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Published: Thursday, June 12 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good can come from bad

The FLDS deserve an apology for what happened in Texas and the fact that the Utah attorney general held their coats while they were doing the act.

The FLDS owe an apology to all their young men they kicked out to make room for polygamy.

Perhaps this bad that Texas did will have a good effect. The FLDS will be forced to take parenting classes that will teach them to finally become decent parents.


The factions should return to Adam-ondi-Ahman

Grandpa Phil

It has long been established that the best defense is always a good offense. Sheriff Shurtleff is using this as his defense against what is surely coming his way.

This says it all

"Beyond the marriages, authorities have conducted probes into financial crimes and child abuse. Those investigations have been stymied by a lack of hard evidence or witnesses willing to step forward."

In other words, the lurid exaggerations of former polygamist women -- some of whom have significant personal and financial motives to stretch the truth -- are turning out to be less than factual.

And after having seen how the Texas CPS treated the victims of polygamy, it's not surprising many polygamist wives would not want to testify against their husbands.

Many have concluded it's better to be a polygamist wife and live with your children than a state's witness who can only see your kids when the courts allow it.

Self-sufficient Delusion

Welfare fraud is a natural consequence for most polygamists. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE for the vast majority of men to support 3 or more wives and dozens of children without government assistance.

Warren Jeffs justified the FLDS reliance on government assistance -- food stamps, medicaid, etc. -- by teaching the practice of "Bleeding the Beast." In other words, the so-called, evil outsiders needed to be punished by god (that is, the FLDS) taking as much from the beast (that is, the rest of us evil, tax-payers) as possible.

The FLDS have argued that people living at the YFZ ranch were self-sufficient because they weren't living on welfare. Maybe not directly, but they refuse to reveal where the money and resources to purchase and build the ranch came from.

The answer, of course, is that ALL of the money and resources came from the FLDS who were living in Hildale and Colorado City, where the vast majority of FLDS were heavily dependent on welfare.


anon, 6:01am: "So, what are they targeting? Perhaps, that these groups actually seem to value their children and don't throw them away?"

you're kidding me, right? doesn't everyone by now know about the lost boys? and the systematic belittling of women-- you might as well say that they're throwing those girl's lives away too.

California Andy

From reading these comments, you can tell which are written by sick, twisted women. Rape! Incest! Malnutrition! Polygamy! Food stamps! And on and on. Yet, to this moment, has any FLDS member (Other than Jeffs, and I am beginning to wonder about that) of the FLDS church been convicted of ANYTHING? And of course, old "Harry the Red" Reid, who has recently seen the light and joined the LDS Church (Reason enough for other LDS to get out!)has to get his warped $0.02 into the entire mess. With him in there, you can bet there will be another Harry the Red debacle like the mess he caused attempting to shut down a well-known talk show host.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, and now FLDS. Facism is rampant in this nation.

And one writer is correct. When the Islmao-terrorists start moving in, you can bet the same whinnying naysaying creeps will be groveling, complimenting them on how well they take care of their women who would otherwise be destitute, excepting for their polygamous beliefs. Yep. Wait and see.


I can see that Betty still has not connected with the fact,that the FLDS were not recieving any state
assistance. When one is blinded by hatred, one is incapable of seeing anything.

Betty, you should get yourself a nice SS uniform!


I wonder if the Federal Attorney has ever heard of the Mann Act.


The outside world seems to forget that Warren Jeffs is a prophet. What he says will benefit us all.

SLC gal

What the FLDS need to do is quit hiding. I belive the fact they are so off to themselves was what started this issue in the first place. It's their closed environment that allowed so much garbage to spread.

