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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jackson had the best point. The men whose children were kidnapped have already shown that they're not willing to fight. What the judge should be worried about is those of us who are getting really tired of a government that does whatever it wants, whenever it wants, for any, or no, reason.

Remember, after all the allegations we've heard, there still have been NO charges filed. Zero. None. After 2 1/2 months. I could understand no convictions yet. But no charges? And that judge's superiors ruled that there was no evidence what so ever, as did the Texas Supreme Court. No charges, no arrests, and multiple courts insisting that Walther, not the FLDS members, was out of line. At some point in a witch hunt, we need to both define what a witch is, and give some reason to believe the person we're hunting may be one. So far, after ample opportunity, the Texas CPS has yet to do either. I believe the appropriate phrase is, "Put up, or shut up."

Bill Draper

Inside or outside the group, here are facts.
The FLDS are very hardworking....even to the point all the kids had paper routes, but they also accepted welfare and when building they keep one side of the house unfinished so that they do not have to start paying taxes.
Most men are very hardworking, the kids are taught how to work and be respectful...but They do not tolerate anyone leaving the group....they may drive some off...but any woman that tries to leave....hell hath no fury than the leaders of the group scorned.
There are tons of Polygs around, in all walks of life.

PC Propaganda

The state of Texas has revealed a glimpse of the coming socialist/fascist gestapo who seize people and property without due process "for your own good" aided and abbetted by the shamefully biased politically correct media. I've said it before and I say it again: shame on Texas and especially their "social" services CPS -- paid for by your hard-earned taxes. The revolution against political correctness will not be televised.

Auntie Mem

Wow!! Coincidence!! I just started reading "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer. GET THE BOOK!! It documents the underhandedness, deception and sexual perversion of the FLDS. Everything these people base their spiritual foundation on is a lie from the pit of hell, and revolves around sexual molestation and pedophilia. It's SAD BUT TRUE. I first felt sorry for the children and mothers, but now think it would be best for all of the children to be adopted, so that they would not end up being molested. Which is what will happen, if they are female. Just read the book (Published 2003).


So let me get this straight. The members of the FLDS church wantonly break the law by practicing polygamy (yes spiritual partners count), actively support the marriage and adult relationships of female minors, have no problem with first and second cousins having children together. And they are the victims? Dont make me sick! If from infancy you were told that you should never give a truthful answer to a police officer (and dont worry in our religion it isnt wrong to lie to outsiders) you would look the world in the eye and say you were totally innocent too. Yes, all of their children should have been taken away. If I tried to marry my daughter off at the age of 14 to a cousin in the name of religion Id be tossed in the slammer. Why not these people? The true victimes here are the children who are now going to be forced to re-enter this state of mental bondage and brainwashing.

FLDS Mother at 4:21

Can't argue with you on any of that--I did the same with my 9 kids. Most of them have made wise choices--and when they didn't, well, there sure are consequences. You hate to see them pay them, but that, unfortunately, is how we all learn.
By the way, I'm not FLDS, don't live in Utah, but I went to high school with some Short Creek kids--sat with one of them at a high school reunion about 10 years ago.
There are enough ex-members of my faith who tell lurid tales that I always take any ex-member of anything with a little grain of salt.
If we are all being honest, we will probably admit that there are, unfortunately, a few people in every group who fail to live by the principles they claim to believe. But we need to look into our own hearts and judge and correct ourselves. God will take care of the rest, I do believe.

Former FLDS wife from my book

When my husband refused to provide a home that was separate from the rest of his family, I took it upon myself to obtain that home for my children and myself. Two days after I left my husband's home I was forcefully abducted by three of his older boys. For one-and-a-half days I was locked in my room. My husband tried every method of persuasion to get me to come back to his home, but I refused. Though it was not my intention to leave my husband, I could not bring myself to continue our relationship after the abusive way that he treated me while I was held captive.

After the abduction, the threats of "blood atonement" execution, and our "prophet's" counseling session, I could no longer continue to share my life and children with my husband. I left my husband after that meeting and when he heard from me again he had to listen me. In the courtrooms of the State of Utah, I obtained legal custody of five boys.


Bill said:

"So let me get this straight. The members of the FLDS church wantonly break the law by practicing polygamy (yes spiritual partners count), actively support the marriage and adult relationships of female minors, have no problem with first and second cousins having children together."

If it's such an open and shut case, it should be pretty easy to arrest them. But they've had 2 1/2 months, and they haven't filed a single charge.


Mzzz Stupid Judge deserves what ever happens to her.
She should be impeached, Taken to court and jailed for ordering the kidnapping of all thoughs children.
If there are some enforcers looking for her,,,, good luck to them.


Question is, when will charges be brought against the judge for overstepping the bounds of the law? Ordinary citizens have much more to fear from a judge like that, who spurns the constraints of the law, than from cultists having a non-traditional family structure.


