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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Grandpa Phil

Uhm, TetonMike, you probably meant Porter Rockwell, the Marshall of Salt Lake City. He was accused once of shooting Governor Boggs and actually went to jail for it I think. Years later, out in the valley, someone asked him, "Port, did you shoot Governor Boggs?" Porter replied, "No, I didn't shoot him; he's still alive ain't he?" Excellent story. A lot of truth in it too as Porter was an excellent shot with a gun and never missed. If he were alive today, I am sure he would be the subject of someone's dossier.


A little correct to thomas. The FLDS church does not have the 12. Or 12 apostles. They are just a church that sactions polygamy as part of there beliefs. They are not part of any biblical christian church. They are law breakers, who have no respect for the laws of the land or God. They present themselves as innocent. But in reality they are such a bunch of perverts who use religion as they backing. They have no history with the lords church as organized in the bible. They are no more than a group led by a known felon who is serving time.

Grandpa Phil

Anyone on Porter Rockwell's hit list were considered walking corpses. Ah, I miss the good old days when men were MEN and STOOD UP for what was right by doing more than just TALK!!

To Paul, John Lambert, et al

Why isn't anyone explaining why Merrill Jessop is in hiding??

Why aren't you outraged that Warren Jeffs has been ripping kids apart and "reassigning" families for years? How is that different from the CPS raid?

The CPS raid was done to protect kids. Warren stealing, reassigning, and condoning rape with 12-year-olds has accomplished nothing other than hurting kids and destroying families. I'm sorry if that's a bitter pill for you to swallow. I'm all for defending kids, not defending whacked religions led by child molesters.


//The CPS raid was done to protect kids.//

To protect kids from phantom dangers, they were torn from their fathers, mothers, and siblings. To protect children from phantom dangers, authorities demonstratably lied repeatedly. To rehash an earlier comment of mine:

How? By obtaining a warrant based on a claim of abuse against someone who had never set foot at YMZ? By imprisoning them in uncomfortable, disease ridden [chickenpox, to be specific] makeshift prisons and then forcibly separating them? By pretending 37 y.o. women were teen mothers? By claiming their IDs were fake so they had an excuse to do so? That's what you call "protection"?

sticks and stones

both twist and spin and spin and spin. WHOA now i'm really gettin dizzy. there is not one shred of evidence in either the dossier or the news atricle to suggest that judge walther is in any danger. who's the real wild card? i think now texas is just trying to cover their own for when they get sued. granted there is some crimes to be dealt with regarding the flds at the yfz and hopefully pdq, but texas needs to be dealt with too for victimizing the innocents


Reply To: Cynthia | 4:06 a.m. June 12, 2008

For starters Carolyn was raised in Hildale Utah to my knowledge, her father is Arthur Blackmore and his home in not located in Arizona, nor was the "sect" taken over by Warren Jeffs. "She barely escaped..." in broad daylight and she had to lie to her children to get them to go with her. As soon as her oldest daughter turned 18 she returned to her father because her mother is abusive, Betty has pictures to proove it. I read books, I don't read newspapers except on-line ones, I don't watch television very often because there is to much trash in it, I have a radio, a red cell phone, a red car and some very beautiful red flowers in my garden. I am stating the facts. Claiming that children were kept in line through the torture of animals is a putrid out right lie. Warren Jeffs has never, and never will, call himself Jesus Christ. Warren Jeffs is a mortal man and has only ever called himself such.


I've still not seen any comments on the infamous God Squad pickup trucks that follow people around Short Creek intending to intimidate them. I suppose they're just praying for them--yeah right! I genuinely feel sorry for the FLDS folks on these posts. They have lied and covered up so much that they just don't know the truth anymore. And I can understand why they will not comment on Warren Jeff's prison "confession"--to do so would mean that their whole belief system on which they base their lives is a lie--that's pretty scary. And I'm tired of the whole "prophet" thing--trust in God, not in people--they let you down every time.


Reply To: Cynthia | 4:06 a.m. June 12, 2008 continued...

"He seperatd already married couples by giving the wives to other men."

Immoral, abusive men who neglect their children and families in general, are asked to leave our society. I certainly wouldn't want to be married to one, you might. Yes their families leave them of their own free will and choice. Some families have chosen to go with the man, such as Jethro Barlow. I know his family on a more than personal basis and he treated some of his children like dirt, yet his wives chose to go with him and they seem to be happy where they are, Heaven bless them in their choice. The Prophet does recieve revelation from God about whom should marry whom and I would have it no other way. What God joins together is bound in the heavens, anything else is no good after this life. That is my own personal opinion and belief, adn many others feel the same way I do.

What comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what is in your heart.

John Lambert

Wooley never claimed to be God's prophet. Joseph F. Smith was not in harmony with him, he was the president when Wooley was excommunicated.
Wilford Woodruff was a prophet called of God. He never signed away any rights to the priesthood. You need to read the actual history of events and stop believing everything you are told.
Heber J. Grant was also a prophet and from his day on the church has recognized that anyone practicing polygamy is practicing adultery. There is no authorization from God and it is just plain adultery.
Wilford Woodruff was a good man who was able to explain the proper way to do temple work.

Very Strange

For those who are blaming DN for publishing this article, I heard the same story on the news while watching t.v. during my break at work, and No I am not from Utah. Perhaps your only source for news is from DN or so it would seem.

Re: Janet | 12:19 a.m.

