal, but he says they have received none:

"Albert Hawkins, the state's executive commissioner for health and human services, said it was unclear whether members of the sect have private insurance. He also said that officials have found no evidence that anyone from the sect is receiving any sort of public assistance."

Stop ignorantly believing the all the lies fed to the media by Texas!

Re: Welfare in Texas

"The rumor that the FLDS in Texas are on welfare is absolutely wrong, 100%"

The FLDS in Texas are part of one big happy family, tied hip and shoulders with the rest of the family back in Hildale and Colorado City. Many of the men have wives in Utah/Arizona and Texas.

Cut off all of the funds from the families left back in Utah and Arizona who ARE living on welfare and we'll see just how self-sufficient these good fathers are at supporting all of their families without welfare.


I also am very tired of the pro FLDS claims. Some are here on this board. I've said till I am blue in the face! There are not enough women for these men to continue in their lifestyle! There are more men born into this world than women. Statistics prove it.

Because of this, it causes two things, get rid of the excess boys, and or men, and marry the women at increasingly younger ages, thus robbing from future generations of women.

Their group cannot help but eventually promote an evil lifestyle. Those young children are destined to suffer abuse in one way or another.


50% boys and 50% girls born, has nothing to do with marriage. Marriage, and the ability to succeed in it, depends not solely on ones gender but on their ability to put the needs of their family before their own desires. Noone can dispute that women are more able to be caring and selfless than are men and at a younger age. Young men especially in this day and age are very self absorbed. A very large segment of our young male population are making babies with girls whom they never intend to marry, or protect, or even provide for. In the FLDS society this would never be a problem. Polygamy is the answer and actually gives women more choices not less.

ken rhoades

I think law enforcment should go to compton Ca.and work on gangs if you want to fight crime. leave the flds alone.

To "From the Creek"

Good for those that the "welfare problem" doesn't apply, however, I know 100% that a large amount of these people have been involved in it since I used to work in it.

what ever

yeah, the FLDS paid the 400 thousand property tax in texas by selling cheese...hahahahaha

how bout paying property tax in Colorado City and Hildale

self sufficient????

you can't fool the people that live in southern Utah


Ok....all yall frieking out about the FLDS on the welfare rolls in Utah and Arizona don't pay if they can't show paternity like everyplace else...if the men have no income they don't pay ....just like everyplace else.
I haven't seen a food stamp card yet that will allow someone to swipe it at the court house to pay property taxes.
Everyone that is so concerned about where these people get their money can put their financial business on a public web site and bare your soul just to be above reproach.......until then get as good an accountant as FLDS has......Exxon and Ford have a few that might work if you can afford the bill.

From Saskabush

To re: Just Thinking 12:25 p.m.

Get your facts straight before you blather on like a pretended expert.

FIRST: Who the heck is Sam Ralston that Deb was supposedly reassigned to? He might have been one of Deb's after encounters, but after Ray Blackmore, she willingly married a man by the name of Charles.

SECOND: Deb's third go 'round was with a guy named Marv.

THIRDLY: She participated in all three of her marriages WILLINGLY. VERY WILLINGLY. BEGGING TO BE MARRIED...WILLINGLY!

Now do you realize how insanely moronic and unbelievable the rest of your comments are when you can't even get names straight?

It was only after her partially successful attempt at burning down her own house while her children were asleep, that she conveniently found a reason to "escape" so that she wouldn't be charged with arson and attempted murder. This is not conjecture; Deb has openly confessed to setting the fire and describing in great detail her plans in doing so. But she was never charged because of her "victim" mentality. Gag!

Sounds like you and the lady share a lot of psychological similarities: a warped sense of reality.


thank God they are kicking some of the young men out of the FLDS group. now they won't become perverts like their elders.


To FLDS commentors,
Just a thought, if you would quit posting here you could save yourselves a lot of nonesense from the replies of fools. It's a waste of time to try to educate religious bigots.


It is so nice to see the boards here are not changing. As for the meetng of minds ...the whole mess is just a game and the politicians are afraid to get off the fence and lose their jobs. In reaity most seem not to care and wish to sweep flds under a rug..or in the closet.

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