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Published: Thursday, June 12 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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John Lambert

Why do Utahs tolerate an attorney general who promises he will not try to enforce the law? When will the people of the state wake up and elect someone who honors his oath to uphold the state constitution, which specifically bans plural marriage?
I used to defend Shertleff, however I have realized that his rationalistic appraoch is based on assuming the law is only what he says it is. The law is what it is written as, and if he will not enforce it, he should be replaced.
If the residents of Utah are really OK with large polygamous groups in their midst they should repeal the anti-polygamy law. Until that time the state should prosecute those who willfully and knowingly break the law.


For all polygamy supporters--GET A LIFE AND ONE WIFE! Treat people the way you would have them treat you. Try respecting women other then just yourselves. Try to be a real person and quit abusing.

In Utah

To many people sticking their nose in others business
I mind my own business, I do not make up stories and hurt someone
Utah is a corrupt state
Gossiping about new comers

Freedom Mann

To "Self-sufficient Delusion"

You said:
"The FLDS have argued that people living at the YFZ ranch were self-sufficient because they weren't living on welfare. Maybe not directly, but they refuse to reveal where the money and resources to purchase and build the ranch came from.

"The answer, of course, is that ALL of the money and resources came from the FLDS who were living in Hildale and Colorado City, where the vast majority of FLDS were heavily dependent on welfare."

The money to purchase the land for the YFZ ranch has come from an elderly FLDS member who has made his FORTUNE in the manufacture of airplane parts; he even has a Federal Defense contract. (Note: Now that I've said this, people like "Self-sufficient Delusion" will do everything in their power to make sure he loses it.)

I'm an Atheistic Jewish man living in New York City, yet I know this to be a fact. How come YOU don't know where the money came from? Or maybe you just don't WANT to know where it came from . . .

John Lambert

To Andy,
If you do a study you will find that several other FLDS people besides Jeffs have been convicted. Utah has gotten other convictions on charges of statutory rape. The mismanagement of funds was so bad that most of their fiscal institutions have been taken over by the government.
On the welfare fraud issue. How exactly do you prove welfare fraud. Is a lady going to come forward and say "I told the government that I did not know where my husband was, but that was a lie". On the other hand, even in Utah what percentage of the state budget goes to support the FLDS? Somehow I think taxes are spent much more on running schools, building roads, building Universities and so on than on supporting the FLDS.

John Lambert

To Andy:
Reid has been a member of the LDS Church since long before he was elected to the senate. Reid joined the church in about 1960, which is before the vast majority of church members joined. If his joining the church is recent, than I wonder what makes someone a long time member.

Re: Deaf Ears

So whats makes you such an expert? However, I do not agree with your BS. Please try again.


It is about time that law enforcement goes after these cults that commit welfare fraud and molest underage girls. They are pure evil.

John Lambert

James J,
If you do not want to contribute to helping the sick and the poor, no one is forcing you to. As far as I know, these efforts are mainly run by fast offerings as has been said above.
However, I do know that many stakes exceed their fast offering intake in expenditure, and some tithing funds may be used to help the poor, or at least to keep bishop's storehouses and other operational parts of the welfare program running.
Then there is the horrendous amount of money spent by the Perpetual Education Fund. Can you believe it, they are actually paying for poor people to get educated. OK, that is just such a stupid gripe, that I can't continue it. It is totally ridiculous.
If you do not want to pay fast offerings, tithing or anything else to the church you are free to do so. No one will throw you in jail.
Taxes are a different story. You will go to jail for not paying them. Anyway, the real question is why should the state provide foodstamps to families where the father makes a good living?

It is time

Put a fence around Utah
The real criminals are in charge
The Judicial Mis Conduct commission refuses to act

Just thinking

--"Too many ex-FLDS have related the same types of experiences involving child abuse, kidnapping, welfare fraud, and other crimes to simply dismiss their testimony as nothing more than "exaggeration.""--

Yes, all three of them, Flora Caroline and the Wall girl have said it so many times and are making so much money off of it, it MUST be true.

Flora sounds like she was abused, but Caroline and the Wall girl dont come across as abused, Just very angry. We know how bitter and angry women can get.

So 1 abuse victim and 2 angry women have said it so many times that we ignore crime in our neighbor hood and form "special" task forces when we could just walk in and talk to these people. WHY?!


