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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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$$$$ what's it to you?

Re: $$$$ Lynn A Parker
What's it to you?

Still waiting....

....for someone to explain where the heck Merrill Jessop is and why, if he's done nothing wrong, is in hiding?

I'm also waiting for people so upset about this raid to explain why CPS was wrong for doing this, yet Warren Jeffs gets a free pass for tearing apart and "reassigning" families for years? Why no outcry when this occurs?

I agree with still waiting

There is so much wrong with this community. The people believed in their prophet when he told them false teachings and persuaded young girls to marry old men and reassigned families...but when he tells them he is not a prophet, they don't believe him. These people are in trouble. So many of their posts are written by uneducated members.


PW Hemphill Wrote:

"Perhaps instead of looking out for FLDS assassins, Judge Walther should be looking out for US Federal Agents trying to arrest her for various civil-rights violations."

Actually, there is a finally succinct and accurate post. The reason is that CPS held several women over the age of 18 as juviniles in custody while denying the validity of ID cards.

Uh oh. Big mistake.

That IS a serious "go to jail, go directly to jail, do not collect $200" mistake. It's a Federal civil rights criminal offense. And, no, "we're protecting children" won't cut it there.

Adults can never, ever, be imprisoned like that. One day, week, or hour... it's time for the arrestor to become the arrestee.

And all who aided and abetted need to go to.

Oh.. and to those who bungled this whole thing...

On behalf of the public everywhere, "Thanks for making it even HARDER to bust these people later!"

Bob Carnale

First of all admit that those FLDS folks look real spooky with the hairdoos and dresses. There's something real disturbing here.

Second, the CPS should go to the 3rd and 5th ward of Houston and round up every child without a Father. 50% of these children drop out of school and 50% will turn out to be murderers, thiefs, rapists etc.

That's the real travesty here. We always nail the wrong folks. Elian, Waco, Ruby Ridge. I see the CPS getting their heals locked together just like the ATF did after Waco.... I am looking forward to the outcome i.e. parents taking control of their children again without fear...


It's government disinformation. They're testing the waters. It's part of a pattern. Soon, you'll be labelled dangerous and threatening if you quote the First Amendment. I once thought that conspiracy theories about the fast approach of Big Brother were crazy. Reality (seeing more proof each day) shows me that they weren't.

Re: Paul

You have absolutely no idea what the investigations into the FLDS communities has founded. Do not speak as though you know all the facts. You don't. Not everything is public knowledge.

Give me a break...

RE: Paul

Give the government conspiracy theories a break. These law enforcement officers are normal men with normal families and contrary to your beliefs don't get their rocks off by accusing innocent people. Those with probable cause to be a potential threat obviously earned the reputation in their own communities by their own actions... no one is pulling the accusations out thin air but on statements given by witnesses in the previous investigation.

I don't know about you, but if it were me I'd want to know what I was up against, good bad or indifferent. It's called being prepared and doing your homework... not spouting out crazy conspiracy theories that come from watching too many sci-fi channel specials.


To: John Lambert | 8:05 p.m. June 11, 2008

You asked for it bud, WilfordWoodruff signed away his rights to the Priesthood when he signed the manifesto. Joseph F. Smith was a great man because he was in harmony with God's Prophet John Wooley, he didn't do anything w/o first checking with John W. who told him if he sanctioned the manifesto the Lord would take him. JosephF. sweat bleed because he knew if he did not his blood would be on the hands of his "brethren". He sanctioned it and died shortly thereafter. The Lord arranged four years prior to the issuing of the Manifesto for the Priesthood authority to continue in administering the fullness of the Gospel, and so now the Mormon Church, which for sixty years was persecuted for the fullness of the Gospel, has become part of the world and turned persecutor itself. I have agreed with many of your comments and actually felt respect for you even though I really have no idea who you are. That respect is lessening rapidly. Warren Jeffs is the key holder, mouth piece, and fountain head of God at this time and he has the right to rule. Thanks.

Government approved religion

The problem is, FLDS is not a government approved religion. Is yours?


I'm not religious at all and I certainly don't care about FLDS, per se - what I do care about is the status of liberty and due process in the United States of America. This so-called judge went so far beyond her authority that I would be perfectly happy to see her retire instantaneously - and I'm not exactly particular as to how. The authorities ought to be worried - they'd best keep in mind that Our 2nd Amendment is ultimately intended to keep THEM in check. If they don't want trouble, then they should operate within their limits. In the meantime, it seems as if the FLDS is the group that ought be posting guards.


