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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Grandpa Phil

You can sure tell school is out. So many adolescents online these days. I would hate to think that so many of these ridiculous posts are typed by adults. SOme of these people show all of the reasoning power of a 12 yr old. OK, maybe 9 yr old. The most laughable are the anti-FLDS posing as FLDS making stupid statements to make the FLDS look bad. That is juvenile and pretty transparent.


Looks like Hildebrand will add stareing and praying to the next list of FLDS control laws that need to be passed in Texas.
Lets see.....we'll have no stareing, no old dresses....no fresh vegtables (salmonella tomatoes is an FLDS plot), no pressed shirts or pants, everyone must wear red, can't eat uninspected cheese, and anyone that supports the us constitution will be on a subversive list.
I am sure that there will be more time wasted by the state concocting lists and warnings for the texas authorities. At least the cops are busy writeing lists rather than tuning up their tanks.


Re: Grandpa Phil, please tell us who is posting as FLDS?? I believe most FLDS are uneducated, so who are you talking about? All the posts that I have read on here look to me like FLDS nonsense. And the DN mug shot of Willie Jessop is a hoot...lol!


Jann, your educational prejudices are showing!
A good many kids come out of our local high schools as "uneducated" and pretty nearly functionally illeterate. My 5 homeschooled kids took placement tests at the local community college and the lady in charge of the testing center told me to quit being worried about being an inadequate homeschooler--that my kids tested better than many of the kids going thru the honors program at our 3000-student local high school. 3 of the 5 are college graduates--one currently on full scholarship for a Master's degree. My DS son reads fluently. The other son works construction (his choice) and has passed college algebra.
Home education, or even church-sanctioned small private schools (Amish, FLDS, etc.) do NOT mean people will be uneducated. There will be top students in both environments and poor students in them, too.

Re: zxvcbnm

No need to add staring; witness tampering is already against the law.

Good one

Now THIS is entertainment. Or would be if it wasn't created by the people elected to protect me.


These FLDS are simply slave-owners that are mad that their little slaves might have been de-programmed.

These are some scary folks. Nothing worse than a religious fanatic, and these people are as fanatical as they come.

re: witness tampering

Staring is not witness tampering.

re - Uneducated

no one said home-schooling is bad (except California). What we are saying is that the FLDS stops at 8th grade, and half of what they teach is bunk. That's sad. What don't you understand?

shame on you

This is disgusting. This community was subjected to a horrible hate crime and now you are trying to make them look like the Manson Family ?
They didn't attack anyone they were attacked and had their children terrorized by a bunch of goose stepping thugs.


Ok now for the staring pole. Is staring against the law or not.
Just to add a bit of humor to the mix here. If you are bothered by a stare just reach up and pick your nose. I will leave it to each individual to determine finger debth.....in every case I have tested the person fixing the gaze will look the other way.
Mama he's looking at me can be solved without calling mama with a simple finger gesture....ok now children we can play nice now......on with the trial.
If law enforcement is so keen on preventing staring they can start with eliminating the perp walk......just a suggestion.

Never been inside an FLDS school

re-Uneducated: I've never been inside an FLDS school to see what they teach, but I expect that they teach basic reading and writing and math--the same tools that enabled my children to excell in college without going to traditional high school.

The FLDS take on history is probably unique to them, but have you ever read the history books of a middle eastern country's schools? Or China? Or Russia? How about Venezuela's? Each culture teaches history by its own perspectives and you and I wouldn't agree with them, either.

However, many people in less industrialized cultures have only an 8th grade education, plus vocational training (check out the UK and some of the other European countries--if you are not going on to college, you're shifted to vocational education). We pretend everyone's going to college and don't prepare our non-college students for ANYTHING!

My objection was to the assumption that anyone not educated a certain way would, of necessity, be uneducated. If, as the NEA says, education is to prepare you to function in society (as its leaders determine) then perhaps the FLDS are doing just that!

And finally, anyone who can read fluently and enjoys reading can educate himself.