They are the American Taliban. Sex slavery is an evil act. Warren Jeffs is a demonic soul.

Re; Janet | 11:59 a.m.

Maybe if you stopped breaking the law, instead of justifying why the FLDS, and only the FLDS, have a right to break the law with impunity, the government would leave you alone.

"Live and let live" only applies if you aren't breaking the law.

The sooner the FLDS learn that, the better.

John Lambert

To re:James J (2nd one),
Hildale Utah has about 2,000 people, so 33% means that about 670 are getting foodstamps. Utah has 2.6 million people, so about 100,000 people getting foodstamps and such (actually, I think it is higher, but it is a nice round number). This gives us 600 FLDS and 99,400 non-FLDS recieving such assistance in Utah. This means that less than 1% of the welfare expenditures in Utah go to the FLDS. I am not sure what percentage of the Utah budget goes to welfare, but as you see from these figures very little of your tax dollars are going to the FLDS.

Re; Freedom Mann

Dig a little deeper and you'll be able to understand HOW he won the contract and made his fortune using strictly FLDS labor that was grossly under-reported so that the families of the men could continue to collect welfare benefits.


I am not FLDS or LDS but seems strange to me that LDS Prophet hasn't had any revelations since Joseph Smiths's time. Oh, i've heard the rant about: "We don't need any more revelation, we have enough...." Really?? I say impeach and get out of office all those states that just came from that summit. I have no animosity here, just wonder why the LDS did absolutely nothing to come to the aid of their FLDS brothers and sisters? I mean the church, not individual LDS. And , let's not say the FLDS are not mormons, they surely are....Any crimes, i say prosecute, but in re: polygamy, who gives a darn nowadays? I stopped in Motel in Idaho and desk clerk introduced his wife and her "sister" I said: she is your plural wife, don't sweat it...he didn't deny it, only smiled and handed me my key to my room. To person who put down Jeffs, didn't Hinckley say in re: progression on becoming Gods or as man is God once was, he said he wasn't sure of that couplet, it was only a couplet....Mormonism is indeed "progressing" and evolving, trying to fit into mainstream christianity.

Grandpa Phil

Speaking of Flora, y'all need to read the article written by Flora Jessop's guardian, Martha Barlow Jessop, entitled "The Truth About Flora Jessop". It is a real eye opener about why Flora has made the claims she has. She is MUCH less believable than Caroline ever was. I would never listen to an "anti-anything" as a source of information on any subject. if I want an objective answer regarding the beliefs of baptists, Mormans, or FLDS, I will go and ask someone in those faiths, NOT someone who left for whatever reason. No reasonable (or reasoning) person would.

Freedom Mann

Re; Freedom Mann

Okay, so first we have "where did they get the money for the YFZ ranch." (This was raised by "Self-sufficient Delusion")

I answered that question and now "Re; Freedom Mann" is here to tell me that the FLDS Airplane parts tycoon who purchased the YFZ ranch made (and continues to make) his fortune all with FLDS "slave labor!"

If that were so, "Re; Freedom Mann," then the Defense Department could pretty handily yank his contract but that obviously hasn't happened.

Indeed, anyone with government contracts is often obliged to meet certain obligations towards their laborers.

Whatever FLDS does, it's somehow ALWAYS WRONG and AWFUL!

James J

To: John Lambert

John I think you misunderstood what I was saying. One was a response to Betty, and one was a response to another guy saying that more FLDS people are on welfare then anyone else. While, as a percentage he might be correct, as far as numbers go hes not. Betty was saying that just because they are FLDS they shouldnt get welfare. I have no problem paying welfare to people who need it, but I do have a problem with people living off it, or living off the church. This is why I no longer pay tithing or fast offerings. I got sick of working 2 jobs and paying my 10% just to see people say that there are no jobs and sit on their buts, all the time receiving help from the church. One question for you John, What is a good living? I had 9 kids in my family, (typical mormon family) my dad made $70-80 a year and we always went without: food, clothing, cars. So what is a good income? Let me get this out, I'm for helping people who need help, Not to the extent of living off the help though


The problem isn't so much that the FLDS engages in cult activity. It's that the Mormon cult activity of the FLDS conflicts with the Christian cult mentality that prevails in Texas, and is promulgated by CPS.

This time the courts in Texas recognized that two wrongs don't make a right.

There's always next time.

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