The FLDS followed a false prophet, John Wooley, then, and they're following a false prophet, Warren Jeffs, now.

Jeffs even admitted he was a false prophet in a taped interview.

I'm sure there are a lot of good, decent FLDS people, but, unfortunately, your leader is a child-abusing pedophile.

In a visit that was videotaped Jan. 25 at the Purgatory Jail, Jeffs met with his brother Nephi. In a transcript, Jeffs dictated the following message to his followers:

"I am not the prophet. I never was the prophet, and I have been deceived by the powers of evil..."


Wilford Woodruff was a good man, the Lord accomplished many great works through him but he did sign away his right to the Priesthood, he cannot, and neither can anyone else change the word of God even if they think it should be done away with. Go to FLDSTRUTH.org and read about the eight hour meeting. Wiford Woodruff was never the key holder, as for Woolley being excommunicated I heard your "Prophet" declare over the radio that if Joseph Smith was still alive he would have to be excommunicated. The LDS Church denies the very foundation of their existence. That is where FUNDAMENTALIST comes in. When a man holing the Melchizedek Priesthood turns against the word of God he then becomes a Son of Perdition, I do not envy Wilford Woodruff. As for Heber J. Grant, as far as I an concerned he was an immoral man himself. That is my opinion and what I believe to be the truth. If you don't like it, I'm sorry, you'll have to lump it. I am perfectly capable of educationg myself, I can read and I have a mind of my own. Thanks for your concern, I can do nicely w/oyour enlightenment.

re:Grandpa Phil

What makes you the only authority on this subject and probably everything else??


To those who keep making accusations against the FDLS members:


That body has ruled that the evidence you keep citing, doesn't exist. If you have something that will convince those judges to reverse their rulings, and save the lives of innocent children, it's your duty as human beings to make it public. If you let those children continue to get raped and beaten, you're as guilty as if you'd participated yourselves.

Please, share your knowledge of this case with the Texas Supreme Court. You're the only ones who can avert this tragedy.

Grandpa Phil

LOL "re: Grandpa Phil", I will disregard the "everything else" comment as it depicts your frustration at not being able to discuss a subject intelligently more than it poses a criticism of me. As for this particular topic, I have a vested interest in its outcome so I have made it my business to be on top of the facts in this case. My vested interest is the same one shared by millions of other Americans, that is, IF ALL OF US ARE NOT SAFE FROM GOVERNMENT INTRUSION AND ABUSE, THEN NONE OF US ARE. I have talked to the FLDS people on the phone, I have donated to their legal fund, I have written a letter to Pres. Bush expressing my outrage at the overt lawlessness of the actions by CPS and the Texas authorities in taking those children from their parents. My wife and I worked as Foster parents in NC for 5 years and I have seen, firsthand, how the abuses of authority by CPS can destroy the lives of families and children. I fight for my children and your children and the FLDS children. People will always hate something; what is needed is people who care.

We don't know if he was coerced

Re: Janet (12:19 a.m.),

"The FLDS followed a false prophet, John Wooley, then, and they're following a false prophet, Warren Jeffs, now."

I don't believe either John Wooley or Warren Jeffs are prophets but you have no right to say the FLDS have followed and are following a false prophet.

"In a visit that was videotaped Jan. 25 at the Purgatory Jail, Jeffs met with his brother Nephi. In a transcript, Jeffs dictated the following message to his followers:

"I am not the prophet. I never was the prophet, and I have been deceived by the powers of evil..."

I saw this tape of Warren Jeffs saying this but it looked like he had to read from a paper several times while doing so, he pauses on difficult words and looks down, finishes his sentence before looking up and speaks in a monotone which indicate he may have been being coerced.

I don't think Jeff's is a prophet but I also think it's unfair to use what he says in state custody as an honest assessment of his belief. For all we know he could have been told that he wasn't going to eat for several days unless he did.

State your sources

Janet (1:03 p.m.),

"Wiford Woodruff was never the key holder, as for Woolley being excommunicated I heard your "Prophet" declare over the radio that if Joseph Smith was still alive he would have to be excommunicated."

I think it only fair that you provide your source for this information and the details including who the prophet was and who he was speaking to.

"The LDS Church denies the very foundation of their existence."

I have never heard a leader of the LDS Church deny the foundation of the LDS Church so I think it only fair that you provide your source.

Of course you aren't a member of the academic community and don't need to be held to the same strict standards but you do need to be held to the minimum standard of stating your source when making claims of fact and are required to provide enough detail that people who read what you have said can verify its legitimacy.

No coersion

There's absolutely NO PROOF, of even hint thereof, that Warren Jeffs' confession was coerced. If there had been any coercion, Nephi would have immediately run to the press about it.

Re: Very Strange

It seems that the argument here, or one of the many, is that the individuals listed in DN are being "slandered and prosicuted for their religious beliefs" by goverment officials. The original document was never intended to become public knowledge. It was meant to disclose VALID information gathered by Wa. County officials after months and months of extensive investigation to Texas officials to assist in the SECURITY of their court precedings. That's it. Only a few out of the people listed were said to "possibly become violent". These assessments were made by qualified officers that were present in the original precedings in St. George. The article picked apart this many paged document and published certain parts in a way meant to cause a scandal. This is in no way the fault of the officers communicating via standard procedure.
It only takes a couple of people to stir the pot. And even good honest people can act out of character in extreme circumstances. Why not at least be prepared?

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