From the Creek

I was educated in the public school system through 9th grade. Then, I went to two years of private FLDS schooling. Let me tell you, I learned more in those two years than I learned through all my previous years of school. And I'm not talking about just FLDS doctrine, but general education -- reading, writing, spelling, literature, algebra, geometry, geography, drafting, science, accounting, and building skills.

"And finally, anyone who can read fluently and enjoys reading can educate himself."
That's exactly right. I'm continually educating myself through reading and studying to learn new skills.


Hmmmmm. What would be the purpose in warning Texas about some people most of whom the warning party says have shown no tendency toward violence. But they might? Since they are good a staring(alleged)Really? When their children were taken they could have reacted with violenct, but, they didn't.

Whoever sent these allegations, you should be ashamed of yourself. You don't do a very good job of representing Christianity. And what kind of newspaper uses un-named sources when they in fact have the name of the public employees who issued the warning? This is not standard practice - this was no leak, the names were on the emails. Is the LDS Church controlling the content?

Allegations seem to rule the day. I wouldn't want to live polygamy myself, but I see clearly that this is no longer about the FLDS practice, it's about persecution and slander.

Just Wondering

I would like to agree that the publishing of this list is one of the bigest examples of irresponsible journalism that I've ever seen! DN published a confidential security e-mail (that was not addressed to them or ever intended to be public knowledge)exchanged between two Law Enforcement agencies. This document was intended to PREVENT any potential problems and attempt to ensure a fair trial. On this list most of the individuals mentioned were noted that they were not likely to be violent. To address the many comments about staring & intimidation, Law Enforcement personel receive many hours of training on how to observe and interpret body language, they are experts at this and their testimonies are admissable in court. Let's place the blame where it belongs, if DN had not published a piece of CONFIDENTIAL corespondance there would have been no public exposure for the people listed in this report! Shame on you DN and shame on all of you who are too ignorant to figure this out on your own!

Wake up!

The document that the Deseret News is using entirely out of context here was writen BY a law enforcement agency FOR a law enforcement agency. This record was not meant for public eye. Deseret News is responsible for any "slander" accusations.

The extensive investigation that went on regarding the case in Washington County uncovered things that the public has no knowledge of... nor should they.

Wake up and get a clue. Anything could happen at anytime. It would be irresponsible to expect less.

Mike L.

The State of Utah maintains approximately 800 thousand dossier's on various people who those in Utah law-enforcement believe are a threat to society in general.
I know this to be a fact. I actually viewed the State's inner web "website" that contains this information.

Find a state employee with enough rank/power and they can access this inner web website and obtain information simply by entering the person's name or a birth date.

By entering a birthdate only, one brings up hundreds, sometimes over a thousand names and all one must do is click the name of a specific individual and up comes the file on the person.

Many of those people have no criminal or violent history at all. Yet, their is information listed in these dossier's that tends to portray these individuals as violent threats to society.

Now that's scary.


You people that are bashing the Wa. County investigators for "slander" have no idea of the things that they have uncovered concerning these trials. You are clueless. The investigators were immersed in this case for months. They interviewed hundreds. How about you? 5 minutes of reading an irresponsible piece of sub-par journalism makes you an expert the facts of the case and the strangers involved? Get a clue. The dossiers were provided to help provide security for the proceedings and help pinpoint any POSSIBLE problems. I'm amazed by some of these responses. They're really ignorant and overlook the purpose of the document from which these "quotes" were taken out of context.


Reply To: Anonymous | 12:44 p.m. June 11, 2008

Dear Anonamous,
They have not locked Uncle Warren up, he is in God's hands and it would do you well to leave him there. A little tact wouldn't hurt you either.

DN can print whatever they want, truth or not, it's a free county. To all those seeking to do harm to the FLDS, I want you to know I follow the example of Warren Jeffs, I forgive you and leave judgemnet to God. I will continue to stand for what I believe. "The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong but only to those who endure to the end". Shakespeare

"Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you." Matthew 5:10-12


Does a growling dog have to actually BITE you before you consider it a threat?

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