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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Grandpa Phil

Jann, I could start with "Anonymous at 12:44 PM", "sticking together", and "Warren" and go on from there. People are not as stupid as some of you FLDS haters seem to think. Some of us that follow this story are actually intelligent and have a vested interest in how the Constitutional issues pan out. I don't really give a care about FLDS particular religious beliefs. CPS has already acknowledged that the child abuse they alleged at first simply was not there. If the criminal investigation finds anything, I will be among the first to call for a lynching; however, I really believe that investigation will pan out just as the abuse one did - just a lot of smoke and mirrors on the part of CPS. What I do care about is a bunch of adolescent children with nothing else to do coming into these blogs and pretending to be something they are not just to stir up more controversy. It is hard to tell children to "grow up" but some of the adults in here could sure stand to do some growing up.

Grandpa Phil

To "Question", I have yet to hear any of the FLDS "growl".

To Janet and Grandpa

To Janet:
Blessed are they who are persecuted for rigtousness.. yes, I agree. However, Warren is locked up and is not rightous. he said so himself. he even tried to bash himself against the prison walls for his own blood atonement. He is an evil man.
to Grandpa: CPS have NEVER said abuse did not happen. That is a lie and you know it. Tell me, what age should a girl be allowed to marry? Why did "Big Willie" say you guys are changing your practice?

Grandpa Phil

Well "To Janet and Grandpa", looks like DN is not going to post my first reply to you so I will spell it out simple for you. If you take the time to actually READ the court documents presented to the Supreme Court like some of us did, you will see that CPS did, in fact, state that they had found no evidence of abuse by either the mothers or the fathers. That is the reason the lower court decision was ordered to be vacated, because the lower court ordered that the children be held longer than 14 days when there was no evidence of abuse presented to the court.

I am not FLDS. I live in NC with my children and grandchildren but many of us are watching the developments in this case closely. We are watching to see if bigots like you prevail in your efforts to hurt those children or if the authorities prevail in depriving these families of their rights under the Constitution. I could not care less about warren jeffs or FLDS beliefs. Their rights are OUR rights and, if ALL are not safe, NONE of us are. Now take your bigotry somewhere else.


Actually, twenty females, five of them still minors, were found to have been impregnated while 16 or younger. Some of the adults had just turned 18. The court that was not sufficient evidence for the state custody of all the children based on that evidence.


Amplification: The court ruled there was not enough evidence for the state to maintain custody of all the children. The investigations continue. It may be months before we know which children will be found to have been abused and be removed. One of the tells about the people who say the courts found no abuse is that they conveniently forget that enough evidence was found to continue investigating.


I am, um, entertained by the poster here writing about state dossiers on everyone. I do not believe or disbelieve this comment, but I think it merits more investigation. People in responsible positions are free to observe and draw whatever conclusions they want. ONE problem with the dossiers on everyone concept, though, is there is no recourse if there are errors, even big errors.

To everyone here bashing the DN for publishing this info, this info is available because of a GOOD public records law! Y'all oughta be GRATEFUL for that.

I am also, um, entertained that there is only one woman on the list. In her case, it's really not hard for me to fathom why people whose job it is to maintain the security of a jail might just POSSIBLY be alarmed by the nature of Ruth Cooke's visions. Whether she would actually DO anything is a different problem.

It seems the FLDS are a deeply sexist outfit, but if law enforcement has only one woman on their list, I still think there is a decent chance they have no clue about important dynamics within the FLDS

Emma from Illinois

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Is this the way the Southwestern States work? What in the world is this!!! Have the people from Texas, and her sister States had a proper education? Mug shots, now, for what? Staring at people in court? Where is the crime? Is this perhaps the anti-FLDS people trying to justify their cruel actions..."Look we had good reason to take nursing babies away from their mother's arms, point guns at them, act like Nazi officers, hold adult women hostage"..., is this their justification for their actions? This is a complete outrage!!! All that this is, is an action to make the Texas Officials involved in this raid look better after what they did. All they did was make themselves look...well...stupid, I don't know the word for it. I am so glad that my daughters, and I are in one of the educated States, this would not happen in Illinois. As soon as I read this article all I could do is laugh. Don't go to court down there, and give menacing stares, you will have to provide a mug shot for the public! Oh, I forgot, Anna Nicole Smith was educated in Texas...


DesNews staff: please tell us you didn't take this list seriously. You know the history of the washington county deputies, right? This trumps the pot calling the kettle black. You may even have some ex- deputies from W.C. working in your neck of the woods.

fomer flds

my kids went to flds school's for three years the are now in public school and every one is behind my oldest is going to 7th grade and can only read 3rd grade level thabks flds I am just glad i woke up and wish some more would for the sake of there children

Grandpa Phil

Uhm, "former flds", I doubt that FLDS schools are to blame for your children being behind. Your own spelling and grammar are an excellent indication that the problem is at home.

Thanks "Emma from Illinois" nice post. By the way, Anna Nicole Smith was probably "educated" in the same school that "former flds" went to.

A visitor

The ESP abilities of the law enforcement staff are truly amazing. They noted that one of the FLDS members present - "Seemed to be taking mental notes of the security staff present."

This person was sitting there, perhaps not as good at "staring" as some of the others, so instead, took a different tact and strategy, that of observing who was in the room. This type of behavior would make me nervous if I observed it.

Everyone knows that "taking mental notes" is a subversive activity which should be outlawed.

This is funny

lol I have spent the last half an hour reading this and have to say Thanks for the Laugh. I did how ever note that as I was laughing about this, that some of the stuff stated in several of the posts could be considered as a threat. So if your concern is if a stare is considered threatning, you might be a little more careful with your posts and what your putting in to words. Just a thought thanks for the entertainment.
peace out

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