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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To Grandpa posted 12:00

The title should be "to grandpa" not "Grandpa"

Grandpa Phil

As for the NC CPS "just doing their job" and it wasn't their fault that someone else made a complaint, that is wrong, too. We had made a complaint against CPS abuses against the girls we were caring for. Many of them came to us and had no business being away from their homes. We know FULL WELL what the grounds are for taking a girl from her home and FAR TOO MANY were taken for reasons that DEFIED common sense. The subsequent abuses the girls went through while trying to get home again was heart-breaking to us. Whoever made the complaint against us did so with the sole intent of making us drop our complaints against CPS. No one would have benefited from that except them. We had been working with these people for 5 years and had an 87% success rate in getting girls back into their homes within 60 days. The attitudes of the women in the local Social Services (CPS) office where we had to take our infant daughter was horrible. They treated us EXACTLY the way CPS in texas treated those mothers. No, they are not different. If it looks like a duck and acts........

Grandpa Phil

If CPS took no evidence, where did they get the pictures of Warren jeffs and the minor girl? They never said where they came from but the answer is obvious. And, CPS DOES need a warrant.

Grandpa Phil

That is, assuming she was a minor since it appears that no one in the Texas CPS can tell the difference between a minor and an adult. Y'all will be wearing that egg on your face for YEARS to come. There is a lot to be said for natural consequences to poor decisions. Many of us who hold our Constitutional familial rights dear, hope that Texas feels the consequences in court for the abuses they perpetrated on those families and especially the children. Judge Walthers abused her authority and should be impeached. She is a disgrace to everyone who ever sat on that bench. We are all waiting to see how the FLDS families will follow up the abuses of authority with legal action. Federal law allows for legal redress when such abuses are conducted under the color of law. 'Nuff said.

To Grandpa

Please, read the Texas family Code. No Warrent needed for CPS. you are incorrect on this. I believe you are taking your bad expierence with NC CPS and assuming all Texas CPS workers are the same. The workers I know are kind, caring, and have the families best interest at heart. How many Texas CPS workers have you actually dealt with? Texas is the leader in CPS change such as developing programs to keep families together, prevent abuse, and to reunify the family. Look it up. I have.
You blame posters for making assumptions about FLDS but you say, in reference to CPS, if it looks like a duck... Respectfully I would say to you, look in the mirror.

To Grandpa

By the way, the courts are still mandating that these parents participate in services and that CPS can come at anytime to visit the children. safety measures are in place. Why would the courts decide that? Why any follow up if their was no proof of abuse? And, you saw the pics of that little girl. Can you honestly tell me you believe she is of age? Have you listened to any one who has escaped this abuse? Do we know more than those who lived it?

Grandpa Phil

You talk about those who "escaped it". When will you people realize that the so-called experts you relied on to get the "facts" about what the FLDS are REALLY like LIED to you. They have their agendas and those agendas have nothing to do with protecting those they left behind. Go to the Truthwillprevail website and read the letter written by Martha barlow Jessop entitled "The Truth About Flora Jessop". Martha was Flora's appointed guardian at ages 14-16 up until the time she ran away. Flora had reasons for saying the things she did and there was nothing honorable about any of them. My wife and I took care of many girls like Flora while we were in foster care and I fully understand what Martha and others went through with Flora. Flora lied and you people swallowed her lies hook, line, and sinker.

The judge who mandated that parents participate in services and that CPS will have continued access is the same judge who ordered the children be taken away in the first place. Her motivations and biases are already known and her abusive and vindictive attitude belies her professionalism. She is a disgrace to her profession.

Grandpa Phil

As for the picture of the "little girl", I never saw her face as it was blurred. Do I think it was a minor girl? Of course I do. If Jeffs is guilty of any abuse to minor girls, lynch him for all I care. The point was, CPS demonstrated that it cannot tell the difference between a minor girl and an adult female. That was a MAJOR embarrasment for CPS as they based so many of their early allegations of abuse on how many of those girls were minors. Then, holding those adult girls until their babies were born and admitting they were adults immediately afterwards demonstrates a PLAN to abuse their authority. I know how CPS works as a rule. I do not have to work with Texas agents to know what they are like; their actions at the ranch and in the stadium speak volumes regarding their attitudes. The mental health people who objectively testified of the CPS abuses were as reliable a witness as could be found. Texas CPS did not even make the slightest EFFORT to keep those families together in spite of their OBLIGATION to do so. They ripped them apart and abused them.

