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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: betty; if anyone has been, or is spewing hatred,
may I humbly suggest you look into the mirror.
I suppose,that you and those like you will not be content, until Texas conducts a lovely raid, this time, with a fiery conclusion.
When you attend church, please remember the one about,those without sin may cast the first stone.

To Wilber from Ed H

They did it with shotguns in Sonora Mexico and with handguns in Utah and Texas. Proven in court and Labaron was sentenced. Anything else?


The Tears of these children may well be considered blood on the soil of Texas, crying to God for justice! These children and their families have been scarred for life by the foolishness of people like Barbara Walthers. There is a just God in Heaven and He has the ability to read our hearts. I do not envy Barbara Walthers.I hate her either, but I do forgive her and leave judgement to God. I know this to be the case with all other faithful FLDS members. This is not the end, God is at the helm and truth will prevail. Soon you will all see the truth for yourselves, God bless you.


I guess the FLDS will mix the nonexistant ashes from the nonexistant crematorium with the untreated waste from the cheese factory and serve Walther a drink that will agrivate her lactose intolerance.
Or is the intolerance just a civil rights intolerance....or religious intolerance.
Perhaps they can feed one of the 21 year old "lost boys" an explosive mix of honey and fresh vegtables and let him "escape" into the police station and poison the place with intestinal gas.
Oh I got it.......the FLDS will get on their knees and pray for justice and tolerance from the Texas authorities.....the same revenge they heaped on the guys with the tank as they broke down the temple door.

Ask the fudiciary

Ask the people who are overseeing the distribution of the FLDS properties in Colorado City, Hilldale about "Peaceful" FLDS. You will hear something very different than what the FLDS and Kingston clain members who post on these boards are claiming.

No Arm Twisting

Willy Jessop looked like he wanted to punch the lights out on the interviewer on 48 hours a few weeks ago. It's a good thing it was all on TV, otherwise I fear what might have happened to the 48 hours interviewer. After all, the interviewer was just doing his job. No one twisted old willies arm to be there.



The only thing that tracks down the people who leave our society is their testimony, they have a God given knowledge of the truth and they have knowingly turned away from it. The only thing the FLDS has done to them was prayed God to bless them. Pretty dangerous huh?


Point in case [sic] the amount of food stamps used by this group.

What is that amount?

If they have legitimate businesses and contracts then where is the money to support those who need the support.

What FLDS members have gone without "support"?


To: Why Should I!!!! | 1:17 p.m. June 11, 2008


You little twinky! My brother lives at the YFZ and he pulls 72 hour shifts. They work extremely hard to be self-sufficient and they DO NOT rely on welfare or foodstamps, keep your frump to yourself. It's your problem if it makes you upset that people take wasteland out in the boonies and turn it into a beautiful thriving community. You need to get a clue!


Why Should I wrote:

"My issue with the Warren Jeffs culture is that fact that this group does very little but live off of the taxes that the rest of us americans provide. They do very little to support themselves. Point in case the amount of food stamps used by this group. If they have legitimate businesses and contracts then where is the money to support those who need the support. Why is it Jeffs is driving around in 50K + vehicles and yet each week more taxes are used to support their group with food."

We've been following this thing for months and the state of Texas has stated that the FLDS in Texas do not use welfare or take food stamps. They are also the largest single taxpayer in their county. What you claim may have happened in Utah, but it has NEVER happened in the Texas FLDS group. There are some elderly that have social security and some disabled that have the same benefits as you and I. Get your facts straight please and stop amplifying false rumors. This is what CPS has been doing the whole time.

Re: Janet

"The only thing that tracks down the people who leave our society is their testimony,...The only thing the FLDS has done to them was prayed God to bless them."

I have personal knowledge that that is a lie. The FLDS do a lot more than simply pray for people, especially girls and mothers, who have left their community.


Right or wrong, whatever Texas did or didn't do, the problem is still present in the YFZ and flds communities. For example:
Why aren't they more fiscally responsible? Why should tax payers have to pay for their food, while they take whatever money they earn and build huge buildings and buy big cars for the leaders?
Why don't they give the women and children freedom to come and go if they want to..or to visit relatives?
Why don't they educate their children past middle school?
Why do they take the girls and little boys out to work on road projects? Is it because they have run off all the older boys?
Why do they follow the wives who have escaped and try to get the children back never to see their mom again?
Why do they reassign women and children to other men?
Why do they dip lower and lower into the pool of brides until they are marrying 12 year olds? (Hopefully they will actually stop this practice)
If they can't support extra wives and children, they shouldn't take on more than they can handle. It's really immoral to expect someone else to pay their way.

all the same

Whether down in Texas or Arizona
or up here in Utah, they're all the same.
A bunch of crazy cultists.

Fearful American

Given the most criminal thing they have done is stare at someone, I must concur with the rest who feel the Texas Public Servants are trying to re-direct public attention.

What must concern us all the most is how contrived the dossier information is and that such trivial information is being brandied about so menacingly by our public servants.

I think the State of Texas and Utah need a solid house cleaning of their public servants (as we do in D.C.).


What most of you seem to over look in this issue is that it is not about potential violence from the FLDS or any other religeous group . To get to the heart of the matter is that the government Local , State , and Federal is way over reaching the the consent of the governed and the people are just damned tired of it. Any high profile action tends to act as a lightning rod for the seething undercurrent of resentment I find as I cross this country . If you can't discern this your either a dumbass or a victim of the same BRAIN WASHING you perport to abhor from the FLDS .

Jim Stickann

She doesnt need to be under guard. She belongs in a strait jacket before she harms herself or others. A padded cell would probably also be helpful.

they should

The Police outside her home should walk in and arrest her for the terrorist act she authorized on American soil!


I hear everyone talking about the marrying and abuse of underage girls, but no charges have been filed? Why was the ranch raided then? Their civil rights were violated and hardly anyone complains about that. I do not agree with their beliefs, but if this was some liberal organization and not a so called "religious" one, it would have never happened or the outrage would have been swift and extreme.

The hypocrisy is that they have multiple wives they take care of, but I know of a "baby momma" who has 2 kids by a breeder. He has 10 kids by 7 females and has married none of them. He does not support them financially (the Texas taxpayer does) or is not there for them as a father. They all live with their single moms.

How about the FLDS just shacking up with and not marrying these women. Would that be any different? That seems to be an accepted policy in America now.

FLDS Mother

Janet,I can't agree more! Thanks!

As for all of you out there, I'm sorry, but all this time I thought I was thinking my own thoughts. I'm so glad you could open my eyes and let me know I was "Brainwashed"
WOW!!!! I feel better already.... Now could you please explain what I'm suppose to think.... I don't know ... I can't use my own thoughts. I probable can't feel my own feelings... Wow!!!! I don't feel the freedom I did a few minutes ago...HELP!


When people start saying, "They have no evidence ..." it tells me they are guilty as suspected.

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