It's not the religious members that are nuts by the sounds of it.

The judge needs to grow up.


What they see down the road is "Sheriff Willie Jessop" and that is what really scares them. hahahaha
Way to go Bill Medvecky!!! Keep stirring the pot. Keep this story in the headlines. Walther's phone number should be part of the record and the people should have the right to call her and tell her just what a lousy judge she is. She should be impeached, tried, and if convicted suffer the same punishment of anyone that attempts genocide.


Oh I dunno. If somebody kidnapped my kids right out of my home and I KNEW that there was no abuse or molestation, I'd probably be pretty damn mad. What you've got is the State KIDNAPPING CHILDREN without a shred of evidence of wrongdoing in 95% of those families.

I pray that CPS and everything attached to it gets sued so hard and deep that it collapses.


Re: Former FLDS wife from my book,
You did the right thing. God bless you for speaking up to these awful men who endorse having sex slaves.


Having failed in their outrageous attempt to trample on the rights of the parents in the case, the State of Texas is now trying to create a climate where they can blame any isolated act of violence performed by anyone in the name of the FLDS as a reason to make mass arrests in the name of preventing what they will call "terrorist violence." If this were not the State doing this, we'd be talking about incitement to riot and unlawful detaining. But it is the state, and this is frightening.


When are they going to find this ''fake''girl who started this whole thing..there never was one!!!!
This is a government insider job...unless a 10 million dollar reward is offered for someone to come forward and leak out some info.we'll never know.

Those people did nothing wrong....let Washington DC
clean up all their corruption..it'll take at least 20-30 years to rid us of all of them,starting with the white house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The government raids these people's homes without any evidence whatsoever, kidnaps their children, and then DARES to suggest that people who have the righteous nerve and fortitude to question the same tyranical, unlawful government for this are the ones who are "dangerous."

Yea, maybe the government is afraid that one of these peaceful people might raid the judge's home or something, like SHE did to them.

Ahem. Hello?

This just further proves how convoluted and evil our government has become.

The people of this country have every right to know where evil, unconstitutional judges like this live, so that the people can keep an eye on such tyrants should they happen to move in next door or something.

It's good that the government fears the people every now and then, IMO. There would be no hope for any civilization if a government didn't. Maybe this corrupt judge will think twice the next time before she raids innocent Americans' houses again and kidnaps their children away from them.


I'm the grandson of a Pentecostal preacher; not FLDS, nor LDS, nor ever have I been.

That being said, this is just the ravings of KKK lunatics in sparsely populated West Texas; about as sparsely populated as SIBERIA.

Schleicher County (where El Dorado and the YFZ ranch is) has 2,935 people in it spread out over a WHOPPING 1,311 miles. See Wikipedia.

That's a MICROSCOPIC 2.2 people per SQUARE MILE! Even the cows must get lonely! People must get WORN OUT just from wandering around aimlessly futilely TRYING to find OTHER PEOPLE in the county! No wonder they are such busy bodies living in such a hell hole.

And by HELLHOLE, *mean* HELLhole.

Guess what my research discovered?

San Angelos the WORLD HQ for at least TWO (2) KKK national organizations!

The Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.


The Traditional Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Google both. You'll EASILY find their sites.

Truth is stranger than fiction. I believe these Texas "authorities" are members and/or sympathizers. And when you look at their rally pics, it looks to me like a lot of these KKKers are COP types. And KKK = NAZI sympathizer. Period.

White Pages

Hm. I just checked the white pages in Texas online. Judge Barbara Walther in San Angelo surely is listed, with her home address and phone number.

This does not surprise me. A "simple country judge", as she has called herself, hardly has any reason to not be listed in the phone book. I'm sure she knows many citizens in San Angelo by first name. Smallish towns are like that.

I would provide a direct link to the white page listing online, but for fearing of being called a terrorist and put under surveillance by armed Texas thugs, I will leave y'all to your own ability to look things up in public phone books and verify this for yourself.


To: Re: Janet | 2:30 p.m. June 11, 2008

Yes they do more for the girls and mothers who choose to leave, they help them find an apartment or rent them a house and supply them with means to take care of themselves until they can find a job, some father's even give them a car. Then they continue to pray for them.
I have several members of my family who have chosen to live differntly, we call them on their birthdays and once in a while they come and visit us, and their always in my prayers adn I believe they're in the prayers of other family members also. I still love them. There is a reason why Carolyn left in broad daylight and her daughter Betty returned as soon as she was eihteen. If Carolyn had asked to leave, you can bet Merrill would have tried to discourage her from doing so, he loves his family as well as anyone, and when he saw she was determined he would have helped her and she knew it. If you don't want to go to work you have to right a sensational book for means. Thanks for the concern though.

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