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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Umm, some people can't read. This newspaper, under the Freedom of Information acts, obtained an email *from* Washington County (Arizona I assume) sent *to* Texas.

Texas responded by giving the judge and others extra protection.

Texas did not generate the names and allegations on the email. Nor did they release it as a press release or news story. They released the email to this paper as the law required under the the FoI acts. The paper chose to do a story based on the email.

John Lambert

You have not looked into stuff very much. First off, at leas one place they said Washington County was in Utah. Secondly, it would not take much effort to learn that Washington County is in Utah, the home of St. George and the fastest gorwing county in the state.

Just an American

Isn't it interesting that these people haven't been convicted of anything? Yet, the government is free to spread unproven nonsense at will. My question is 'What's really behind this?' What is it Texas is really trying to do?

Beware Texans, Catholics or Baptists my be next...


I hope the FLDS's break the Texas bank in suing the pants off of every official who had anything to do with trumping up this bogus case against their sect. Hit 'em where it hurts; in the wallet.

To RS 4:50 am

I support you RS. At least there is a couple of us that hasent lost our sanity.

Evil is as Evil does.

Evidence of evil, warren jeffs guilty of crimes against children.

People please get your heads out of the behinds of the FDLS & see them for what they truly are.

Child molesters and rapists


There is so much "moral outrage" against these people! Where is the moral ourtage against people who have children out of wedlock? 70% of children born in some of our cities are to single parents. Why is that "ok" but wrong if children are born in three parent families? Who are the greater offenders of morality?


Well, I guess next term "Mean Mugging" people will be a crime in Texas. Then we can get all of these mean looking cops, old mad women, and liberals off the streets.

heaven forbid!

Polygamy is immoral, it's immoral to use god for their evil practices. The FLDS people don't seem to think or realize that they can as well transmit sexual diseases to one another, as well as inbred diseases. It's all a cesspool in the making.


When will all those guv'ment lovers among you pull your heads from the sand? You fools are the same kind of folks who turned their backs, hid, and ran when 6 million Jews were killed in WWII. You will be the first to denounce your neighbor when the guv'ment comes knocking. Chickens, weasels, welfare-statists, wimps - all of you. When the revolution comes, as it inevitably will, you will be the cannon fodder the guv'ment throws under the wheels first. Morons. You make me nauseous.


These people have a clear shot at a billion dollar settlement, so it seems unlikely they will cloud it. However the state has ever reason to continue to put these people in bad light.


Heaven forbid! All you moralists out there - "polygamy is immoral", etc... Fools, all of you.

Gays can get married in California, but three (or more) people can't in Texas? Uh, is there something wrong here? (Yes)


not happy

This incompetent/corrupt child grabbing judge needs round the clock police observation..I agree. Only thing is, it should be in the prison where shes serving her sentence for violating the civil rights of about 500 people, who got their kids stolen becasue they act funny and dont look the same as the judge would like them to.

Pretty sure that been banned sometime in the past 150 years or so. Now these texas state civil rights losers are left to make up fear tales about being hunted by `enforcers`.. maybe the FLDS will show up in their oxen drawn cart (with rims) towing a two ton rock cantapult?

This judge needs to be in JAIL.

Common Sense

No one has any idea what details these investigators have discovered. They know much more about the FLDS community in relation to this case than anyone of us.

The dossiers were written as a routine communication between law enforcement agencies. The officals that wrote that document did so with the intent to share all information discovered during investigation with other law enforcement officers. How could any of you know what these investigators saw and heard during their extensive investigations?

Anything could happen at any time without warning. If the dossiers hadn't been written and there was a revolt of some kind, everyone would say "Why weren't they aware! Why weren't they ready?"

Plan for the worst. Hope for the best.

We should really be blaming Deseret News for printing a private law enforcement document.

PW Hemphill

Texas is now trying to play The Victim card. Perhaps instead of looking out for FLDS assassins, Judge Walther should be looking out for US Federal Agents trying to arrest her for various civil-rights violations. The Texas judicial system should have prosecuted the men who committed any rape or child endangerment laws, however, that of course, would have invoked the use of the four letter word:
W O R K! How much easier to play storm troopers and kidnap children. If the British had performed this act at the dawn of our republic, we would have witnessed more than a Tea Party.

Theres a first time for evrythng

Wake up people. No one ever does anything until it's too late.

Citizen Tom

Why has the judge not been arrested and jailed for her crimes? Why is she still a member of the Bar?People, WAKE UP!!!!!

M Lee

If there were any constitutional fanatics left in this country, she'd have to beware of them, too.


Everything about this religion is disturbing and scary. I would totally get protection too!!

Home in Utah

To Janet and other FLDS

I read many of the FLDS posts defending their leadership and I admire your faith and loyalty. However, no one seems to want to talk about the conversation (Which can be read online) between Warren Jeffs and his brother where Warren admits that he was never a true Prophet and that God should punish him. As a result I wonder how many women and children are now involved in plural marriages as wives or "Spiritual Partners" that in fact were NEVER sanctioned by God but arranged by a false Prophet and child molester? Not a molester? Explain the picture of his bride (13 years old) on their 1st anniversary. If my math is correct that would have made her 12 when she married the dubious Prophet. Also, no one wants to admit to or acknowledge the cache of weapons found in the Temple in Texas. What would such a peaceful people need with automatic weapons?

Lynn A. Parker

Those individuals expressing disapproval of the Des. News article have done your research and that gives me hope that intelligent,compassionate Americans still exist. You offer a more accurate and insightful understanding of the FLDS culture; the negative and positive. As in any community and religion there are good and bad people; such is the nature of humanity. For those implying that all FLDS men are abusive and all FLDS women abused, controlled or brainwashed you lack any credibility and in fact are quite laughable. Maybe the FBI should keep an eye on those publishing such hatred. You are more menacing than any Willy Jessop or Warren Jeffs.

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