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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It's so easy and so commonplace to throw out the title of "religious fanatic" - it's just a conversation stopper, and no one is supposed to question whether it's right or not -- but aren't there "social fanatics"? People who think it their right to police the lifestyles of others, and then claim that there's some hideous AND illegal activity that the people that they're trying to get are involved in? Of COURSE no one will support an organization that practices child abuse - but apparently, there was no proof here - only a telephone call, seemingly made by a bogus source - but there was also the mistrust and dislike of a group that lived a different way - and that's all it took to produce a huge governmental over-reaction.

but momma says

a felony is a felony...if they can't follow the law what makes one think they are going to follow any other law?

Re: FLDS Mother

"Now could you please explain what I'm suppose to think.... I don't know ... "

You're supposed to teach your children that they have the right to make their own choices in life:

-who they want to be
-who they want to marry
-what education they want
-what occupation they want
-where they want to live


These people are religious fanatics, and have already killed in the name of their religion. What makes you think they wouldn't do it again?

And they operate a little slave-center, denying most of their followers basic rights and freedoms. How could any of you actually trust them?


This smells of a publicity stunt to garner sympathy for the judge who doesn't know or understand the law, and for the cruddy CPS group whose negligence started the entire episode in mishandling a potential problem.

Rational J

Isn't similar, or worse, types of family and child abuse very, very common, even sanctioned in Muslim culture, even U.S. Muslim families (imprisonment, abuse, "honor" beatings and killings, arranged child marriage, etc)?

If so, where are the arrests and siezures of kids?


Bill Draper

It would be interesting to hear from the Women and the kids that have left the group to really find out if there is an enforcer group within the FLDS group.
The women and kids that I know that have left were intimidated, and threatened.
Texas was wrong but these folks are not innocent and pure by any means.
The FLDS deserve to be defended by a legal firm.
But lets not put our collective heads in the sand and look the other way.
I thought Willie the thug was a pretty funny tag, and from what I have seen of him, it fits.
He is no Leroy Johnson.

re - Janet

the FLDS does NOT pray for those that leave. They prey on them. Perhaps you misspelled?


Any judge who orders the removal of 450 children belonging to any group of people should have protection. Look at all of the nut case men who lose custody and shoot and kill their ex-wives and all of their children. Losing children is emotionally devastating to any parent and plenty of parents have a screw loose.

This case is so huge, that it affects people outside the FLDS. Even if the FLDS were not threatening, there could still be crazies who relate to this case who could be threatening.

Barack Obama who is merely running for U.S. President and hasn't done anything like separating parents and children had to ask for Secret Service coverage early in his campaign because of threats to his life.

So, it makes sense to provide the judge with protection.


what's good for the goose is good for the gander

Not a popular post

This is not going to be a popular post, but for FLDS Mother, here goes:

You are facing the same issues that many, many other parents face outside your faith. You believe strongly that certain things have eternal verity. You want desperately to teach these things to your children. So do many of us. And we also struggle with a culture that tells us that our beliefs are wrong and that we should not be teaching our values to our children.

But I believe that most caring parents really do want(however unbiased they wish to appear to others)
desperately for their children to follow the things they hold most dear.

There is such a fine line between teaching our children correct principles and allowing them to govern themselves (that's Joseph Smith) and trying too hard to make sure that they don't make choices that we believe to be eternally wrong and/or dangerous.

People often think those of differing beliefs are obsessed or nuts--I still remember questioning my Amish friend Katy's worry about her son's "english" pants and her not noticing that her daughter was inappropriately involved with her boyfriend.

Closely held beliefs always look odd to outsiders--of whatever faith.


The judge needs protection because there was no evidence and the whole raid was illegal. So naturally the people impacted are going to be mad. One of them may do something equally stupid and retaliate.

I can't say I blame them, exactly who is being held to account for this illegal raid? Anyone get fired? Suspended? A stern talking to... Is there any accountability at all? If I make an annonymous phone call reporting child abuse or rape at the local school would it be raided or would a more rational approach be taken before hundreds of kids are rounded up? Why was this situation treated differently?

FLDS Mother

Re: FLDS Mother

Well, I do teach my children that they have the right to make their own choices. That seems to be my biggest subject. "Its all your choice, but remember, there is a consequence in every choice you make, whether it good or bad"
-who they want to be
One wants to be a nurse, I'm behind her all the way. I even let her "doctor" up all the minor wounds. Two want to be Police officers, I'm behind them as well. Another wants to be a mother..I'm behind her all the way.(Only when she's of age.)
-who they want to marry
They want to marry who God wants them to. But if they chose different, how can I change their minds. Its their life.
-what education they want
My oldest daughter,14 yrs. wants to go to high school. She will start in the fall. Her choice. I'm behind her in that choice.
-what occupation they want
read-who they want to be
-where they want to live
They can live where ever they want. I never heard that one.
Who's "Brainwashed" Those who believe Flora, Carolyn, Elissa, Kathy, ect.


No, Evril LeBaron's thugs had nothing to do with this group.


This "beware" is simply defelection. A poor us, we are in danger scam. It lets them save a little face and nothing else.

Foxy Wizard

More baloney from the State of Texas.

tommy john

Goes round comes round. Were those children abused by the authorities?

FLDS Mother

re - Janet

Thats rude! You have NO idea!! Just media and ex-members lies!
We DO pray for those that leave. Would you stop praying for someone that was rebellious to your religion? If you would, your not a very good person. ALL of us should be praying for each other. If we profess to be followers of Christ, in any religion, we would pray for all, even those who are our enemy.

We pray for them, that their hearts will be softened. And then let God be the judge. What he will do to the wicked (read the scriptures) is so horrible, We would never want that to happen to anyone.

"Judge not that ye be not judged."


Re: Karma
Good karma, I totally agree with you. I have myself, often used the same words.

D.News- this is a pretty nice article.


In my opinion this Judge should have her home address and phone number publicly displayed and she should be ridiculed for the ruling she made as an example to anyone in Government who dare lay their dirty little filthy fingers on your children.

Wake Up America.

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