To: Home in Utah | 10:54 p.m. June 11, 2008

As has been stated before, is Texas capable of determinig anyones age? The "twelve year old" standing next to U. Warren (who is six feet tall and six inches) could be as old as thirty-six. Your intelligences are lacking if you belive that.
I believe that any marriage not preformed by the power and authority of God through his Prophet, or whomever he appoints is of no efficacy or force and will not apply after this life. I do not know what you believe and I do not ask you to believe as I do.
You are totally off key if you think there was any weapons in that Temple, that is false. You have been misinformed. The only weapon on the YFZ ranch was a bow and arrow used for harvesting the wild animals to supply the self-supporting residents with meat.
Say your prayers and ask God to bless you with the gift of discernment to know and understand the truth. I have, and I can testify to you that He hears and answers prayers, even in the very next breath. Thank you for your concern, Heaven bless you.

Get the issue straight...

RE: Hypocrisy!

The "moral outrage" you speak of directed at the FLDS is not over how many wives these men have, but that they are forcing little girls into marriage and sexual relationships with grown men. We are talking girls 11, 12, 13 years old. These girls are being raped on a daily basis and severely beaten if they dare protest. Is it all of them, no. But honestly even one girl having to live in such a situation is inexcusable. And the thought that some people are so wrapped up in the 'live and let live' philosophy that they would stand by and let the abuse happen to avoid any waves is nauseating. Was it extreme snatching the children away, possibly. But there is no way that they would have been able to justify such a drastic move without a great deal of probable cause. If it saves a handful of girls from a lifetime of rape I say it's worth it.
***You cant legislate morality but the government has legislated a legal age for marriage and no matter how you sugarcoat it, breaking the law is breaking the law.

Warren Jeffs is the key holder?

If Warren Jeffs is such a fountain head of God why did he himself denounce himself as a prophet and insist that instead he is an evil man who deserves to be punished. And those are words spoken from his very lips in a video taped visitation with his brother. Don't believe it? The full visitation can be seen on YouTube under the title 'Warren Jeffs Prison Video 1'. He admits it himself as his brother writes the full confession which he later tried to pass to the judge to try to worm his way out of facing punishment for the crimes that he faced. He is a child molester and a coward... a far cry from a man of God.


To my predictable critics, get your heads out of the sand. First, I never impugned the integrity of all law enforcement. Second, your statement that they must have something on these people is complete and utter nonsense. The whole two months of persecution, lies, civil rights violations, false imprisonment of adults, gossip, innuendo, *and* (last but not least) a police-state style raid based on a hoax phone call prove that the facts are on my side. That's not to mention the Texas Supreme Court. I see the handwriting on the wall. You two statists are too blind to see. BTW, for more proof of the fallibility of the system you so blindly trust, look at all of the wrongly imprisoned people across the country. Sheep!


Get The Issue Straight, get your facts straight. Name one man, on this Texas ranch, who has been convicted of *one* of those crimes. Name one who has even been indicted.


True Separation of Church and State would put an end to lots of this baloney. Remove tax incentives for religious organizations, and put our tax money into medical care for all, education for all, and child care for all. That is what will restore America to no. 1 and keep us strong. Down with self seeking and self aggrandizing religious groups and tax dodgers, especially the corporate ones.

Re: Get the issues straight

If girls were being raped and beaten then the crime should be rape and assault and those responsible should be prosecuted. According to everything I have learned the crimes are only about polygamy laws. Why aren't other people arrested for gay marriage or fornication? Please don't missunderstand me, I do not advocate polygamy at all. Outside of rape and assault, why is it morally wrong for a person to be married to more than one partner, but somehow, it is just fine to fornicate? Sometimes it is even glorified..been to a movie lately?


you have to ask yourself - if what the police say is untrue or at best gross exaggerations - then WHY are they doing it? One reason: talking up "crime" reinforces the "need" for police.... cops around the world do exactly the same thing... I've read such accusations thousands of times... this is standard operation procedure for police. If local politicians weren't so afraid of cops themselves, they might start to rein in all this nonsense. I'm now convinced that police should NO direct public discourse --- everything they do and say should be overseen by a citizen panel.... because the "force" will never stop their fear tactics to make themselves look better


Great picture. Is this Janet Reno's little sister or what?!!

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