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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What Ed H?, These people had there children ripped out of there arms by the state, no violence. They had armed men holding there children hostage illegally, no violence. Then as soon as a little relief comes by the way of the appeals court, and supreme court they immediately have a press conference and forgive all. Lets see by your logic all monogamists must be violent because Hitler and his monogamist group were violent.


This sounds like a smear campain to me. Texas is pretty lame.


Paranoia and gossip still exists as the state continues to demonize the FLDS.
I would not doubt it if the state blames the recent burning of the Governors mansion on the FLDS.
Did you hear the latest..FLDS is responsible for the rise in gas prices.....it's part of the bleed the beast campaign.

Jim D

I believe you should check your facts Ed H The Labaron CULT never had ANY affiliation with the peaceful, religious FLDS People.


This just looks like Texas prejudice and deception at work again. These polygamists were extremely peaceful during this whole ordeal. Why would they suddenly do this now? Texas is trying to look like the victims here.

What about the picture of this judge? She looks pretty darn scary.

Teacher and Dad

Let's see, who and what should I believe? Should I believe the Texas authorities with a known history of lying to the FLDS and leaking erroneous sensationalist tidbits to the news media in order to influence public opinion against them?

In any case, I agree that its a good idea to protect Judge Walther. Although I totally disagree with her efforts, she shouldn't have to face the threat of damage to her person or property, and this damage could come from any crazy person out there.

However the concept of an "FLDS enforcer" as a threat to her well being seems pretty far fetched. The FLDS have enough on their plate at present, and besides, Walther is just a small fish in the pond at this point.


It's understandable that law enforcement might compile a list like this. To think that if you take people's kids away from them for no valid reason that they might want to come after you ain't exactly rocket science. Texas knows they screwed up big time on this and were way over several lines. The anger of people all over the US and far from FLDS folks appears to be pretty thick. Just look at the weight of the letters Texas received against what they did.

Fortunately I don't believe anyone in the FLDS is stupid enough to come after anyone other than legally and I'd guess Parker and FLDS leadership is exerting some control over the folks they fear may not have the self-control to control their anger over what's happened. There is no evidence, that I know of, of anyone in the FLDS actually doing anything.


What Ed H, these people had there children ripped out of there arms by the state, no search warrant, no charges, no warning. No violence. Could you stand that and stay peaceful. The Flds have. This article is nothing but another hit peice. If these people were going to resort to violence, they would have already, they definitely have shown a great example of peace and trusting in God.
By your above logic then all monogamists must be violent because Hitler and his monogamists were. Grow up. Your decision to believe the views of the state no matter what the evidence is reminds of the 1930's German monogamists.


BTW, about 1 minute of googling will tell you that Evril not only had nothing to do with the FLDS but considered them enemies. Perhaps we should be laying the sins of Catholic Priests and leaders of Evangelical organizations against everyone in those religions?


I thought name calling was not allowed
Quite clear we have a Judge that went to far
I know some Judges in Utah that are real JERKS
We mave a major problem getting JUSTICE in the Courts
We saw Waco, This is a good example.
Warfare weapons on the front!
Now we have the FLDS fiasco with a Jerk of a Judge that screwed up ROYAL.
Just had to push her luck and hurt the kids without evidence
This is America?


Barbara Walthers has nothing to fear from the FLDS, if she fears it is because there is a just God in Heaven and she has a guilty concience.
Barbara Walthers:
We do not make judgments against you and forgive you for your offenses toward us and leave the matter in the hands of God. Good luck.


It's the polygamists who need to be protected from the likes of Barbara Walther. Pull the police off her and let them protect those who have been truly abused, harmed, and violated by the state. Walther shouldn't be killed, that's murder, but she should be impeached, she should resign in shame, she should go back to law school and take constitution 101--she obviously skipped out on that class.

Guilty until proven innocent

I am amazed this paper would print this all this does is incite more abuse towards the FLDS


Come on Deseret News. This is rumor and gossip to fan the flames against the FLDS, more hearsay and baseless allegations. Where is the proof of a threat of violence? There was none when the ranch was raided and there's been none in the two months since. They've had plenty of reason to be furious and react violently. I haven't seen them do that. The site you mention is not theirs, it was started by a citizen outraged at the violation of rights who wanted to speak out for the FLDS. They had nothing to do with it.


If the Patriot Act is being used in investigating the FLDS (Was there not a federal warrant in the raid, was it for wire tapping? Remember how Waco was bugged?) we will never know because all the eavesdroppings and investigation are all done in secret. All those associated with them, contributers, supporters, etc., could be investigated too.

I think those families don't want to go back to the ranch because they dont' want their every last word being recorded.

IF those folks were violent they would have done soemthing when CPS first came, the mothers would have made a run for it while in custody. Nothing happened. They allowed the government to take their kids and were completely passive about it. These rumors about them being violent are the laughable result of hysteria.


So one of the chief antagonists of Texas CPS is Bill Medvecky, a Florida resident. I wonder what his personal beef is with CPS. Did CPS take his kids away because he was abusing them? It's obvious that many of the posts on this blog have been written by him, especially the many, many posts referring to his impeach the judge petition.

An "innocent" stare in a court is not so innocent if the stare is intended to intimidate a witness or a juror. That's tampering, and it is against the law in EVERY state, despite Willie's pretended innocence.

Awaiting responses from Bill and Willie.


Now we know why our AG has done nothing - he is afraid of the hit mob from the religious fanatics of the FLDS group

Re: kg

The Deseret News is not saying these people are a threat, they are reporting on what has happened. The dossier's are what label these people as a threat, not the newspaper.

Anyone that thinks Jessop wasn't trying to intimidate witnesses at Warren Jeff's trial, is a fool.


It is interesting to see the rumor begin again to crank up. Tips and informants. Retribution. Give it a rest. The innuendo didn't stand up to scrutiny before and it won't here. It is far more likely that those who have disgraced themselves in the CPS and Eldorado system are still spinning info to make themselves look the victim. It is likely that they choose to see in others what they harbor in their own hearts. The "rampant" abuse slime didn't stick with the original assault on these people. Let's see if the murderer and vigilante gossip will stick. I suggest we leave these people alone and mind our own affairs for a while.

Not too uncommon

I admit it seems perhaps a little excessive, but we do not know all of the details.

Truth is, when there are cases that make become as public as this has become nationally, extra protection for those involved is not uncommon. It typically doesn't make the news this much, but not uncommon.

One crazed person, FLDS or not, can decide to take matters into his/her own hand. If something did happen with no action taken for protection, just imagine the backlash.

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