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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Smear tactics

More smear tactics from the FLDS to build public sympathy for their windfall profits lawsuits.


I suggest that if you don't personally know any followers of polygamy, you should not be posting your comments about what they are or are not capable of. Female polygamists are brainwashed by the males and they are afraid of them. They are so brainwashed that if a family decides to leave the "group", the ones leaving can't allow their children to visit with family members still remaining with the "group" for fear that they will never have their children returned to them or, even see them again. Those of you who post that the FLDS are not to be feared, 1) don't know any of them, 2) are posting just to be controversial, or 3) are sympathizers with them and want to boast of your sympathy. People who intentionally break the law and choose to flaunt it are to be feared. No religion has the right to expect its membership to break the law intentionally. It's not a religion, it is a cult.


You obviously don't understand defamation. The DN can not be sued for simply publishing information contained in a public record.

Authorities don't have to wait until actual violence occurs before for they do something to prevent it. Only people with extreme stupidity and incompetance would wait until after the fact before they considered the possibility.


Ok ok, it says Deseret news. But just have to check again, cuz it sounds like The Onion.com, Des news should do articles like this more often I needed the Laugh.


DMN, why are you afraid of logical comment?
I will be brief. Texas is setting the stage, for a
"Waco style Bar B Que", of the FLDS. They are not going to let the issue go.


//People who intentionally break the law and choose to flaunt it are to be feared.//

Hmm... I've broken multiple laws in my time. And yet no-one I know is afraid of me. Not all laws are created equal. Should I be afraid of people who are lax about seatbelts? People who smoke marijuana from time to time? People who download movies and music? People who leave graffiti?

//More smear tactics from the FLDS to build public sympathy for their windfall profits lawsuits. //

Who's smearing whom? Who have the FLDS smeared and what was the smear?

Get a life and one wife

Re: Anonymous well for your information, I know some FLDS and you folks are not what you try to make people believe you are. YOU ARE LIARS! And you are full of BS!


....isn't this lovely. Such a nice loving community, so picked on because their child abuse has come to light. Nevermind the fact that Warren Jeffs has been ripping kids from families for years before the raid.

And to all of the FLDS supporters, can any of you PLEASE explain why Merrill Jessop is in hiding??? If he's so great and this community has done nothing wrong, what does he have to hide?

John Lambert

Actually Hitler, or at least Himler, wanted to institute polygamy. They did have their project where "aryan" soldiers were bread with good "aryan" young-women to bring forth a master race. The state then raised these children.


I find it hard to believe there's so much support for the FLDS identified enforcers. The FLDS followers support the rape of minor girls by so-called "marriages". The bottom line is that it's rape and only rape. A minor girl does not have the legal ability to consent, especially 15 year olds and younger. Rape is an act of violence and if they're capable violence against a minor girl, they're capable of violence against an adult. Since none of you were in the courtrooms where they were banned and have obvioulsy never seen the reports, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Get real.

John Lambert

To me,
And obviosly the Holocaust was the Jews fault and since they were killed in such numbers we have to worry about them being violent.
If you do not see I am being sarcastic, then I am telling you I am. That is the type of rubbish the people who bring up the LeBarons are spouting.
I am suprised I have not yet seen people griping about Jeffs and the killing of the dogs. However if you do, you ignore the fact that Jeffs is not an animal rights activists and does not see the death of a dog as morally equivalent to the death of a person.


The wicked flee when no man persueth.


i am one of those wicked baptists who dance, ha ha, we will be praying for the safety of the judge who tried to free the enslaved women and protect the precious children.
the polys must not be working much now, they seem to spend all their time spewing hatred over the internet.

Please Read

"UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN" is a must read for the majority of the ones on this blog."GODS BROTHEL" is another one,especially if you are under the imression that the young women have a choice.Please,don't believe all the garbage that the anti-CPS and anti-Texas, people are spouting off.


"Texas is setting the stage, for a "Waco style Bar B Que", of the FLDS."

Since Texas wasn't responsible for WACO, most of the FLDS having nothing to fear.

On the other hand, the child-abusing FLDS men, you know who you are, should be very concerned about the accomodations in the Texas correctional facilities.

The "authorities" are scary

I'd worry a lot more about the Texas Rangers and CPS than about the harmless FLDS. What happened at the ranch in April? The heavily armed Texas Rangers and other cops, with an ARMORED CAR, crashed thru the gates, smashed their way into the FLDS Temple and terrified men, women and children. Rounded the children and many of the women up, loaded them onto First Baptist Church buses and hauled them off to the Baptist Church. And what did the "dangerous" FLDS men do? They knelt around the outside of the Temple and prayed. Yes, they are certainly a bloodthirsty, killer bunch alright!

Shurtleff, Utah and Texas authorities are proven liars. Everything they say and do is highly suspect and not just concerning the FLDS. Shurtleff should go to jail for his recent escapades. The FLDS need to file multi-million dollar lawsuits against all of them, that will shut them up. Much of this crap is coming from Flora and Carolyn Jessop, liars who are looking to make money from book sales.


That is being very,very "Jr.Highish" it does not make you sound cute or smart only STUPID STUPID !!!!!


The judge is in serious danger. She has received death threats and the governor's house has already been burned by an arsonist.

She does need protection, not from the FLDS, but from the general public.

The problem for the state of Texas is that they can't admit this without also admitting that their and her actions have generally pissed people off.

So they pretend that they are protecting her from the FLDS.

This is a perfect example of why government officials should not violate the rights of the citizens. Not because it is wrong, but because it is DANEROUS.


No proof, no crime- except the slander campaigne by the state of Texas. Wow, if FLDS was ever inclined to just let by gones be by gones and not sue Texas for disregarding the constitution and ripping their families apart, those chances are gone! It's sad, but the only way to fix Texas (an entity and not a person) is to sue them.


To: Laying Low | 9:18 a.m. June 11, 2008
"The FLDS enforcers could have been laying low so as not to give Texas any more justification for keeping the kids."

I really loved your post. It reminds me of all the heinous crimes you are waiting to commit when the time is right.

You really should be incarcerated before you start harming innocent people. Or at the very least the public should be warned about you before it's too late.

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