Grandpa Phil

What comic book or gossip tabloid have you people been reading? "Re: What are the targeting" came up with a slew of allegations that have LONG since been proven false but some recalcitrants insist on repeating them incessantly. Y'all just make yourselves look stupid when you do that. "leelee" claims the kids "live in poverty and are malnourished". Where the H*LL did THAT come from? None of the kids I have seen look even remotely malnourished. On the contrary, they look healthier than a majority of American kids. It has long ben established that NONE of the families on the ranch were on welfare but you people just will NOT give it up. Some of the older adults are on Social Security but I'm sure the only crime there is the amount of the checks they worked all of their lives to earn. Shurtleff is going to wish he had left well enough alone. He and the rest of you need to leave these people alone and let them get on with their lives. Hold them accountable like everyone else and stop singling them out and running roughshod over their rights.

re: James J

James, the Stake President doesn't have control of the "welfare" funds of his Stake. He has general oversite and provides guidance to his bishops, but has no direct authority; nor does he have authority to dispense funds - that authority rests solely with the bishops. And, welfare funds are drawn from Fast Offerings which is a separate donation made by the members. Welfare assistance is not provided from your tithing donations.

Finally, as you may be aware, the Church's assistencee is not met to be a permanent and/or long-term program - it is intended to be for short-term, temporary needs.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Re: James J

"If you look at it, a lot more people who are not FLDS receive food stamps and welfare."

Maybe you could explain how your opinion differs so much from the actual numbers:

33 percent of the residents of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, whose inhabitants are predominantly FLDS members, are using food stamps to feed their families, compared to 6.7 percent of Arizona inhabitants and 4.7 percent of Utah inhabitants outside of these areas.

33% FLDS is 5 to 7 times HIGHER than 6.7% or 4.7%

re: CA Andy

yeah, i guess we should all be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant if you had your way, huh?

I find it interesting...

that the first three comments on all of these stories are always pro-FLDS, it is like there is a couple of people that are just waiting for the stories to post and start out the comments. As to one persons comment about freedom of religion, yes that is true, but with any freedom, if you do the crime, you do the time.

R: Bruce

"maybe they can start calling them a "terrorist organization."

Did you know that Washington County used Homeland Security money to fund the wages of an officer hired to drive Hildale streets. The officer herassed the people and stopped drivers when he realized they were young girls. Then when an investigation came out at the purgitory facility where he worked, all of the sudden he was transfered. (????)

If you talked to most the officers that have had to go out there and patrol, they say it is the most boring route because NOTHING happens.

Anonymous LDS

To James J,
Maybe you don't know what you are talking about and stirring up madness about. The stake president doesn't give out welfare he supervises it. The Bishop and the Relief Society president gives out welfare and it is not our "tithing money" but out of our fast offerings. Realize that the "welfare" is subsisting those in need not necessarily LDS in the Bishop's area. If the Bishop doesn't have enough funds then the monies are pooled together in the stake and disbursed to the needy. If there is an excess of funds then they are sent into the Church to help other needy families in other areas. The Bishop also distributes, through the Bishops storehouse, food and other commodities to the less fortunate in his area. All this comes from the LDS Church's welfare department which sends thousands of TONS of commodities to earthquake, flood, hurricane victims throughout the world. Now don't you as an LDS member feel a little more PROUD for helping out the less fortunate!! Don't get MAD just get in and HELP!


what is worse, a man marrying two women or a man marrying another man?
Anyone who does not uphold marriage between a man and woman, as God's law at this time, has no right to persecute anyone.

Johhny Utah #9

By reading these posts, it's seems the FLDS apologists have forgotten that these people are breaking the law. Some have posted that "the very name of the headline states its unconstitutional". Well, the government is also targeting "Al Qaeda" does that mean all of them have committed crimes against America? No they haven't...yet. And the same is true of the FLDS people. By in large, as a group they are committing crimes and and should be prosecuted. I don't really care if you want to live a polyamyst lifestyle, just don't forcibly "marry" and rape underaged girls. And guess what, when your "religion" is well known for arrainged "marriages" of underaged girls, you're going to get "targeted". What is unconstitutional about investigated a group who regularly commits statutory rape? Nothing.

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