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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Not a polyg but know several

Yes the FLDS does have a history of violence. I have a close friend who too her boys from it in the days of Leroy Johnson, and Jeffs Dad.
She was kidnapped from a job. Held in seclusion.

He son that stayed, has been ostercized by Jeffs, everything taken from him, including his home and belongings.

I have had business with Jeffs @ the Ex- Alta Acadamy......There are "Enforcers" in the Group that act under the rule of the Prophet and the 12.

Lets not be naive...Lets just be educated and prepared.
Many Polygs are helpless and unassuming...But there are they who will Protect and Serve!!!
No matter what Snow, Christiansen and Martineau and Parker Say.


This is laughable. "Enforcers" indeed. If there were going to be violence, it would have occurred when CPS was tearing families apart.
What a lame attempt to sway public opinion. I guess next they'll need to stage something and blame it on the FLDS.
The whole nation sees through this cheap charade, texas. Try something else.


The FLDS have done nothing but lie. I wouldn't trust them one bit.


Uncle Warren's Sons of Helaman (aka: the God Squad, Missionaries) were a great internal threat to the FLDS for a long time. Numbering around 75 - 150, or more. But this concept of Enforcer is new to the FLDS ranks. It is known that some of the adults are a threat to the Second Ward exiles, and surrounding communities, but not so much to the general public or LDS folks.

They consider us a beast for bleeding (welfare) and ripe in wickedness. They may not be suicidal as to attack the rest of us in a holy war, but the circumstances changed when Texas did a second Short Creek. Who knows what will happen now.

Records in this paper, the Trib, and many others state the FLDS has access to at least 3 Cessna aircraft, several types of vehicles, and are known to carry small arms (handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns). So they have the arms to do some damage, but nothing like our National Guard.

I think Texas is frightened, and rightfully so. They have the right to self-defense and they should be armed. If the FLDS decide to commit political and social suicide, then that's their look-out.

Is registering to vote threateni


"What Ed H?, These people had there children ripped out of there arms by the state, no violence. They had armed men holding there children hostage illegally, no violence. Then as soon as a little relief comes by the way of the appeals court, and supreme court they immediately have a press conference and forgive all. Lets see by your logic all monogamists must be violent because Hitler and his monogamist group were violent."

These people want us to believe that the FLDS are somehow going to harm or kill someone out of some desire for revenge. The only revenge I have seen from the FLDS is them going to the County Clerk's and picking up voter registration forms by the hundreds. What was the response of the local Sheriff? He said that he feared they would "mess with THEIR elections."

I'm not worried about the safety of this Judge, the Sheriff, County officials or CPS workers because the only threatening action of the FLDS has been them obtaining hundreds of voter registration forms. Watch your back Sheriff and Judge because they are going to try to vote you morons out of office.


FLDS are known liars--only a fool would trust them. No one knows what they might be capable of. . . their whole life is based on deceit and flouting the law.


I would love to see a follow up on who actually provided this info to Texas officials.

I think this is desparate atempt to excite the public against the FLDS. Once again go after the criminals in the FLDS community not the community.


When did US law enforcement stop even trying to base their actions of facts and evidence instead of emotion driven imagination?

My guess is that there are a lot of crazies out there that the judge and some others involved need to be afraid of. But I bet not one of them is a member of the FLDS.

Staring at someone to whom you feel animosity seems like a pretty healthy and normal outlet compared to what many do.


Not only are they STUPID in Texas, they're now also PARANOID! I heard they were also looking out for space aliens who traveled all the way across our galaxy, just to peer in their windows. Oh my!


Why is it that when the state didn't do it's due dilegence in investagating a hoax phone call and then the courts tell them to go back and start over why is it that they try the same case in the media? This is the same dribble that has been propagated in times past. If you will only research this you will find it true.


R.S. I agree with you. The 48 hours program showed Willie Jessop or the Thug's body language which was really disturbing and threatening.


Even if there is no threat from the FLDS, there may be those who would harm Judge Walther just to fan the flames of predjudice against the FLDS. It never hurts to be cautious.

I agree

I agree with kg! I think this is irresponsible journalism--not at all what I expect to see in the DN!
There is no evidence at all that the FLDS as a group have ever been violent.
Ron Lafferty was NOT FLDS, neither was Ervil Lebaron.
But I have been waiting for some crazy to take advantage of this situation to pull some stunt and blame it on the FLDS, who are vulnerable because of the media frenzy built up against them during Texas CPS illegal actions, which CPS had to find a way to justify.
And, no, I am not FLDS.

James J

Hmm, I look at this case and reflect on what happened to my people in the 1800s. We were polygamists and because of that belief we were hated, scorned, beat, raped, killed. I cant believe in America that we would be so judgmental. We should be called the land of the free, home of the brave, and place where if you have different religious views, then your kids will be taken from you without due process. As far as the judge goes, I believe there was once an ancient civilization that fell, and one of the reasons was the judges turned corrupt. Seems like we are going down the same path. One last thing, if ADULTS want to have more than one wife, or more than one husband, why should that be against the law??? Why should we say anything about it.


The FLDS are a bunch of wackos. Utah has something not to be proud of.

Grandpa Phil

I would think that, if the FLDS were EVER inclined to commit violence, it would have been when their children were taken away NOT after they have been returned. This is just more war-mongering rhetoric on the part of the Texas authorites to redirect attention from their own lawlessness. Leave the FLDS alone and stop the persecution. Get on with the criminal investigation and let it go where it may. I am inclined to believe it will follow in the tracks of the child abuse allegations - peter out to nothing. The FLDS are not big enough of fanatical enough to spawn Dannite concerns. I think that a lot of people were actually disappointed that the FLDS did not respond violently which would have justified the extent of the force used against them. That disappointment is now causing them to look for bad guys in every shadow. Personally, I think that if there were any malicious stares or looks in the courtroom, they originated from the bench. Judge Walthers is a threat to herself - look for her to implode when all the facts are known.


When the only weapon found at the ranch was a bow and arrow, what's the basis for concern? In west Texas every pickup has a gun-rack in the back window! Oh, not the FLDS pickups, but no worry, Judge Walters has never let the facts stand in her way.


They really need info on the herd of lawyers that will be suing everyone in Texas. That will be the real "hit" squad.

Rolling my eyes

I can't believe the chutzpah of the authorities in this case. "Willie the Thug"? Come on.

This is merely a ploy by the establishment to garner sympathy for Judge Walther, no different than our own AG's claims that the FLDS said mean things about him in a sermon once.

It's part of an effort to get people to forget that Judge Walther grossly abused her authority and initiated one of the biggest child protection fiascoes in US history.

All because the Texas CPS was willing to accept the lurid tales of bitter former polygamists and ignore the evidence.

The Height of Paranoia

Yesterday upon the stair..
I met a man who wasn't there..
He wasn't there again today..
Oh I wish that man would go away..

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