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Published: Thursday, June 12 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: Just thinking | 12:25 p.m.

You missed a few. Here are just a couple:

At 15, Debbie Palmer became the third wife to Winston Blackmore's father -- a man 42 years her elder. She fled the commune in 1988. She said the B.C. government has evidence in its own birth records that will prove adult men impregnated underage girls.

"We know of girls as young as 13 involved in trafficking across the border," says Debbie Palmer, who now lives in Saskatchewan. "And some have been exposed to horrifically abusive situations."

To get an idea of just how complex the family relationships are in Bountiful, consider this. By marrying Ray Blackmore, Debbie became a step-mother to her step-mother and as a result, a step-grandmother to herself and to her sister Jane, who is a year younger than Debbie.

After Ray Blackmore died, Debbie was reassigned first to 54-year-old Sam Ralston. By the time she left the community, she had had three different husbands and eight children. She was never legally married.

Re; Just thinking (2)

grew up in the FLDS. I know first-hand the abuse that takes place under the ruse of religious freedom. In August of 2006, when Warren Jeffs entered the courtroom most people saw a pathetic image of a man in chains. I saw my former teacher - the man who intimidated us and who eventually became the one to whom we were to declare unquestioning obedience as our Prophet. As I viewed Warren Jeffs in chains I couldnt help but think about the many women and children still bound in psychological chains inside the FLDS. When I thought about his chains, I remembered theirs.

Kathy Jo Nicholson
Former FLDS member

I want to join

You all make the FLDS sound like such a wonderful, peace-loving people. I'd like to join..can I visit one of their services and see what it's all about for myself? Do they have any missionaries I can talk to? Seriously, if you have a problem with people's perception of you, just open the doors so everyone can come see the truth...even the "evil" Baptists do that!

Re: Freedom Mann (2)

You obviously don't understand the FLDS culture. They have a communal lifestyle in which all of the property within the community is owned by the community, no private property ownership.

The FLDS airplane parts "tycoon," was one of them. So how did he make a fortune? Through the labor of other FLDS men, whose families were living on welfare. But the tycoon's fortune was really the FLDS community's fortune.

Which is one of the reasons a trustee was appointed to oversee the FLDS community property, because FLDS leaders were suspected of mismanaging that trust.

If you follow the shell game of money going from one shared FLDS pocket to another, you can easily see that welfare money was indirectly used to pay for buying and building the YFZ ranch.

That's not to say, the FLDS didn't invest a huge amount of sweat equity in building the ranch, but the vast majority of materials and equipment used to build the ranch were provided through funds provided by the FLDS communities in Hildale and Colorado City, through the so-called FLDS tycoon.

a visitor

Maybe we should arrest and detain anyone who seems different than main stream because they "might" have committed a crime? So what if "their crimes are difficult to prove because of a lack of hard evidence?" We could just revoke the USA constitutional protections and assume that they are "obviously guilty" until proven innocent. Sort of like how the laws in Mexico work.

We also then need a task force to mandate "main stream behavior" so that its easier to determine who the possible criminals are. But don't forget that our country was founded by people who purposely broke laws and resisted those authorities who oppressed us.

Re: a visitor | 2:11 p.m.

Weak strawmen, but there's still plenty of evidence to support further investigations of the FLDS.

David M.

To Re: Freedom Mann (2) 2:06PM

You are absolutely correct on what you said. Thanks!!

To the rest of the ignorant lamebrain commenter's who are mostly FLDS. You need to learn what you are talking about before commenting.


Wouldn't you promise anything if it meant you could get your children back. Let the children return, let the smoke die down with promises to not abuse and dominate, then, when the coast is clear, return to the same horrific practices which have been prevelent since the beginning of the LDS Church. Then explain it to the children who lives your have ruined and taken away.

James J Strang

We've just witnessed the advent of Nazi Germany right here in America. The judge who ripped the 400+ children from their mother's arms and gave them to he state, should be under investigation and thrown in prison for what she has done. Just one man's opinion.


I'm sure Merrill Jessop could just step forward and clear all of this up. Oh wait, I forgot, he's in hiding. Coward.


the towns of Colorado City and Hildale receive the most welfare and pay the least taxes of any towns in their states. its a fact
plus these fraudulent obtained food stamps are 'spent' at the church owned grocery store..where they get reimbursed =double dipping.
you are not foolin anyone

quit taking hand outs you self sufficient FLDS and I'll listen to what you have to say

And don't break the law

FLDS and you won't have complaints! If you don't do anything against the law you will be left alone. It's interesting (and sad) how groups will cry out anything that will help their cause. In this case it's the outcry "freedom of religion" when it is really just wanting to be able to do with women and young girls as they can. And yes, I have also heard about the welfare scam that they have. Religion has nothing to do with these things!
Sorry, your time is up and our communities won't take it anymore!


It seems a bit premature to assume that the "evidence" siezed by Texas in the raid will be admissable in a criminal case.
"Good faith" of Texas authorities has been suspect since day one and only becomes more suspect as motives and methods of Texas state officials becomes clearer.


What vile old men are married to the young girls, the ones I've heard of that were adults marrying a young girl, was a 19 year old boy and a teenage girl under 18. That is really not a big age difference, yes there is still a mature difference, so that would be an issue. Someone please give facts on how many old men are married to teenage girls, because this is all I hear.


Polygamy is a crime against women and children. Statistics show that there are more boys born than girls all through out history. So if the FLDS now will not perform marriages to underage girls, they will not have an abundance of women to continue their lifestyle.

They could continue to release more of their males into the wilderness to fend for themselves. This would help their situation.

It is clear that the core values of polygamy within their religion is evil.

The male hirearchy will bully, reassign wives, and literally scare the heck out of their congregation if they do not sweetly comply with their brand of laws within their society. They can loose their families and children if they cross a line that their men do not like. This keeps them in check.

I really do wish to pose the question to them...how WILL you continue in your lifestyle? LOOK at your statistics of the births within your compound. There are not enough women to go around!

Don't Break USA Laws!!!

How come when some people break the laws and don't want to follow or live USA laws, suddenly they always want to start blaming law abiding citizens as being Nazis? You people who use this propaganda need to stop breaking USA laws and quit with all the nonsensical idiotic Nazi Germany BS! Perhaps you belong in jail as well. There is no doubt in my mind that FLDS are breaking the USA laws. I have personally known a few of these FLDS deviates.

Live the laws or go to jail!


To anoymous...who just posted. Are you serious?

The defense team of Warren Jeffs is desperately trying to keep the new evidence from being presented. It involves the spiritual marriage of girls ages 12 to 15.

There are many others within the compound who have given birth at very young ages...there will be lawsuits to follow for the men of the FLDS. It will be determined by the DNA evidence. They should be shaking in their perverted boots!


Someone said the Sun was not the Sun. Just because they "thought" it was not the Sun, did it make the Sun not the Sun?


Big talk.

These guys aren't going to do nothing. They're only gathered around in a group like atheist in youtube to console themselves while they suck their thumbs. They've lost so much ground in the West Texas case that if you're not blinded by your bias, then you know how much of a liar CPS, TX, and Sheriff David Doran truly are.

I hope their holding of the hands helped them feel better. So far this has been nothing of a "slam dunk" as George Tenet said of the case for the Iraq War.

We have it right in Calif.

We here in California are more enlightened than the rest of you! The FLDS made one mistake, they went to Texas. Here in California, no problem! Here in California we only have one problem, we are all victims of GWB! There are no absolute truths, no such thing as immoral behavior(who are you to judge anyway?) and only conservative values are not allowed here! Has anyone seen my joint?

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