Grandpa Phil

If the CPS workers you know are kind and caring people who have the families best interests at heart, then they should be the first to stand up and admonish those who abused their authority and treated those FLDS families the way they did. This incident has tarnished the reputation of them all and shown CPS to be insensitive and vindictive in their treatment of families and children. The lies that were told by a few and the cations of a few demean you all. I know it is first impulse to defend the organization, especially one not known for its tolerance of people who criticise; however, CPS as a whole bears the burden of those who acted wrongly in El Dorado. There is no defense for what they did, good intentions notwithstanding. SOmeone needs to sit down and THINK about the RIGHT way to address these allegations of abuse and then act in accordance with the laws of Texas and not contrary to them. It will take a LONG time for you to regain the trust which was abused but, a professional and OBJECTIVE approach to the problem can rebuild the trust that was lost. That's the only way.

To Grandpa

If the parents would not have lied about ages, switched children, and told their children NOT to talk, this whole thing would have been different. You have no idea what CPS "tried" to do. CPS treated them like one family because they acted like one family! You only know what the media has told you. What do you think the purpose of the romoval was? Just to break up families? Did you know that one of the 16 year ols returned has to have special protection from a 38 year old and that 5 other pg teens are there with no protection? When this is over, the truth about how the FLDS works will come out. I am so proud of texas and our CPS system. I have not lost any trust in the CPS workers. I am, however, disappointed in the courts. But that is nothing new.

Grandpa Phil

Spoken like a true CPS worker or boss. You go busting into a compound with guns and an armored personnel carrier, desecrate their Temple, round up all of the children and put them on buses to take them away and you expect them to COOPERATE? Are you for REAL?

The rest of the world is disappointed in CPS and the lower court that gave the order to separate. We are encouraged by the fact that the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court were able to look past the hype and the lies and make a good ruling based on actual Texas law. I know a lot more than what the media has put out; no one with any sense listens to them because they only put out what CPS put out. The role of the media was to throw gasoline on the fire CPS started in hopes that it would improve the story. Well, you are right in one respect, the Truth will come out. One thing I have learned about Truth - truth is like fire; it either heals or it destroys but it never, NEVER, leaves what it touches UNCHANGED. Hopefully, there will be good changes from this.


So.we have no idea what CPS tried to do, lets blame the media for reporting the CPS press releases about abuses and under age girls, broken bones, possible poisoning.....and all the other CPS authorized information.
Lets blame MHMR for their report on the CPS treatment of the women and children.
Lets blame the Supreme court for upholding the law.
Lets blame everyone except CPS........oh brother....

Grandpa Phil

I will let zxcvbnm's comment be my last word on the subject too. I am tired of CPS trying to justify their actions. There is NO justification for the way those families and especially the children were treated. They can say it was about the kids all they like but the evidence and the court testimony showed otherwise. CPS in Texas needs a MAJOR overhaul and at least one judge needs to find another line of work. And, finally, if Willie Jessop were to be elected the new Sheriff, I would laugh until I cry. That would be the PERFECT icing to this cake in CPS's face.

To Grandpa

This is my last post. You are biased and misinformed and no longer worth my time. Funny, you assume you know my employment status. But, then again, you assume a lot. Get over your grudge with CPS and open your eyes. Can you just ignore the preg teens? At least 6, for a FACT. And 41 broken bone.. What will you say when Warrens DNA comes back and he has fathered children with teens on that ranch? Parents should protect against him. I guess when the truth comes out you will say that CPS forced children to lie about abuse. You will support anything and believe anything against CPS and for FLDS. The supreme court (which had 2 members with enough snap to disagree) GAVE the lower court power to set up protection for these children. Why? Willie says they will no longer practice under age marrage. Why? I thought it did not happen. And, Flora is not the only ex-member. Look at some of the other stories. You and zxcv are the ones who blame everyone except the parents who are responsible. by the way, CPS does not carry guns.


Grandpa Full,

Your anger toward the CPS has you so twisted that just so you could feel vindicated you would like Willie Jessup to be sheriff??

People like you should need psychotherapy, maybe electric shock.



To who ever posted their last post, "Can you just ignore the preg teens? At least 6, for a FACT. And 41 broken bone.." Uh...let's take a look at that shall we? That is out of over 400 kids [if it's even the truth]. Have you checked to see what the average teen pregnancy rate is in...let's say Texas? How about the average number of broken bones in children across the U. S.? They are below the average in both!! And by a lot in pregnancies. These kinds aren't just sitting around on their duffs playing Nintendo as well. Stop being so gullible.

To: pigiron

i have to agree with the last post. It is very different to be prego by that cute boy in gym class. These girls have haveing babies with older men. Much different.

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